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Packages to be removed from OpenEmbedded if no one will fix them.
Dropping stuff from metadata is not best way so this file will be filled
with informations about which parts of metadata will be removed.
Please sort by removal date
Package Name: recipe, directory or subsystem name
Removal Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Maintainer: Surname Name + e-mail
Reason: description why it will get removed
Proposed by: person which want entry to be removed
Package Name: task-bootstrap*
Removal Date: 2006-12-22
Maintainer: None
Reason: Obsoleted by task-base
Proposed by: Koen Kooi
Note: Moved to packages/obsolete/tasks on 2006-12-22
Package Name: ClamAV, versions < 0.95
Removal Date: 2009-04-15
Maintainer: Jamie Lenehan
Proposed by: Roman I Khimov <>
Package Name: obsolete/*openmoko* nonworking/*openmoko*
Removal Date: 2010-12-22
Maintainer: None
Reason: Obsoleted by SHR/FSO packages
Proposed by: Martin 'JaMa' Jansa
Note: Openmoko distribution removed 2010-08-10
Note: Moved to obsolete on 2010-10-19
Note: Removed 2010-12-22
Package Name: obsolete/xorg-*
Removal Date: 2011-02-01
Maintainer: Martin 'JaMa' Jansa
Reason: Old not pinned versions, we have X11R7.6 now by default
Proposed by: Martin 'JaMa' Jansa
Note: Moved to obsolete on 2011-01-11