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EEweather: Weather station wrangling for EEmeter






EEweather — tools for matching to and fetching data from NCDC ISD, TMY3, or CZ2010 weather stations.

EEweather comes with a database of weather station metadata, ZCTA metadata, and GIS data that makes it easier to find the right weather station to use for a particular ZIP code or lat/long coordinate.

Read the docs.


EEweather is a python package and can be installed with pip.

$ pip install eeweather

Supported Sources of Weather Data

  • NCDC Integrated Surface Database (ISD)
  • Global Summary of the Day (GSOD)
  • NREL Typical Meteorological Year 3 (TMY3)
  • California Energy Commission 1998-2009 Weather Normals (CZ2010)


  • Match by ZIP code (ZCTA) or by lat/long coordinates
  • Use user-supplied weather station mappings
  • Match within climate zones
    • IECC Climate Zones
    • IECC Moisture Regimes
    • Building America Climate Zones
    • California Building Climate Zone Areas
  • User-friendly SQLite database of metadata compiled from primary sources
    • US Census Bureau (ZCTAs, county shapefiles)
    • Building America climate zone county lists
    • NOAA NCDC Integrated Surface Database Station History
    • NREL TMY3 site
  • Plot maps of outputs


Dev installation:

$ pipenv --python 3.6.4  # create virtualenv with python 3.6.4
$ pipenv install --dev   # install dev requirements with pipenv
$ pipenv install -e .    # install package in editable mode
$ pipenv shell           # activate pipenv virtual environment

Build docs:

$ make -C docs html

Autobuild docs:

$ make -C docs livehtml

Check spelling in docs:

$ make -C docs spelling

Run tests:

$ pytest

Run tests on multiple python versions:

$ tox

Upload to pypi (using twine):

$ python upload

Use with Docker

To use with docker-compose, use the following:

Run a tutorial notebook (copy link w/ token, open tutorial.ipynb):

$ docker-compose up jupyter

Live-edit docs:

$ docker-compose up docs

Open a shell:

$ docker-compose run --rm shell

Run tests:

$ docker-compose run --rm test

Run the CLI:

$ docker-compose run --rm eeweather --help

Notice Regarding CZ2010 Data

There may be conditions placed on their international commercial use. They can be used within the U.S. or for non-commercial international activities without restriction. The non-U.S. data cannot be redistributed for commercial purposes. Re-distribution of these data by others must provide this same notification.

See further explanation here.


Fetch NCDC ISD, TMY3, or CZ2010 weather data that corresponds to ZIP Code Tabulation Areas or Latitude/Longitude.




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