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Repair failing data storage:

- Corrected eRx signature interval clearing out upon update, and corrected a data ghosting issue.
- Fixed sanitization of drug size to allow "-" (hyphen) as an acceptable character, updated database to allow strings.
latest commit 3553b5101b
@samlikins samlikins authored bradymiller committed
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batchcom More session fixes
billing Added option to either Amend or Overwrite the Billing log file
clickmap Clickmap Graphical API and Pain Form
cmsportal Translation updates/fixes
code_systems Updated icd9 and icd10 files from cms.
de_identification_forms Fixed php open tags
drugs Implemented new security model on the drug dispensory module.
esign Added ESign api and implemantion of ESign on forms and encounters
fax Fix for dispatching a scanned document to a scanned encounter note.
forms Reinstated wordwrap fix for LBF report formatting.
forms_admin do not show the deprecated metric vitals form by default
language Fixed sql bug in translation definition editor gui
login Some improvements to the 'Fix for the Open in New Window in Patient/C…
logview Added Time to the date control at Log report
main Ensoftek:Jan-27-2015: Commit for MU2--Patient List Creation
modules Added the zend framework 2 library, the path is specified in line no.…
new Fix bug with javascript validation of policy and group numbers.
orders Fixed crash when attaching auto-created procedure order to an existin…
patient_file patient notes display fix when showing all notes - fix by epsdky
pic NIST inconsistency fix - Included sorting and simultaneous selection …
practice Insurance/Add/Search now all modal and selections pass back up the ch…
reports Fix CSV Export - Visolve solution
soap_functions couple quick minor fixes to previous commit
super minor fixes to prior commits (for cdr plan feature)
themes Fixes for including lab results with no related encounter into the pa…
usergroup some security fixes
eRx.php Internationalization project: minor english constant modifications
eRxSOAP.php Repair failing data storage:
eRxStore.php Repair failing data storage:
eRx_xml.php I've refactored the code that creates the `PatientFreeformHealthplans…
errorWin.php Language support added JH
globals.php Corrected issue with OpenEMR residing on path with sym-link.
index.php some php code cleanup
jump_to_RelayHealth.php Added support for the RelayHealth e-prescribing option (info@phyaura.…
login_screen.php Multisite Module bug fixes:
logout.php Cleaned up the logout script
version_info.php cleaned <?, BODY tag updated with CSS
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