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@kmova kmova released this Sep 28, 2017 · 1619 commits to master since this release

Please try out the latest OpenEBS on your Kubernetes Cluster using the following quick start guide.

The following OpenEBS v0.4.0 containers are available from Docker Hub:

  • openebs/jiva:0.4.0 : Storage Controller
  • openebs/m-apiserver:0.4.0 : OpenEBS Maya API Server along with the latest maya cli.
  • openebs/openebs-k8s-provisioner:0.4.0 : Dynamic OpenEBS Volume Provisioner for Kubernetes.

New v0.4.0 features

  • Maya CLI Support for managing snapshots for OpenEBS Volumes
  • Maya CLI Support for obtaining the capacity usage statistics from OpenEBS Volumes
  • OpenEBS Volume - Dynamic Provisioner is merged into kubernetes-incubator/external-storage project.
  • OpenEBS Maya API Server uses the Kubernetes scheduler logic to place OpenEBS Volume Replicas on different nodes.
  • OpenEBS Maya API Server can be customized by providing ENV options through K8s YAML file for default replica count and jiva image to be used.
  • OpenEBS User Documentation is made avilable at
  • OpenEBS now supports deployment on AWS, along with previously supported Google Cloud and On-premise setups
  • OpenEBS Vagrant boxes are upgraded to support Kubernetes version 1.7.5
  • OpenEBS can now be deployed within a minikube setup

Notable Issues Fixed in v0.4.0

CI Updates with v0.4.0

  • Support for on-premise Jenkins CI for performing e2e tests
  • iSCSI compliance tests are run as part of the CI
  • CI can now be extended using a framework developer for running storage benchmark tests with vdbench or fio.
  • CI has been extended to run Percona Benchmarking tests on Kubernetes.

Deprecated with v0.4.0

  • The maya cli options (setup-omm, setup-osh, omm-status, osh-status) to setup and manage dedicated OpenEBS setup havebeen removed. Starting with v0.4.0, only hyperconverged with Kubernetes is supported.

Notes for Contributors

  • OpenEBS user documentation is being moved into openebs/openebs/documentation
  • OpenEBS developer documentation is being added to openebs/openebs/contribute
  • The deployment and e2e functionality will continue to be located in openebs/k8s and openebs/e2e respectively.
  • openebs/maya will act as a single repository for hosting differnt OpenEBS Storage Control plane (orchestration) components.
  • New /metrics handlers are getting added to OpenEBS components to allow integration into tools like Prometheus.
  • openebs/maya/cmd/maya-agent which will be deployed as a deamon-set running along-side kubelet is being developed. maya-agent will augument the kubelet with storage management functionality.
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