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Tue Sep 05 2006
mikeb - Release version 3.3.7
Sun Sep 03 2006
mikeb - Update documentation to reflect using gacl.ini.php
mikeb - Allow ADODB_DIR to be set prior to GACL class being loaded
mikeb - Remove ADODB_FETCH_MODE global variable, use just setFetchMode() so we don't conflict with other
application code.
mikeb - Upgrade Smarty v2.6.14
mikeb - Upgrade ADODB v4.92
mikeb - Switch from CVS to SVN on
Sat Dec 03 2005
mikeb - Release version 3.3.6
Wed Oct 26 2005
mikeb - Added function get_section_data() thanks to Rodrigo Moraes <>
Mon Oct 17 2005
mikeb - Fixed a bunch of warnings/notices thanks to Charles M Hall <>
Thu Oct 13 2005
mikeb - Fixed a few PHP NOTICEs
Sun Oct 9 2005
mikeb - Fixed PHP5 warning/notice of reference in gacl_api.class to do with end() call.
Thu Sep 22 2005
mikeb - added dirname() to the config_file variable in admin/
Wed Sep 21 2005
mikeb - Addslashes to JS creation code in assign_group.php.
Thu Sep 08 2005
mikeb - Added support for MS-SQL in setup.php, thanks to François Tissandier <>
Sat Sep 03 2005
mikeb - Fixed typo in manual
mikeb - Fixed comments in gacl.class.php
mikeb - released v3.3.5
Mon Aug 22 2005
mikeb - Fixed bug with edit_acl() for cases where a non-existant acl_id is specified. Thanks to Caleb Simonyi-Gindele <>
Thu Aug 04 2005
mikeb - Fixed bug with config ini file path in setup.php
Thu Jul 28 2005
mikeb - Fixed bug with double/single quotes on line 3526. Jérémy Cohen Solal <>
Sun Jul 24 2005
mikeb - Removed table prefix comment regarding not using "_". Apparently it works now
mikeb - Fixed comments in gacl.class.php regarding group IDs, it now correctly says group values.
mikeb - Hashed_Cache_Lite class now checks to see if Cache_Lite class already exists before including it.
mikeb - Added Russian manual translation thanks to <>
mikeb - Added gacl.conf config file for both admin interface and gacl.class.php. Thanks to Richard Plevin <>
mikeb - Fixed a couple notices with E_ALL enabled in the API. John Mortlock <>
mikeb - Added a SQL quoting to insert. Eder <>
mikeb - Added support for custom ACL sections to add_acl(), for instance if someone deletes the 'system' section. Vincent Woo <>
mikeb - Upgraded ADODB to v4.65
mikeb - Upgraded Smarty to v2.6.9
mikeb - Release v3.3.5b1
Wed Dec 8 2004
mikeb - Release v3.3.4
Sun Dec 5 2004
mikeb - Added clear_database() API function that truncates all phpGACL tables. Thanks to Ross Lawley <>
mikeb - Modified millennium falcon example.
dcech - Updated get_group_objects function with much more efficient SQL.
Tue Nov 30 2004
mikeb - modified query in get_group_objects() to speed it up. It could still be optimized further though.
Mon Nov 29 2004
mikeb - Applied patch to admin/edit_group.php enabling the deletion of all groups. John Mortlock <>
Sun Nov 28 2004
mikeb - Removed default table prefix from gacl.class.php.
mikeb - Corrected minor mistake in the manual with regards to incorrect argument ordering in acl_check()
mikeb - Modified API comments for search_acl() to include return value.
mikeb - Fixed admin link at the bottom of several pages in the Millennium Falcon examples.
