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-# openelections-data-or
-Pre-processed results for Oregon elections
+# OpenElections Data Oregon
+This repository contains pre-processed election results from Oregon, formatted to be ingested into the OpenElections [processing pipeline]( It contains mostly CSV files converted from PDF tables. Interested in contributing? We have a bunch of [easy tasks]( for you to tackle.
+Here is what a [finished CSV file (from Ohio)]( looks like. Note that each row represents a single result for a single candidate, even if the data has multiple candidates in a single row. Also, vote totals do not contain commas or other formatting.
+For extracting text from PDF tables, we recommend [Tabula](, which can be installed and run locally on OSX, Windows or Linux.
+If you're familiar with git and Github, clone this repository and get started. If not, you can still help: leave a comment on a task you'd like to work on, or just convert any of the files into CSV and send the result to

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