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emonTx V2 - Wireless energy-monitoring node

Part of the openenergymonitor.org project

Main emonTx V2 page: http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/emontx

Builds on JeeLabs software and compatible with JeeNode hardware

Libraries Needed

emonTx V2 Code guide

The EmonTx code guide goes through main components required to put a full emontx firmware together. It's recommended that you work through these examples first so that you have a good understanding of how the full firmware's work.

Full emonTx V2 Firmware's

Note: CT must be clipped round either the Live or Neutral wire, not both!

RF Network Settings

At the top of each firmware example you will see the following three lines:

#define freq RF12_433MHZ
const int nodeID = 10;
const int networkGroup = 210;

These set the RF network configuration. The frequency set in the firmware needs to be set to the frequency of the hardware modules. If you have 868MHz hardware modules change the first line to: #define freq RF12_868MHZ. The nodeID needs to be unique for each node on the network and the network group needs to be the same for each node on the network.

Read more about the RFM12B the wireless transceiver module used here: Sending data between modules with the RFM12B


The emonTx hardware designs (schematics and CAD files) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.

The emonTx firmware is released under the GNU GPL V3 license

The documentation is subject to GNU Free Documentation License

The emonTx hardware designs follow the terms of the OSHW (Open-source hardware) Statement of Principles 1.0.