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André Draszik and kraj meta-oe: remove True option to getVar calls (again)
A couple have still been missed in the past despite multiple
attempts at doing so (or simply have re-appeared?).

Search & replace made using the following command:
    sed -e 's|\(d\.getVar \?\)( \?\([^,()]*\), \?True)|\1(\2)|g' \
        -i $(git grep -E 'getVar ?\( ?([^,()]*), ?True\)' \
             | cut -d':' -f1 \
             | sort -u)

Signed-off-by: André Draszik <>
Signed-off-by: Khem Raj <>
Latest commit e219649 Jan 13, 2019
Type Name Latest commit message Commit time
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classes meta-oe: remove True option to getVar calls (again) Jan 13, 2019
conf ptest: add addition packagegroups and image for ptests Nov 12, 2018
lib/oeqa/selftest/cases meta-oe: add selftest for Nov 15, 2018
licenses licenses: Add Arphic-Public-License text Jan 10, 2019
recipes-benchmark tinymembench: Update to tip of master Jan 2, 2019
recipes-bsp efibootmgr: fix conflicting types for 'efi_set_verbose' Dec 19, 2018
recipes-connectivity modemmanager: Add libxslt-native to DEPENDS Jan 11, 2019
recipes-core packagegroup-meta-oe: Remove unbuildable packages on risc-v from rdep Dec 26, 2018
recipes-crypto botan: Add recipe Sep 29, 2018
recipes-dbs postgresql: correctly build against target perl Jan 11, 2019
recipes-devtools meta-oe: remove True option to getVar calls (again) Jan 13, 2019
recipes-extended redis: Update to 4.0.12 Dec 23, 2018
recipes-gnome pyxdg: Add new package Jul 12, 2018
recipes-graphics qrencode: 4.0.0 -> 4.0.1 Jan 10, 2019
recipes-kernel meta-oe: remove True option to getVar calls (again) Jan 13, 2019
recipes-multimedia mpv: Disable lua on mips/aarch64 Jan 5, 2019
recipes-navigation gpsd: split one dpg package Sep 18, 2018
recipes-security nmap: install ndiff Aug 22, 2018
recipes-shells mksh: Don't use ${PN} Jan 10, 2019
recipes-support meta-oe: remove True option to getVar calls (again) Jan 13, 2019
recipes-test catch2: Replace the patch with upstreamable patch Jan 2, 2019
COPYING.MIT move layer into meta-oe in preparation for future splits Mar 17, 2011
README Update maintainers Aug 27, 2018



This layer depends on:

URI: git://
branch: master
revision: HEAD

Send pull requests to with '[meta-oe]' in the subject'

When sending single patches, please use something like:
'git send-email -M -1 --to --subject-prefix=meta-oe][PATCH'

You are encouraged to fork the mirror on GitHub
to share your patches, this is preferred for patch sets consisting of more than one patch.

Other services like gitorious, or self-hosted setups are of course accepted as well,
'git fetch <remote>' works the same on all of them. We recommend GitHub because it is free, easy
to use, has been proven to be reliable and has a really good web GUI.

layer maintainer: Khem Raj <>