Sat Nov 27 2004
mikeb - Added Millennium Falcon example written by Ross Lawley <>
mikeb - Added 3-dimensional ACL Test page from Meinhard <>
mikeb - Upgraded ADODB to v4.54
mikeb - Upgraded Smarty to v2.6.6
Sun Nov 7 2004
mikeb - Updated Cache Lite class to latest version, including improved Hashed_Cache_Lite class thanks to Dan.
mikeb - If caching is not enabled, improved the bypassing of the caching library/overhead thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
mikeb - Updated manual thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
mikeb - add_group API function now assigns the value to the insert ID if the value is not specified. thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
mikeb - Moved admin interface specific functions/variables from gacl_api.class.php to admin/gacl_admin_api.class.php. thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
Mon Oct 4 2004
mikeb - Added phpDoc style comments thanks to Gordon Luk <>
Sat Oct 2 2004
mikeb - Added get_ungrouped_objects() function, thanks to Gordon Luk <>
Sun Sep 19 2004
mikeb - Added a "isset()" call in Hashed_Cache_Lite
mikeb - Applied patch from Gordon Luk <> to allow the search_acl() function to proceed without a where clause.
Thu Sep 09 2004
mikeb - gacl.class.php line 532, missing quotes around $root_group. Thanks to Erwan le Gall <>
Sat Aug 28 2004
mikeb - Released v3.3.3
Mon Aug 16 2004
mikeb - Quoted group value in acl_get_groups(). Thanks to Christer Lindh <>
Wed Aug 11 2004
mikeb - Add comment to admin/ to tell people not to use "_" for table prefixes.
Thu Aug 05 2004
mikeb - Fixed acl_test.php ACL Check timings. Thanks to Gordon Luk <>
Tue Jul 27 2004
dcech - Fixed missing table prefix in edit_object function.
Thanks to Martin Salo <>.
dcech - Updated to adodb-xmlschema CVS for prefixing.
Mon Jul 26 2004
mikeb - Fixed bug in is_conflicting_acl() where it would detect an incorrect conflict when using certain AXO combinations. Thanks to a patch from Jeff McDonald <>
Sat Jul 17 2004
mikeb - Fixed group_admin SQL query to be standard complaint so it works on PostgreSQL.
mikeb - Made aro_groups/axo_groups value column unique.
Sat Jul 10 2004
mikeb - Released v3.3.2
mikeb - upgraded to ADOdb v4.50
mikeb - upgraded to Smarty v2.6.3
mikeb - Fixed group_admin.php bug with hardcoded group_type column name.
Sat Jun 19 2004
dcech - cleaned up setup script a little
dcech - upgraded to adodb-xmlschema CVS to get fixes for prefix-related problems.
Fri Jun 18 2004
dcech - upgraded to ADOdb v4.23
Thu Jun 17 2004
mikeb - Removed admin/mysql_db_demo_data.sql as it was the old 3.2.x format and useless now.
mikeb - Fixed issue with links and group names with spaces in them. Thanks to Gordon Luk <>
dcech - fixed object count in group admin for groups without objects
Tue May 24 2004
mikeb - Fixed bug in API that stopped you from changing a group name to the same thing as the group value. Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz <>
Sat May 08 2004
mikeb - Released v3.3.1
Fri May 07 2004
dcech - Fixed setup issues with new schema format, and moved to AXMLS prefixing.
Wed May 05 2004
mikeb - Fixed bug in acl_get_groups() where $root_group = '' causes a SQL error. Thanks to Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz <>
mikeb - Fixed Unit Tests to work with group_value's. Thanks to the help from Hakan Kuecuekyilmaz <>
Mon May 03 2004
mikeb - Updated comments for add_group() to explain the Root group limitation of our MPTT format.
Sun May 02 2004
mikeb - Added Perl ACL_Check module written by Gordon Luk <>
mikeb - Upgraded to ADODB v4.22
mikeb - Upgraded to Smarty v2.6.2
mikeb - Re-enabled JS selected = true when selecting objects to assign to groups.
mikeb - Released v3.3.0-final
==> mikeb - Read the CHANGELOG line with "==>" infront of it. Mar 03 2004.
Wed Apr 21 2004
mikeb - Fixed index name for value column in AXO group table. Falk <>
mikeb - Updated schema diagrams. Falk <>
Tue Apr 06 2004
mikeb - applied code documentation patch thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
Mon Apr 05 2004
dcech - added index.php to admin directory, fixed bug in format_groups. Thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
dcech - Fixed object_search javascript bug, cleaned up admin navigation html.
