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  1. Inventory menu split as follows:
  • Inventoy -> Management (moved to Administration as Inventory)
  • Inventory -> Destroyed (moved to Reports -> Inventory as Destroyed)
  1. Modules menu (Manage Modules item moved to Administration as Modules)
  2. Patient/Client menu (Split into two top menu items as Patients and Visits with Patients -> Visits becoming 'Visits' and Patients -> Visit Forms moved to Visits -> Forms.
  3. Procedures menu moved as a sub menu for Patients -> Procedures.

This will reduce menu groups appearing in left_nav and more importantly in new menu on top by 2 without loss of clarity,


@mdsupport ,
Sounds good.
Regarding the modules change, what should happen to the links for the installed modules? For example, CareCoordination after it is installed places the link into Modules section (which would seem odd in the Administration section). I don't think it would would be too tough to separate this out though (Module admin link separate from the actual module links).


Basic UI principle is to make it natural for end user. If a module brings in a link related to patient, it should create a new submenu or add itself to predefined menu structure. If it is truly a new full featured subsystem, it could even create a top menu. Most importantly, the top menu label should not raise a what is this question in new user's mind.


For reference, active PR by @mdsupport can be found here:

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