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OpenEMR Cloud Full Stack

A production grade solution for facilities and hospitals to run OpenEMR v5 in the Amazon Web Service public cloud.

Many OpenEMR users run their system on premise and have not yet realized the benefits of cloud technologies. This repository provides a HIPAA-eligible solution for deploying OpenEMR securely and reliably to the cloud.

a. For AWS customers that are HIPAA covered entities, before deployment of OpenEMR Cloud Full Stack, you must navigate to the Services->Artifact->Agreements section of the AWS console, find the AWS Nondisclosure Agreement (AWS Artifact NDA). Download, read and accept it. Then find the AWS Business Associate Addendum (AWS BAA). Download, read and accept it.

b. For AWS customers that are HIPAA covered entities, OpenEMR Cloud Full Stack must be deployed in the U.S. East (N. Virginia) Region (preferred) or U.S. West (Oregon) Region.

📒 Setup Guide

While this setup is mostly automated, you are asked to fill in certain details that are unique to your practice. Walk through each chapter below to set up your cloud.

  1. 🚴 Getting Started
  2. 🖥 Application Servers
  3. Secure Domain Setup
  4. 📝 VPN Access
  5. 🎛 Administration
  6. Stack Operations


GNU Public Licence (GPL-3)

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