Sat Apr 03 2004
dcech - Fixed JavaScript bug in IE, minor cleanup of admin_functions.js
Fri Mar 19 2004
dcech - Fixed minor typo in gacl_api.class.php. Thanks to Andrew Eddie <>
Wed Mar 03 2004
dcech - Updated admin interface and gacl class for value patch.
acl_* functions now all accept group values rather than IDs.
dcech - Minor fixes in gacl_api for group_value patch.
==> mikeb - *BEWARE* add_group(), edit_group() both require a group_value now! This breaks backwards compatibility.
Sat Feb 28 2004
mikeb - Upgraded ADODB to 4.20.
mikeb - Applied group value patch from Christer Lindh <>.
Admin interface still needs updating. As well as the gacl.class.
Tue Feb 24 2004
dcech - minor fix to display AXO controls when editing ACLs
Sat Feb 14 2004
mikeb - Added DB schema diagram to docs/ directory. Thanks to Falk John <>
Fri Feb 13 2004
dcech - Changed all JOIN queries to INNER JOIN for MySQL 3.23.x compatibility
Thu Feb 12 2004
dcech - removed final trailing semicolon from schema.xml
Tue Feb 10 2004
mikeb - Fixed get_object() to support ACLs.
Mon Feb 09 2004
mikeb - Fixed del_object_section() to properly delete ACLs if the section is deleted. Thanks to Falk John <>
mikeb - Fixed del_object_section() when using ACL objects.
mikeb - Took ";" out of schema.xml, and changed version to b2.
mikeb - Added some missing transaction rollbacks to gacl_api. Thanks to Falk John <>
Sun Feb 08 2004
dcech - Added titles to admin interface
mikeb - Removed the last of "is_string()" DB errro checks, replaced with "is_object($rs)"
mikeb - Oracle SQL syntax fixes for gacl.class.php and gacl_api.class.php. Thanks to Falk John <>
dcech - SQL syntax fixes for admin system
Sat Feb 07 2004
dcech - New style for admin interface
Wed Feb 04 2004
mikeb - Removed old, out dated examples from gacl_api.class.php
Sun Feb 01 2004
dcech - cleanup of assign_group.php, template updates for assign_group and group_admin
Sat Jan 31 2004
dcech - more interface cleanups
Fri Jan 30 2004
dcech - complete overhaul of acl_admin.php
dcech - fix for LIMIT in sql, complete overhaul of object search
Thu Jan 29 2004
dcech - major interface overhaul
dcech - acl_list interface improvements, minor css modification
mikeb - Upgraded to ADODB 4.11, removed trailing whitespace from
dcech - major overhaul of acl_list filtering
Wed Jan 28 2004
dcech - major update to acl_list
dcech - fix for stress_test to handle existing groups
dcech - fixed trailing whitespace in
Sun Jan 25 2004
mikeb - Changed acl_list layout.
mikeb - Changed setup.php to point to about.php and modified about.php to only display the report section on first run.
mikeb - Unleashed v3.3.0b1 upon the world! Wahahahah!
Sat Jan 24 2004
mikeb - Minor updates to CREDITS file, README, and footer.tpl
mikeb - Upgraded ADODB to v4.10
mikeb - Upgraded Smarty to v2.6.1
dcech - del_object: fix for new GetCol behaviour in ADOdb 4.10
Wed Jan 14 2004
mikeb - modified TODO list slightly.
mikeb - added Navigation bar submitted by: <> on Oct 13/2003.
mikeb - Moved the "select all" checkboxes...
mikeb - modified include syntax in acl_admin_js.tpl slightly.
mikeb - add_object(), edit_object(), edit_object_section(), add_object_section(), fixed issue with hidden being set to a non-int value.
Thu Jan 08 2004
dcech - Added Select/Deselect All to Admin Interface
Thu Jan 08 2004
dcech - applied _group_ patch
Mon Nov 24 2003
mikeb - Fixed PostgreSQL LEFT JOIN issue with is_conflicting_acl(), Can't reference multiple tables, then a LEFT JOIN. ie:
select * from table1, table2 LEFT JOIN table3 LEFT JOIN table4.
select * from table1 LEFT JOIN table2 LEFT JOIN table3 LEFT JOIN table4.
mikeb - Fixed PosgresSQL LEFT JOIN issue with acl_check()
mikeb - Fixed PostgreSQL transaction issue, where generating sequences causes the transaction to abort.
