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OE-Core aims to be able to provide basic LSB compatible images. There
are some challenges for OE as LSB isn't always 100% relevant to its
target embedded and IoT audiences. 

One challenge is that the LSB spec is no longer being actively
developed [] and has 
components which are end of life or significantly dated. OE 
therefore provides compatibility with the following caveats:

* Qt4 is provided by the separate meta-qt4 layer. Its noted that Qt4 
  is end of life and this isn't something the core project regularly 
  tests any longer. Users are recommended to group together to support
  maintenance of that layer. []

* mailx has been dropped since its no longer being developed upstream 
  and there are better, more modern replacements such as s-nail 
  ( or mailutils (

* A few perl modules that were required by LSB 4.x aren't provided:
  libclass-isa, libenv, libdumpvalue, libfile-checktree,
  libi18n-collate, libpod-plainer.

* libpng 1.2 isn't provided; oe-core includes the latest release of libpng

* pax (POSIX standard archive) tool is not provided.
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