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emonTx V3 - Low power wireless energy-monitoring node

Part of the project

Current Firmware

TESTED AND CALIBRATED - all pre-assembled emonTx V3's are shipped with this firmware, available on github as .ino and pre-complied .hex

Current firmware key features:

  • Detection of AC-AC adapter sets Apparent Power / Real Power Sampling accordingly
  • Detection of battery / USB 5V or AC > DC power method and sets sleep mode accordingly
  • Detection of CT connections and samples only from the channels needed
  • Detection of remote DS18B20 temperature sensor connection
  • Low power battery opperation supported
  • DIP switch 1 (closes to RF module) to select node ID. (Switch off node ID =10, switch on node ID = 9)
  • DIP switch 2 to select UK/EU or USA AC-AC adapter calibration (Switch off = UK/EU, Switch on = USA)
  • Serial RF nodeID config

RFM Examples:

  • emonTxV3_3phase_Voltage - Approximate 3-phase sketch. Now moved to emonTx 3-phase repo

  • emonTxV3_CurrentOnly - Apparent Power Example - Use this example if only using CT sensors. Monitors AC current using one CT sensor and transmit data via wireless using RFM12B to emonBase.

  • emonTxV3_RealPower_Voltage -Real Power - Use this example if using an AC-AC adapter with as well as CT sensors. AC-AC plug-in adapter to monitors AC RMS voltage and give real power and current direction readings.

  • emonTxV3_continuous - continuous sampling example contributed by Robin Emley as used in his Mk2 PV Router design

  • emonTxV3_continuous_kwhtotals_noeeprom - same as emonTxV3_continuous but also keeps track of current Kwh totals

  • emonTxV3_continuous_reciever Receiver example for Continuous Sampling

  • EmonTxV3HeatpumpMonitor - Example for monitoring a heatpump with 4 x DS18B20 temperature sensors and 3 x CT current sensors and AC adapter. Power values are in J instead of W

  • emonTxV3_Pulse - pulse counting example for interfacing with utility meter see technical wiki documentation

  • emonTxV3_RFM12B_DiscreteSampling_with_pulse - Same as emonTx V3 pulse example but also includes CT power discreatre sampling code

No RF Examples:

There are example sketches which do not use or require an RF module

  • emonTxV3_DirectSerial - Serial output of power readings. Useful for direct connection to RaspberryPi see technical Wiki

  • LED_DigitalMeter - emonTx V3 to emulate solid state digital power meter by pulsing on-board red LED every 0.1Wh (default)

  • MVHRMonitor - Example for monitoring a mechanical ventilation heat recovery unit (MVHR)

  • HeatpumpMonitorSerial - Example for monitoring a heatpump with 4 x DS18B20 temperature sensors and 3 x CT current sensors and AC adapter. With serial output for data for direct serial connection to baseStation

  • voltageFailureDetector - A test pad for the development of AC voltage sample failure logic


emonTx firmware is released under the GNU GPL V3 license
The documentation is subject to GNU Free Documentation License 
The emonTx hardware designs follow the terms of the OSHW (Open-source hardware) Statement of Principles 1.0.