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CalTRACK Technical Documentation

CalTRACK methods are developed in an open and transparent stakeholder process that uses empirical testing to define replicable methods for calculating normalized metered energy consumption using either monthly or interval data from an existing conditions baseline.

This repository contains the CalTRACK 2.0 methods, and the CalTRACK Technical Appendix, which explains how many of the methods were developed.

Future improvements are catalogued as "Issues" and are found in the Projects tab. These issues are considered "closed" until they are formally re-opened by the Working Group.

Formal changes in methods will follow processes established under the JDF charter:

Deliverable Development Process

Working Groups. The Project may have multiple Working Groups, and each Working Group will operate as set forth in this Section and its Working Group Charter.

Working Group Chair. Each Working Group will designate a chair for that Working Group. A Working Group may select a new chair upon Approval of the Working Group Participants.

Working Group Requirements. Each Working Group must be comprised of at least 2 Working Group Participants. No Working Group Participant will be permitted to participate in a Working Group without first Joining the Working Group.

Conditions for Contributions. A Steering Member, Associate, or Contributor may not make any Contribution unless that Steering Member, Associate or Contributor is the exclusive copyright owner of the Contribution or has sufficient copyright rights from the copyright owners to make the Contribution under the terms of this Project Charter and applicable Working Group Charter. The Steering Member, Associate, or Contributor must disclose the identities of all known copyright owners in the Contribution.

Deliverable Development Process

Pre-Draft. Any Working Group Participant or Contributor may submit a proposed initial draft document as a candidate Draft Deliverable of that Working Group. The Working Group chair will designate each submission as a “Pre-Draft” document. This quick-start video shows how to submit an issue for consideration.

Draft. Each Pre-Draft document of a Working Group must first be Approved by the Working Group Participants of that Working Group to become a Draft Deliverable. Once the Working Group approves a document as a Draft Deliverable, the Draft Deliverable becomes the basis for all going forward work on that deliverable.

Working Group Approval. Once a Working Group believes it has achieved the objectives for its deliverable as described in the Scope, it will progress its Draft Deliverable to “Working Group Approved” status.

Final Approval. Upon a Draft Deliverable reaching Working Group Approved status, the Executive Director or his/her designee will present that Working Group Approved Draft Deliverable to all Steering Members for Approval. Upon Approval by the Steering Members, that Draft Deliverable will be designated an “Approved Deliverable.”

Publication and Submission. Upon the designation of a Draft Deliverable as an Approved Deliverable, the Executive Director will publish the Approved Deliverable in a manner agreed upon by the Working Group Participants (i.e., Project Participant only location, publicly available location, Project maintained website, Project member website, etc.). The publication of an Approved Deliverable in a publicly accessible manner must include the terms under which the Approved Deliverable and/or source code is being made available under, as set forth in the applicable Working Group Charter.

Submissions to Standards Bodies. No Draft Deliverable or Approved Deliverable may be submitted to another standards development organization without Approval by the Steering Members. Upon Approval by the Steering Members, the Executive Director will coordinate the submission of the applicable Draft Deliverable or Approved Deliverable to another standards development organization with Joint Development Foundation Projects, LLC. Working Group Participants that developed that Draft Deliverable or Approved Deliverable agree to grant the copyright rights necessary to make those submissions.