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IScorE-rails is a rails version of IScorE that is used at Cyber Defense Competitions. You SHOULD NOT use this for production, right now. This project IS NOT associated in ANY way to the original creators of IScorE.
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Welcome to IScorE-rails

IScorE-rails is a Cyber Denfense Competition scoring system.

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This applcation uses the Iowa State and IT-Adventures Cyber Defense Cyber Defense Competition structure and naming conventions. Please feel free to fork the project and change the names for your type of Cyber Defense Competition.

PLEASE NOTE: ISorE-rails is based off the rules, scoring, etc. from the 2012 IT-Adventures competition. Please change this application for YOUR CDC.

ANOTHER NOTE: Please take note that most of have is descriped below isn't created yet. The point of this README is to tell you what ISorE-rails is and the the people who work on this project what the should be doing and how.


Want to give back to IScorE-rails? Follow theses steps

  1. Clone the Repo from the main repo
  2. Fork the repo on your account
  3. Make a title branch for your changes
  4. Make your changes
  5. Make serval commits for change (not required, but helpful)
    • Break down your change into logical steps.
  6. Push the changes to your fork
  7. Submit a pull request to the main repo
  8. Wait. The core team will look the changes. They may ask you to make some changes. If they do move to step 9 (nine). If not you're done
  9. If changes were requested please make the changes on the same topic branch and push them for your fork.
  10. Go back to Step 8, (repeat if needed)


The Schmea is Here

Team Descriptons (from the Offical Iowa State Documention)

  • Blue Teams - Competitors playing the role of the Information Assurance community. These teams must identify and defend against various security threats via the Competition network.

  • Red Team - Comprised of professionals from the Information Assurance community playing the role of hackers. This team must create and implement various attack strategies against the Blue Teams, and capture flags from the Blue Team servers.

  • White Team - Comprised of respected individuals from the Information Assurance community. This team is the judging authority for the CDC.

  • Green Team - This team consists of members with various computer familiarity and skill levels. They play the role of typical network users. The Green Team duties include regular Internet usage and the execution of predefined anomalies.

Terms Glossery (from the Offical Iowa State Documention)

  • Flag - a ncrypted file placed in a predefined location. The Red Team much capture these flags from or plant them onto teams’ systems.

  • Anomalies - These events are injected into the system at various times throughout the competition. The Anomalies are designed to test, or simply just complicate, the Blue Team duties during the competition.

  • CDC Director - Oversees the operation of the CDC, leads the White Team in scoring and adjudication, and coordinates the Red, Green, and Blue Teams.

IScorE-rails Terms

  • Document - A documention for the White and Green Teams or other purposes.

  • Anomalies - A optional, or not, chanllages made by the Green Team Leader. This will give Blue Teams additanal points.

  • Green Team Usability Reports: These are manully checks by the Green Team to test the Blue Teams' Services. These forms will need changed for each year of your CDC. The IScorE-rails will use the 2012 IT-Adventures Cyber Defense. The checks have check boxs. You check if the service is up and don't if it isn't. It is also recommend to add a comment about each outage.


  • Flags are made by Competion Director. The Read Team will marks theses flags as captured when the discover them. The will enter the flag into the text field on the flag page for later verifition.

  • Also if the Red Team is able to capture the flag the Blue Team can send a report back, via a text field, to able back points, up to half. These will be judged by the Red and White teams.


Flag (flag)
  • name
    • required
    • string
    • Name of Flag
    • Examples
      • SSH - Read
      • SSH - Write
        • WWW - Read
          • WWW - Write
  • path
    • required
    • string
    • Where the flag is stored
    • Examples * /root * C:\Users\Admin

Flag Capture (flag_capture)

  • flag_id
    • required
    • interger
  • captured_flag
    • required
    • text
    • What was the content of flag captured
  • site_id
    • required
    • integer
    • What site does the flag belong to

Intrusion Reports

  • Intrusion reports are periodic reports that are submitted by the Blue Teams.

  • This report is where the teams will tell what isn't or is happening with there networks and services.

  • These are juged by the White Team

  • Only one report per reporting period.


Intrusion Reports (intrusion_report)

  • name

    • Required
    • string
    • The Name of the report
      • This should named Report for X AM / PM.
        • Where x is the time due
  • start_time

    • required
    • datetime
    • The time that teams are submit the report
  • due_time

    • requried
    • datetime
    • The time that must sumbit the report by
  • special_instructions

    • text
    • Anything special that this

Intrusion Report Submissions (intrusion_report_submission)

  • content
    • required
    • What the team said
  • read

    • can't be true on create
    • Has the team's report been ready yet by the white team

    • points_earned

    • Must be blank on create
    • integer
    • How many points did they earn

    • site_id

    • required
    • integer
    • What site made the report

    • intrusion_report_id

    • required
    • integer
    • What report / time period is the submission for

Green Team Usability Reports

  • Started by Green Team Leader

  • Then Started only Green Team Memebers can see theses scores and edit theme

  • The score will be released to Blue Teams after all reports are done and the scores are released by Green Team Leader


Usability Reports (usability_report)

  • name

    • required
    • string
    • Can be anything that descibes that report

      • Examples
        • Morning Check
        • Check 1
        • Monday Morning Check
        • 3:00 PM Check
    • It's really up leaders to the compeition

