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This directory holds the developer tools to maintain the language translations.
These were created during development of OpenEMR version 3.0.2

The script can be used to collect all of the constants
from the openemr source code.  This script uses the manuallyAddedConstants.txt and 
manuallyRemovedConstants.txt list to manually add or remove constants from
the final output. Note that it also requires a list of old constants
(this can be over-rided) to ensure no old constants are lost (ie ensure
previous versions of openemr are still supported) Instructions are included in
the file.
  -The manuallyRemovedConstants.txt file includes constants to filter out.
   This is a good place to place any 'junk' constants that are erroneously
   found by script.
  -The manuallyAddedConstants.txt file includes constants to add manually to
   the list of constants. This should be only temporary as we implement
   a mechanism for developers to include these constants in the source 
   code where they are called.
  -The filterDirectories.txt file includes paths to ignore in the searching.

The performs several functions.
  -Builds the foreign language SQL tables dumpfile for the lang_languages,
   lang_constants, and lang_definitions tables from the above
   current_spreadsheet.tsv file.
     -Outputs to logfile the database statistics.
  -Performs data validation on the spreadsheet structure, constants, and
   constant ID numbers.
     -Outputs to logfile errors.
       -The most recent logfile is kept in the log_buildLanguageDatabase.txt file
         which allows easy debugging (ie. which english constant was modified)
         via the diff command.
  -Builds a new spreadsheet that can be used for building an updated spreadsheet
   via the script.

The script will combine a the list of constants
with the language spreadsheet to create a new spreadsheet that can be uploaded
to Google Docs.

The script is simply a script to remove blank lines, windows
end line, repeats, and sort the manuallyRemovedConstants.txt and 
manuallyAddedConstants.txt files.

The current official list of constants are kept in the currentConstants.txt file,
which are produced by the script.

The most current spreadsheet is kept in the current_spreadsheet.tsv file (this
file is taken after being processed with script).

When adding constants or removing constants then run the
script to create the list of constants. Then run the script to re-build an official language spreadsheet
to export to Google Docs.

The Google Docs spreadsheet after download in tsv format (and processed by
the is kept in the
current_spreadsheet.tsv file. Downloading of the most current google doc
spreadsheet is now done via commandline and is described at bottom of
this README file.

The current_spreadsheet.tsv file is what can be uploaded to Google Docs for
collaboration (open the current_spreadsheet.tsv in Open Office first,
and then save in Open Office format; then can upload this file to
google docs).

The currentLanguage_utf8.sql and currentLanguage_latin1.sql holds current
sql tables dumpfile.  Latest releases of this are available at:

To insert these translation tables into your OpenEMR refer to
instructions at this page in the wiki:
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