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Commits on Apr 14, 2007
  1. modules/chksum_checker/ Generate a checksum.ini from alread…

    Holger Freyther authored
    …y downloaded files
        This code generates a sorted checksums.ini file from the files
        already downloaded and stored in the DL_DIR of the test. Only
        http, https and ftp protocols will be used as protocols and the
        checksums.ini will be saved in the current working dir
  2. modules/chksump_checker: Add a oetest that will write checksum files …

    Holger Freyther authored
    …for us
  3. lib/bitttest: Add chksum_checker to the module list, allow setup and …

    Holger Freyther authored
    …finish methods in the testcase
        Allow setup and finish methods in TestCase. They will be executed
        before AND after all test cases have been run!
Commits on Apr 13, 2007
  1. lib/bittest/ bb.fetch.init is doing caching, set the TMPDI…

    Holger Freyther authored
    …R, DL_DIR early enough
        We need to set the DL_DIR, TMPDIR more early as bb.fetch.init
        is caching the result of localpath() which can point to the default
        By setting our TMPDIR and DL_DIR more early we make sure to have it
        set properly. For paranoia we set it again later on
  2. conf/bitbake.conf: Always fetch using the continous mode

    Holger Freyther authored
  3. modules/source_checker: simplify...

    Holger Freyther authored
  4. classes/base.bbclass: do not stamp fetch

    Holger Freyther authored
  5. bin/bittest: Make fatal errors bb.fatal

    Holger Freyther authored
  6. conf/bitbake.conf: OEtestify the conf again

    Holger Freyther authored
  7. conf/bitbake.conf: Copy the bitbake.conf from to be up-to-…

    Holger Freyther authored
    …date again
  8. classes/base.bbclass: Once again use less mirrors

    Holger Freyther authored
  9. classes/base.bbclass: Copy the file from

    Holger Freyther authored
Commits on Apr 5, 2007
  1. import of bitbake-qa bittest util which can be used as:

    Marcin Juszkiewicz authored
    - source availability checker
    - source mirror populate tool
    - and few others
    branch is named 'oetest' because this tool will be renamed to 'oetest' as it
    is useful only with OE metadata
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