  • start_time

    • required
    • datetime
    • When Green Team Members can start submiting reports
  • due_date

    • not required on create, needed to publish
    • datetime
    • It is recommend NOT to set this until time to publish
  • published

    • required to be false on create
    • boolean
    • It it added to blue teams scores

Usability Reports Submission (usability_reports_submission)

  • site_id

    • required
    • integer
    • What site submited the report
  • comments

    • not required
    • text
    • This field can used to desribe that wasn't working, etc.
  • done_by

    • required
    • integer
    • What user (id) sumbited this check
  • The checks that are need are a separate model

Service (service)

  • A tooltip will show these details on the Usability Reports
  • This is shared wit the the service scanner
  • name
    • required
    • string
    • Name of Service
    • Examples
      • Web Server - WWW
      • Web Server - FTP
      • Remote Desktop - RDP
      • Wiki Server - WWW
  • port
    • required
    • integer
    • What port is this service on
    • Examples:
      • 80
      • 21
      • 3389
      • 22
  • subdomain

Usability Reports Check (usability_reports_check)

works * requred * boolean * Does the service work as expected

  • site_id
    • required
    • integer
  • service_id
    • required
    • integer
  • usability_report_id
    • required
    • integer


  • Created by the Green Team Leader

  • Done by the Blue Team

  • Judged by the Green Team Leaders and/ or members


  • Created by Blue Teams

  • Used by Green and White Teams, or others as you see fit

  • Juged by Green and White Teams, again as you see fit


  • Each User has a Team membership to a team.

  • It will be to one of the following:

    • Blue
    • Green
    • Red
    • White
    • Admin: Access to all teams
  • If the user is one of red, green, blue, or white teams he or she will only be able to access that area of ISorE-rails.

  • On the Blue Team Users only see their teams items during the allowed time

  • Admins have access to all

  • These are defined in app/models/ability.rb.

  • Authorization is done by CanCan by Ryan Bates

  • Authentication is handle, by default, is username and password model. Password are in encrypted via BCrypt. Methods that are used are provioded by Ruby on Rails' has_secure_password methods.

Team Acess

Blue Teams

  • Have access write (and read) access to:
    • Their Green Team Anaoiles respones
    • Their Flag earn back reports, after the flag was taken
    • Their Periodic Intrusion reports BEFORE the Deadline
  • Have read access to
    • Their Flag Status
    • Their Score
    • Their Services Uptime
    • Their Services Status
    • Anomalies created by the Green Team
    • Comments about their reports
    • Green Team Usablity checks once published

Red Team

  • Flags
    • Status
    • Capurted Flag (must have Capurted flag to change status)
    • The real flag is hidden from view

Green Team

  • Have write (and read)
    • Useablity Reports
    • Anomalies (Read Only)
      • Points
      • Respone
  • Have Read Access To:
    • Anaomalies (the challange)

Admin Team

  • Read and Write to all items

Team Dashbaords

  • The can be found at (ISorE_host)/dashboard/(team_color)

  • Access is restricted by the rules above

Competion Time

This section talks about the starting and ending times of the CDC

Before the CDC beings the follow is allowed:

  • Admins
    • Access to all
  • Blue Teams
    • Read-Only all objects expect:
      • Documention
    • Red Team
      • All Access is denied
    • Green Team
      • All Access is denied
    • White Team
      • Read access to all
      • Write access to sites
      • Write acesss to users

During the CDC the permissions allow above.

After the CDC the permissions are the same expect for:

  • Blue Team
    • All Access is denied

Service checks

  • The SCANNER currenly NOT apart of IScorE-rails

  • Might make our own later as differnt project

  • If you want service scores, update status, etc you will need to intergate / roll your own

  • If you roll your own please note the following

  • IScorE-rails expects thats you give it the infomation like so

  • (ISorE_host)/api/v1/uptime/add/(site_number)/(service_name_id)/(status)/(auth_token)

    • site_number = The owner of the service that is being checked. If you where checking Site 1 it would be 1

    • service_name_id The id of the service that is being checked. These are stored in the services model. the ids are listed in the admin sectiaon.

    • status This is must be 0 or 1. 0 for being down. 1 for being up.

    • auth_token The API token (see the API section for more deatils)


  • Some of the functions of IScorE are accessable and/ or use the API to the task they were designed to do.

  • To use the API use must be a member of the admin team.

  • There is ONE, API key for the whole App.


  • If you are using the service scanner and change API token YOU WILL BREAK IT

  • If you are using an third party service and change the API token YOU WILL break things

  • The API is versioned currenly we are on version 1 (one) of the api.

  • The API can be found at (IScorE_host)/api/v1/



Point Award (point_award)

  • site_id

    • required
    • interger
  • earned_point

    • required
    • integer
    • How Many Points Earned
      • Can be any interger (postive and negtive)
  • possible_points

    • required
    • interger
    • How many points could be earned
      • Needs to be 0 if the point is a
        • Pentaly
        • Adjustment
  • published

    • required
    • boolean
    • Can the blue teams see it
  • type

    • required
    • string
    • What type points are these
  • reason

    • text
    • What were point(s) awared: requred if penilty (negtive earned_points value)
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