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OpenElections Data NY

Pre-processed election results for New York. These CSV files are converted from original source files from individual counties. You can see county-specific inventories and refer to the below table for overall progress. Elections marked as done have all counties completed for that level. Those marked as working mean that at least one volunteer is working on this election, and this could be a good place to start if you're new. Not started means that this election is wide open and could use a volunteer.

Precinct Results

year general primary
2016 done working
2014 working working
2012 working not started
2010 not started not started
2008 not started not started

County Results


year general primary
2016 done done
2014 done not started
2012 not started working
2010 not started not started
2008 not started not started
2006 done done
2004 done done
2002 not started not started
2000 done not started

To contribute, email openelections@gmail.com or find us on Twitter and let us know what counties/elections you'd like to work on. You also can leave a comment on one of the issues in this repository. Volunteers can do as much or as little as they like - one county or all 62.