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MAINTAINERS: add an entry for CoreDump

restores information removed in bug 2449 at the proper place.
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1 parent bdcd197 commit 9e0ff1423b0617f7275c7cc75ff932ec10ed0ed8 @leggewie leggewie committed Jun 11, 2007
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@@ -132,6 +132,11 @@ Recipes: linux, hostap*, orinoco*, wpa-supplicant*, wireless-tools, keymaps
Recipes: linux-rp, gammu
Recipes: ttf-fonts/*
+Person: Matthias 'CoreDump' Hentges
+Machines: collie, spitz
+Recipes: altboot, webcam-server
Person: Michael 'Mickey' Lauer
Distros: Ångström, generic

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