Simply move the transaction start _after_ the GenID() call.
dcech - cleaned up get_object_section_section_id - fixed bug if invalid object type specified, and bug if no value specified.
Wed Nov 19 2003
mikeb - Added transactions to edit_object_section()
mikeb - Added more API test_suite functions.
mikeb - Fixed minor display issue with pager.tpl.
dcech - numerous fixes in gacl_api. edit_group, add_group_object, rebuild_tree & _rebuild_tree.
dcech - new functions in gacl_api. get_root_group_id & get_object_groups.
Tue Nov 18 2003
mikeb - Added more tests to the test suite. Fixed up a couple SQL syntax errors in del_group().
Fri Nov 14 2003
mikeb - Fixed minor bug in get_group_objects() to do with the SQL query, and table prefixes.
dcech - improved count_all function and documentation
dcech - updated Stress Test & added script to do random ACL checks
dcech - fixed bug where debug_db was called after RollBackTrans
Wed Nov 12 2003
mikeb - More MPTT fixes from Dan
mikeb - is_conflicting_acl() patch from Dan also.
Tue Nov 11 2003
mikeb - Applied MPTT (different group tree format) patch from Dan Cech <>
mikeb - Minor cleanup of the above patch.
mikeb - FIxed a couple minor bugs with add_group_object() and del_object() relating to the MPTT patch.
Wed Nov 05 2003
- Fixed issue where ARO and AXO groups use the same sequence. Not really a bug, but shouldn't
be the case. Thanks to Dan Cech <>
Wed Oct 29 2003
- Fixed bug in schema.xml where group_id was missing from a unique index.
Tue Oct 21 2003
- Group select boxes represent the tree structure much better. Purely cosmetic change. Thanks to Dan Cech <>
Wed Oct 08 2003
- Released 3.2.2
- Fixed bug in acl_list.php where the filter wasn't being passed between pages. Thanks to Dan Cech <>
- Greatly improved the speed of acl_list.php. Thanks to Dan Cech <>
Sun Oct 05 2003
- Fix for major bug in AXOs, if you don't specify AXO values in acl_check(), it could
still match ACLs that have AXO groups assigned to them. Discovered by Dan Cech <>.
Sun Oct 03 2003
- Released 3.2.1
Mon Sep 29 2003
- Fixed possible bug with re-using database connection objects.
- Fixed bug in assign_group.tpl where it was hard coded to reference AROs.
- Fixed major bug with table prefixes and del_object() function, as well as sequences. Thanks to Ian Eure <> for reporting this.
- Fixed minor bug in generating javascript arrays with values containing quotes. Bug found by: Martino Piccinato <>
Sat Sep 20 2003
- Released 3.2.0-final.
- Upgraded ADODB to 3.90.
Sat Sep 06 2003
- Fixed minor bug when assigning objects to groups. Thanks Jos Vanlanduyt <> for pointing this out.
Mon Aug 25 2003
- Added SOAP server and clients for PHP, Perl, and Python.
- Updated README regarding upgrading and PostgreSQL.
- Released phpGACL v3.2.0b2
Thu Aug 21 2003
- Added Help / About page.
- Fixed up the ACL Sections, to use values instead of IDs for consistency sake
- Upgraded to Smarty 2.5.0
- Released phpGACL v3.2.0b
Mon Aug 18 2003
- Merged table prefix patch from Ben Margolin (, did some minor clean-ups/fixes.
- Upgraded to ADODB 3.72
Wed Aug 13 2003
- Decreased column lengths to varchar(240) so MySQL can index multiple columns. Thanks to Ben Margolin (
- Fixed bug in add_object(), it was selecting from a non-existent table. Thanks to Ben Margolin (
Tue July 08 2003
- Create a new setup.php from scratch using ADODB XML-Schema. This should greatly ease table creation on many different databases.
