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# Copyright (c) 2009 MontaVista Software, Inc. All rights reserved.
# Released under the MIT license (see COPYING.MIT for the terms)
# Take a list of directories in COLLECTIONS, in priority order (highest to
# lowest), and use those to populate BBFILES, BBFILE_COLLECTIONS,
# Specifying an archive in COLLECTIONS is also supported. Any archives of a
# supported format will be unpacked into COLLECTIONS_UNPACKDIR and used from
# there.
COLLECTIONS ?= "${@' '.join(d.getVar('BBPATH', 1).split(':'))}"
COLLECTIONINFO = "${@get_collection(d.getVar('FILE', 1), d)}"
def has_collection(name, d):
for (uniquename, info) in d.getVar("COLLECTIONSINFO", 1).iteritems():
if info["name"] == name:
return True
return False
def get_collection(file, d):
if not os.path.isabs(file):
file = bb.which(d.getVar("BBPATH", 1), file)
filedir = os.path.realpath(os.path.dirname(file))
for (uniquename, info) in d.getVar("COLLECTIONSINFO", 1).iteritems():
path = os.path.realpath(info["path"])
if filedir.startswith(path + os.path.sep):
return info
def collection_unpack(collection, d):
""" Unpack a collection archive and return the path to it. """
import bb
import os
from md5 import md5
handlers = {
("tar"): "tar x --no-same-owner -f %s",
("tar.gz", "tgz", "tar.Z"): "tar xz --no-same-owner -f %s",
("tar.bz2", "tbz", "tbz2"): "tar xj --no-same-owner -f %s",
("zip", "jar"): "unzip -q -o %s",
basename = os.path.basename(collection)
cmd, name = ((cmd, basename[:-len(e)-1]) for (exts, cmd) in handlers.iteritems()
for e in exts
if basename.endswith(e)).next()
except StopIteration:
bb.fatal("No method available to unpack %s (unsupported file type?)" % collection)
outpath = os.path.join(d.getVar("COLLECTIONS_UNPACKDIR", 1), name)
cmd = "cd %s && PATH=\"%s\" %s" % (outpath, d.getVar("PATH", 1), cmd)
collectiondata = open(collection, "r").read()
except IOError:
bb.fatal("Unable to open %s to calculate md5 sum" % collection)
md5obj = md5()
md5sum = md5obj.hexdigest()
md5file = os.path.join(outpath, "md5")
if os.path.exists(md5file):
oldmd5sum = open(md5file).read()
except IOError:
if oldmd5sum == md5sum:
bb.debug(1, "Using existing %s for collection '%s'" % (outpath, name))
return outpath, False, name
bb.note("Removing old unpacked collection at %s" % outpath)
os.system("rm -rf %s" % outpath)
if not os.path.isdir(outpath):
bb.note("Unpacking %s to %s/" % (collection, outpath))
ret = os.system(cmd % collection)
if ret != 0:
bb.fatal("Unable to unpack %s" % collection)
md5out = open(md5file, "w")
return outpath, True, name
def collections_setup(d):
""" Populate collection and bbfiles metadata from the COLLECTIONS var. """
import bb
import os
from itertools import izip, chain
from glob import glob
def setifunset(k, v):
if d.getVar(k, 0) is None:
d.setVar(k, v)
collections = d.getVar("COLLECTIONS", 1)
if not collections:
bb.debug(1, "Processing COLLECTIONS (%s)" % collections)
globbed = []
for path in collections.split():
paths = glob(os.path.normpath(path))
if not paths:
bb.msg.warn(None, "No matches in filesystem for %s in COLLECTIONS" % path)
globbed += paths
collections = globbed
collectionmap = {}
namemap = {}
collectioninfo = {}
unpackedthisexec = False
oldbbpath = d.getVar("BBPATH", 1)
bbpath = (oldbbpath or "").split(":")
for (collection, priority) in izip(collections, xrange(len(collections), 0, -1)):
if not os.path.exists(collection):
bb.fatal("Collection %s does not exist" % collection)
origpath = collection
if not os.path.isdir(collection):
unpacked, unpackedthisexec, name = collection_unpack(collection, d)
if unpacked:
collection = unpacked
for dir in glob("%s/*/" % collection):
if not dir in bbpath:
bb.fatal("Unable to unpack collection %s" % collection)
name = os.path.basename(collection)
if not collection in bbpath:
if namemap.get(name):
name = "%s-%s" % (name, hash(collection))
namemap[name] = collection
collectionmap[collection] = name
collectioninfo[name] = {
"name": name,
"originalpath": origpath,
"path": collection,
"priority": priority,
setifunset("BBFILE_PATTERN_%s" % name, "^%s/" % collection)
setifunset("BBFILE_PRIORITY_%s" % name, str(priority))
d.setVar("COLLECTIONSINFO", collectioninfo)
setifunset("BBFILE_COLLECTIONS", " ".join(collectionmap.values()))
setifunset("BBFILES", " ".join(collectionmap.keys()))
bbpath = [os.path.realpath(dir) for dir in bbpath if os.path.exists(dir)]
d.setVar("BBPATH", ":".join(bbpath))
if unpackedthisexec or (set(bbpath) != set(oldbbpath.split(":"))):
import sys
bb.debug(1, "Re-executing bitbake with BBPATH of %s" % d.getVar("BBPATH", 0))
os.environ["BBPATH"] = d.getVar("BBPATH", 0)
# FIXME: This exports a bogus PYTHONPATH to OE recipes resulting in massive breakages:
# os.environ["PYTHONPATH"] = ":".join(sys.path)
sys.argv.insert(0, sys.executable)
os.execvpe(sys.executable, sys.argv, os.environ)
addhandler collections_eh
python collections_eh () {
from bb.event import getName
if getName(e) == "ConfigParsed":