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@kmova kmova released this Mar 14, 2018 · 5 commits to v0.5 since this release

Issues Fixed in v0.5.3

  • Fixed usage of StoragePool issue when rbac settings are applied 1189.
  • Fixed hardcoded maya-apiserver-service name to a configurable value as it resulted in conflict with other services running on the same cluster 1227.
  • Fixed an issue where the OpenEBS iSCSI volume showed progressive increase in the memory consumed by the controller pod 1298.

Known Issues in v0.5.3

For a complete list of known issues, go to v0.5.3 known issues.

  • Requires Kubernetes 1.7.5+
  • Requires iSCSI initiator to be installed in the Kubernetes nodes or kubelet container
  • Not recommended for mission critical workloads
  • Not recommended for performance sensitive workloads. Ongoing efforts intended to improve performance

Enhancement to Documentation

The OpenEBS documentation is now available at You can provide your feedback comments by clicking the Feedback button provided on every page.


Using kubectl

kubectl apply -f

Using helm

helm repo add openebs-charts
helm repo update
helm install openebs-charts/openebs
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