- Modified ADODB XML-Schema to support all types of indexes. Submitted patch to Richard Tango-Lowy <>
Mon July 07 2003
- add_object() now returns TRUE if the object is already in the database.
Fri July 04 2003
- Updated table schema for the acl table. Added the acl_section table, and the phpgacl table.
- Added ACL sections. The purpose of these is like all other sections, to simply classify objects.
For example, you may want to differentiate between automatically created ACLs (System ACLs) and
manually created ACLs (User ACLs). As some installations may have several thousand automatically created
ACLs, its nice to filter these out.
- add_group_object() now returns TRUE if the object is already assigned to the group.
Tue July 01 2003
- Fixed security bug that could allow someone to see your database password.
Mon June 16 2003
- Added acl_query_array() to aid in running an acl_check() over a large amount of AROs, returning section_value, values
of those that return true. Especially useful with get_group_objects();
Thu June 12 2003
- Added "ACLs" link to the group page, so you easily show all ACLs a specific group is assigned too.
- Added "ACLs" link to the group assign page, so you easily show all ACLs a specific ARO/AXO is assigned too.
- modified return array format for get_group_objects() and added functionality to return objects in child groups as well.
Wed June 11 2003
- Object searching now supports a newline delimited list of names/values.
Sun June 8 2003
- Fixed more warnings.
Wed May 28 2003
- More minor warning fixes.
- Moved the manual to the documentation directory.
- Case insensitive object searching when assigning to groups.
Mon May 26 2003
- Fixed many more PHP warnings all over.
- Added example.php
- Upgraded Smarty to v2.5
- Upgraded ADODB to v3.5. Added line to set FETCH_MODE on a per connection basis.
Wed May 21 2003
- Fixed add_acl() for AXOs, as it was previously completely broken.
Mon May 19 2003
- Fixed ACL List filtering so it returns all ACL rows, not just the ones matching the LIKE query.
Fri May 16 2003
- Fixed a few PHP warnings gacl.class.php
- Removed an else condition from an if statement that didn't do anything anyways.
Sun Mar 09 2003
- Fixed small bug in API function get_object_id() where it referenced the $name variable,
but $name was never used. If the function was used properly, this shouldn't have affected anything.
Thanks to: Harald Fielker <> for pointing this out.
Sat Mar 01 2003
- Fixed up the layers with AXO show/hide functionality. Usable, but still needs improvement.
Thu Feb 27 2003
- Attempted to add javascript show/hide to the AXO section of the acl_admin.
Tue Feb 25 2003
- Fixed invalid DB reference in acl_get_groups(); Thanks to Gianluca Faieta <> for the patch.
Thu Feb 20 2003
- Fixed bug in get_group_objects() that caused it to return the query record set, not the data itself. Thanks to Thomas <> for submitting a patch.
- Fixed bug in del_group(), as it neglected to remove the object mapping. Thanks to Thomas <> for pointing this out.
Tue Feb 18 2003
- Added 'force_cache_expire' option, so the cache is automaticalled expired when ACL/Group modifications take place.
This should allow the cache_expire_time to be greatly increased (86400?) and still maintain instance updates.
- Removed un-needed table joins in search_acl() resulting in a large performance increase.
Mon Feb 17 2003
- Added "limit" to ARO select query in group_assign.php
Fri Feb 14 2003
- Tweeked consolidate_edit_acl() to better consolidate ACLs in the expected manor.
- Fixed cache ID in acl_get_group_path() so it doesn't contain non-alphanumeric characters.
Wed Feb 12 2003
- Fixed bug caused by overzealous array_unique in add_acl()
- Switched acl_query() to return TRUE/FALSE for the 'allow' return value instead of 1/0
- API group functions didn't manipulate the path_to_root mapping when reparenting or deleting occured.
Tue Feb 04 2003
- Fixed bug in edit_group(), added more error checking.
- Added object searching to the assign group pages.
- Moved all templates to $smarty_template_dir/phpgacl/ to better integrate with existing smarty installations.
- Fixed recursion in format_groups() so it doesn't use globals anymore.
- Greatly improved performance in sort_groups() (50% improvement) and format_groups() (20%) functions.
