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connman: upgrade to 1.29

- Add support for Ethernet and VLAN usage;
- Fixes.

Added build-create-dirs-before-putting-files-in-them.patch,
already submitted upstream.

Signed-off-by: Cristian Iorga <>
Signed-off-by: Richard Purdie <>
latest commit 4563788a21
Cristian Iorga authored rpurdie committed
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classes siteinfo.bbclass: Add MicroBlaze big endian target info
conf bitbake.conf/base.bbclass: Drop PRINC support
files Revert "common-licenses: Add common license files for linux-firmware"
lib wic tests: Move wic tests to oe-selftest infra
recipes-bsp pcmciautils: fix for parallel build
recipes-connectivity connman: upgrade to 1.29
recipes-core systemd: bring back the patch to customise root's $HOME
recipes-devtools pseudo 1.6.5: less pointlessly chatty
recipes-extended ghostscript: Add MicroBlaze support
recipes-gnome libart_lgpl: Allow art_config.h to be generated at compile time
recipes-graphics directfb: Correct bashism
recipes-kernel linux-yocto-dev: introduce 4.1-rc development kernel
recipes-lsb4 libpng12: upgrade to 1.2.52
recipes-multimedia alsa-utils: Remove double dependency on udev
recipes-qt qt4-embedded: add checking for AArch64 ilp32
recipes-rt hwlatdetect: upgrade to version 0.91
recipes-sato webkit-gtk: ANGLE doesn't build with bison 3
recipes-support shared-mime-info: Upgrade 1.3 -> 1.4
site siteinfo: account for 32 and 64 bit arm
COPYING.GPLv2 Fix license notices for OE-Core
COPYING.MIT Add missing licence files (COPYING.MIT)
recipes.txt meta/recipes.txt: add recipes-lsb4
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