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Unless otherwise stated, this code is subject to the terms of the GNU General
Public License version 3 or higher (GPL), a copy of which is included here for
your convenience at license.txt .
Copyright information for most files in the distribution can be found within
each file. An exception is for code written prior to 2005 that is not
accompanied by explicit copyright statements; the copyright of these files
are held by their respective authors, which include:
Copyright 2002-2003 Synitech, Incorporated
145 Brick Kiln Place; Cheshire, CT 06410
Copyright 2003-2004 Pennington Firm
402 West Broadway; 4th Floor; San Diego, CA 92101
Andres Paglayan
Project Admin, developer
andres at paglayan dot com
Project Admin, Developer
James Buchmiller
Rod Roark of Sunset Systems
Project ADmn, Developer
Tekkno Genius
Project Admin, Developer
tekknogenius at yahoo dot com
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