Thu Jan 31 2003
- Added conflict detection to add_acl();
Thu Jan 30 2003
- Created search_acl() to search for ACLs mapped to specific objects. This should also work for detecting conflicting ACLs.
- Created shift_acl() that basically does the opposite of append_acl(). Remove just the specific objects from the ACL mapping.
Wed Jan 29 2003
- Created append_acl() function for simply appending ACO/ARO/ARO Groups/AXO/AXO Groups on to an already existing ACL.
Mon Jan 28 2003
- Added ACL searching.
- Added ACL debug page.
- Added sanity checks to add_acl()/edit_acl() to make sure the objects mapped to ACLs actually exist.
- Transactionalized most API functions.
Fri Jan 24 2003
- Fixed JS UnSelect button bug for AXO groups.
- Added Object searching to help the admin interface handle an unlimited number of objects.
- Added "max_select_box_items" config option to set the maximum number of items shown in select boxes.
Tue Jan 14 2003
- Upgraded ADODB to v3.00
- Added user definable ACL return values, along with the acl_return_value() function.
- Added ACL notes which serve no other purpose other than to help the administrator keep track of ACL's
- Added paging for large record sets.
Sun Dec 15 2002
- Moved to a completely OO structure.
- Config options can now be passed during object creation. $gacl = new gacl($options);
Sun Dec 01 2002
- Fixed bug that broke allow and enabled from being changed when editing ACLs.
Sat Nov 30 2002
- Merged ERASE feature in to API functions, del_object() and del_object_section() thanks to Martino.
- Changed the acl list page layout
- Changed the acl test page layout
- Added assigned object count to the group admin page.
- Fixed a JS bug that wouldn't allow you to "select" (>>) any objects at all, if one was already selected.
Sun Nov 17 2002
- format_groups() function wasn't recursing as efficiently as it could be. Fixed.
- Re-wrote API aro/aco/group specific functions to be generic to help support AXO's.
- Re-wrote aro/aco/group specific admin scripts to be generic to help support AXO's.
- Added AXO support to acl_admin.php.
- Updated to support AXO's.
Mon Nov 11 2002
- Changed the ordering of the main acl_query() SQL query. It wasn't properly preferring the deepest groups ACLs. - Thanks to Mauro
for spotting this one and helping me track it down.
- Fixed bug that prevented ACO/ARO's with the same 'value' in different sections from being assigned to an ACL. - Thanks to Martino
- Fixed bug that made it seem like assigning a single ARO to a group really added all AROs with the same value to that group. - Thanks to Martino
- Fixed bug causing virtual subtree'ing to only traverse 2 levels of the tree. - Thanks to Martino
- Used dirname(__FILE__) to remove the need for users to manually set the root path in
Wed Oct 23 2002
- Switched away from ID's in favor of VALUES for most functions, including acl_check(). Broke all backwards compatibility.
- Modified DB Schema to reflect above.
- When ARO/ACO values are changed, the API will modify said values in all tables.
- Added a variable for phpGACL's current path.
Wed Oct 09 2002
- Added "hidden" flags to relavent API functions
- Added Oracle 8i schema to setup.php
- Changed group "level" table column name to "tree_level", as the old name "level" was a reserved word in some db's.
MySQL: ALTER TABLE `groups_path` CHANGE `level` `tree_level` INT(12) DEFAULT '0' NOT NULL
- Modified a few of the queries to be more portable, specifically for Oracle's sake.
- Added a FAQ entry regarding individualized item permissions.
Wed Sep 25 2002
- Added multi-layer ACO checking to ACL_QUERY()
- Removed multi-layer ACO checking in favor of "dual" acl checking. ie:
If you want to set ACL's on a contact list. Create ACO's for each Contact in the list.
and create more generic ACO's for things like "View - Contacts", "Edit - Contacts".
Then simply create an ACL with ACO's "View - Contacts" AND "Contact ID: 15"
Then if ( acl_check("View - Contacts", "John Doe") AND acl_check("Contact ID: 15", "John Doe"))
Very simple, and should be just as fast, or faster then adding more bloat to the database.
- Added "hidden" flag to ACO, ACO Sections, ARO, and ARO sections.
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