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This is an example script to run tests for the testing branch.
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Feel free to improve!

Signed-off-by: Frans Meulenbroeks <>
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1 parent 803372a commit c400c874f2ac9233b8a43a73309b6e7907289c54 Frans Meulenbroeks committed Nov 5, 2010
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+# this script can be used for testing purposes.
+# see also
+# you can define your machine/distro/recipe below (remove the #)
+# or you can pick them up from the environment
+# test if we have an openembedded dir, clone it if it does not exist
+if [ ! -d openembedded ]
+ (git clone git://
+ (cd openembedded; git checkout -b testing-next origin/testing-next)
+# switch to the testing branch
+(cd openembedded; git checkout testing-next)
+# test if bitbake exist; if not; fetch it and untar it
+if [ ! -d bitbake-1.10.1 ]
+ (wget; tar xf bitbake-1.10.1.tar.gz; rm bitbake-1.10.0.tar.gz)
+# TOPDIR is where we are now
+# add bitbake to the path
+export PATH=${TOPDIR}/bitbake-1.10.1/bin:$PATH
+# create a local.conf by using a here document
+cat > ${TOPDIR}/openembedded/conf/local.conf << EOF
+# fix next line if you want to use your own mirror, then remove the # for the next two lines
+# You can start a trivial server with 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer'
+#SOURCE_MIRROR_URL = "http://localhost:8000/directory"
+#INHERIT += "own-mirrors"
+DL_DIR = "${TOPDIR}/downloads"
+# if you want to keep tmp dirs for different builds you might want to set TMPDIR to e.g. ${TOPDIR}/tmp_${MACHINE}_${DISTRO}
+TMPDIR = "${TOPDIR}/tmp"
+BBFILES = "${TOPDIR}/openembedded/recipes/*/*.bb"
+# Which files do we want to parse:
+BBMASK = ""
+# ccache always overfill $HOME....
+# What kind of images do we want?
+IMAGE_FSTYPES = "tar.gz "
+# Make use of my SMP box
+# if you are low on disk space you can remove the next #, disadvantage, nastier debugging in case of failures
+#INHERIT += "rm_work"
+# if you want to report build results (recommended) you need to edit OESTATS_BUILDER and add your name or nick in it, then uncomment the next 3 lines.
+#INHERIT += "oestats-client"
+#OESTATS_BUILDER = "your nick goes here"
+# smake sure BB_ENV_EXTRAWHIT is correct, and export the needed vars
+export BBPATH=${TOPDIR}/openembedded
+# pull the current branch; in case a stale lock exists remove it
+(cd openembedded; rm -f .git/index.lock;git pull)
+# clean tmp; I want to start with a clean build; if you changed TMPDIR in the conf file better change it here too.
+rm -rf ${TOPDIR}/tmp
+# add an echo about the vars so we can see what has been done in a log file
+# and do the actual work.
+bitbake ${TARGET_RECIPE}

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