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+Unless otherwise stated, this code is subject to the terms of the GNU General
+Public License version 3 or higher (GPL), a copy of which is included here for
+your convenience at license.txt .
+Copyright information for most files in the distribution can be found within
+each file. An exception is for code written prior to 2005 that is not
+accompanied by explicit copyright statements; the copyright of these files
+are held by their respective authors, which include:
+Copyright 2002-2003 Synitech, Incorporated
+145 Brick Kiln Place; Cheshire, CT 06410
+Copyright 2003-2004 Pennington Firm
+402 West Broadway; 4th Floor; San Diego, CA 92101
+Andres Paglayan
+Project Admin, developer
+andres at paglayan dot com
+Project Admin, Developer
+James Buchmiller
+Rod Roark of Sunset Systems
+Project ADmn, Developer
+Tekkno Genius
+Project Admin, Developer
+tekknogenius at yahoo dot com

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