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client for LTI Resource Search
Ruby Shell
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Command Line Interface for LTI® Resource Search

Test various capabilities exposed by IMS Global’s LTI ® Resource Search. While this can be a useful tool in its own right, the primary purpose of SRCH_CLI is to show the LTI Resource Search API can be used against multiple compliant LTI Resource Search Providers. Please write to with pull requests, questions and suggestions.

The spec for LTI Resource Search is available here

Usage: ruby srch_cli.rb


  • -i,--id CLIENT_ID - the client ID used to request a token
  • -k,--secret CLIENT_SECRET - the client secret to request a token
  • -a - full authorization token (not necessary if ID:secret are used separately)
  • -u,--user USER - the user ID (generally email address) of the person requesting
  • -b,--base BASE - the base URL to connect to for the /resources endpoint
  • -t,--token TOKEN - the token URL to request a token from. By default its BASE/oauth/get_token
  • -f - form encoded payload for OAuth (required by IMS conformance systems)
  • -s,--search SEARCH - search name (title), subject and description for specified keyword(s)
  • -r,--search RESOURCETYPE - limit to specified resource types. See the IMS LTI Resource Search spec for valid types.
  • -p,--publisher PUBLISHER - limit to specified publisher
  • -o,--objective NAME_OR_GUID_OR_CASEITEMURI - the human readable name or caseItemGUID or caseItemUri of the learning objective
  • -n,--number NUMRESOURCES - the number of resources to return


ruby srch_cli.rb -i cc18d57bc1ab578fc6003b5feaff5875e86648a59b5341122e5761b45a3e2257 
  -k 15ace16509692805e280c3d8eda0351d6a323ab9cbd17d1b1239026fb9e622ce  -b "" 
  -t "" -u -o K.CC.1 

Adam Blum

Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI®) is a trademark of the IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. (

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