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-PHYAURA SureScripts certified e-prescribing for OpenEMR Readme Document
-To enhance OpenEMR and provide a secure method of transmitting prescriptions
-electronically to pharmacies and meet the Center for Medicare and Medicaid
-Services (CMS) standards for e-prescribing
-Problems to Solve
-To date, there are several issues with OpenEMR and e-prescribing
-OpenEMR has no effective method of sending prescriptions electronically via
-OpenEMR has no standardized method of maintaining drug databases
-OpenEMR has no method of checking drug-drug interaction or checking drug-allergy
-or condition
-OpenEMR lacks the means of standard communication with patients online regarding
-Phyaura, LLC has partnered with RelayHealth to create a single sign-on function
-to RelayHealth e-script service. We have tested this add-on with over 40
-providers in the Tampa Bay area for over 4 months. This service is SureScripts
-certified and currently removes the need for OpenEMR users to print or fax
-prescriptions. This e-prescribing service meets all of the necessary
-requirements to receive the 2% Medicare bonus in 2009 and 2010.
-How does it work?
-OpenSource code created by PHYAURA has been donated to the OpenEMR community
-that will enable a link on the left menu bar. There is also a new field in user
-administration titled RelayHealth ID. The system requirements are as follows:
-The OpenEMR server will need to have access to the Internet
-Users will need to incorporate the files from the CVS into the current install
-The installed OpenEMR server will need to be behind a Static IP; this is
-required for RelayHealth to authenticate the OpenEMR server
-The RelayHealth ID will be provided by PHYAURA
-Once you have signed in you will be able to send prescriptions electronically,
-renew prescriptions individually and by batch, check formulary status of
-medications to be prescribed,check drug to drug interactions, and save and
-upload prescriptions to OpenEMR as a document
-Future enhancements will enable you to upload patient demographics and allergies
-Once the OpenEMR user has signed up for the services you will receive a key to
-sign in to RelayHealth and the RelayHealth ID.
-We hope to make this integration one step closer to CCHIT certification.
-If you are interested in seeing demo before signing up call 888-PHYAURA or
-888-749-2872 and press 1.
-Jude A. Pierre, MD
-Phyaura, LLC
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+The OpenEMR System Architecture Description page can be found here:

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