Switch branches/tags
Commits on Mar 26, 2008
  1. teslab: add and activate by default

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 26, 2008
Commits on Mar 25, 2008
  1. patch bbclass: backport

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 25, 2008
    Revision: a99dc9b34551aa3889d7057538bf2e37b0471af1
    Ancestor: 33c44c7c7ce5fce5da6c869be191126d5fca6f96
    Date: 2008-01-28T00:11:15
    Modified files:
    	 patch.bbclass: Show full path of a patch.
    	 * This is for consistency with existing non-patch fetch message in  
    	 Allows to catch pulling file from wrong override dir quickly.
  2. BACKPORT: db fixes

    xjqian committed Mar 25, 2008
  3. applied changes from 69b3066d0bd612829be7ae8c9e78a3501e5cdb3c

    xjqian committed Mar 25, 2008
                 through a6d2d41d484ef7827260add2c94d270077592a01
    applied changes from f460277636d213d6a3257745ceaac42b26814877
                 through 578f199bc6b531a09543f38044f98199ef5f49ad
    applied changes from e60db6ca0d9d6a0b3b02507a6068c2d803af4d6c
                 through 848c6e3f16104e7b87568edf06d0d9cc79b5e860
    a6d2d41d484ef7827260add2c94d270077592a01 db_4.3.29: fix packaging QA <xjqian koen>
    578f199bc6b531a09543f38044f98199ef5f49ad db: sync with poky <xjqian koen>
    848c6e3f16104e7b87568edf06d0d9cc79b5e860 db: fix upstream SRC_URI, unify db4. <xjqian koen>
Commits on Mar 23, 2008
  1. angstrom: bump to r13

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 23, 2008
Commits on Mar 20, 2008
  1. merge of '9e406f8db2bde54e66b99557988c4eb7d7f56676'

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 20, 2008
         and 'e5dfd7992b2244d4e01908aa76025380bd3281d8'
  2. mono: backport fixes from .dev and switch to 1.2.6

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 20, 2008
  3. angstrom feed sorter: merge back updates

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 20, 2008
Commits on Mar 18, 2008
  1. BACKPORTS: add mono candidates

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 18, 2008
  2. applied changes from 1b6b8412e77f2d8600a5b7bf7e70948e38007d48

    xjqian committed Mar 18, 2008
                 through 130abdbeeb7888b012bab591e834a85892fad020
    130abdbeeb7888b012bab591e834a85892fad020 vpnc: add 0.5.1, unify (xjqian PaulS)
  3. applied changes from 03964808c40cbc7460d4711fae17d07972e6ceb6

    xjqian committed Mar 18, 2008
                 through 1b6b8412e77f2d8600a5b7bf7e70948e38007d48
    1b6b8412e77f2d8600a5b7bf7e70948e38007d48 openvpn: unify. (xjqian PaulS)
  4. applied changes from 0551f2ee11c47b6f2b6fc3dd24c37619710eed8c

    xjqian committed Mar 18, 2008
                 through 03964808c40cbc7460d4711fae17d07972e6ceb6
    03964808c40cbc7460d4711fae17d07972e6ceb6 setserial: add DESCRIPTION, HOMEPAGE, AUTHOR. fix packaging (xjqian PaulS)
Commits on Mar 17, 2008
  1. seppuku: backport log description changes

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 17, 2008
    applied changes from 7a3257112a3f6876d6a4ac71e945769cf4b6c2c2
                 through 219fa4485d47101df96e2d47c358fe5617f1f2d8
    applied changes from 7bf3ddcba37e60f65ee490010fa2b5a941510de0
                 through 495d10204bc69808fdd0046f98503c0240e1ebf7
Commits on Mar 15, 2008
  1. opie-taskbar: fix parse error

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 15, 2008
  2. merge of '6b6f6e48864d07716071861946c9399c25edba81'

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 15, 2008
         and '9107822fbe5c5b7a1a59eac9eeedc0e96f5a3faa'
  3. angstrom: note r10 build point an bump to r11

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 15, 2008
Commits on Mar 14, 2008
  1. merge of '90573db6a87ec5a22619522e40b914ec9005a374'

    pfalcon committed Mar 14, 2008
         and 'c25df03f93aa35d8386c51ebed8f961c2eb5c1e5'
  2. applied changes from abdd40ff191796ef97e8c070a8fdf8b177802bd8

    pfalcon committed Mar 14, 2008
                 through 3ba9bb700e2671c899e7dd7c9cb3fd8bff810325
    add debug package for 85 files with hardcoded PACKAGES definition.  Partly fixes 2471. (PaulS, Koen)
  3. BACKPORTS: ad h2200 g_ether fix

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 14, 2008
  4. applied changes from a3b18a00a09e716f4b3d5bfced86fea0439953a0

    pfalcon committed Mar 14, 2008
                 through 825754db28a782e72d84614900aff9f88d9f6349
    liveramdisk-image, initramfs-jffs2: Be sure to depend on/load mtdblock. (PaulS, Koen)
  5. h2200.conf: Autoload g_ether, like other linux-hh machines do.

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 14, 2008
    * Bump kernel PR too.
    applied changes from d84c9c256cb1de6c2bd012290a0c14a75f771fa5
                 through a3b18a00a09e716f4b3d5bfced86fea0439953a0
  6. keymaps: update poodle and tosa keymaps

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 14, 2008
    applied changes from 35442223e2d33755090d92a33d52bde6f6e207a1
                 through b6ebdc133a282a20876e945c411c3c30af2c008b
  7. angstrom 2007.12: bump to r10

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 14, 2008
  8. opie-images: use other base tasks

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 14, 2008
    applied changes from 6833078eec71bea42cec794b6ba6ad8981faf70e
                 through 6047723508e3b6eeb7bb92d452b11b5e946540bf
Commits on Mar 12, 2008
  1. applied changes from 38f8ae6418f23fd2c13f29ecf5b41628ff3dedcd

    pfalcon committed Mar 12, 2008
                 through 43753505f023f7853afdd0f497c28ef65c4b2509
    kernel: add wifi suspend fix for hostap|orinoco. Also, add base_version_less_or_equal(). (Bernhard, PaulS)
  2. BACKPORT: altboot, collie fix

    xjqian committed Mar 12, 2008
    applied changes from 9c282203892de9ceaa9b6fb94ca7e20914536e17
                 through c4d9a3436b6b5626505d88d0ed299c5e20d25227
    applied changes from 9d49069aa898848e0d9e809ccb033c0e93c8b6fc
                 through 4d3fe649ba5cd8d8a2492eb428e3d03d91d873a2
    c4d9a3436b6b5626505d88d0ed299c5e20d25227 altboot: Update to SVNR79 (add proper modules for collies SD support
    4d3fe649ba5cd8d8a2492eb428e3d03d91d873a2 altboot: Apply fix from oebug #2647
  3. seppuku bbclass: backport format change

    Koen Kooi committed Mar 12, 2008