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Default emonTx Firmware


All pre-assembled emonTx V3's are shipped with this firmware

Key features:

  • Detection of AC-AC adapter sets Apparent Power / Real Power Sampling accordingly
  • Detection of battery / USB 5V or AC > DC power method and sets sleep mode accordingly
  • Detection of CT connections and samples only from the channels needed
  • Detection of remote DS18B20 temperature sensor connection
  • Low power battery operation supported
  • DIP switch 1 (closes to RF module) to select node ID. (Switch off node ID =10, switch on node ID = 9)
  • DIP switch 2 to select UK/EU or USA AC-AC adapter calibration (Switch off = UK/EU, Switch on = USA)
  • Serial RF nodeID config

Change Log

Compile & Upload

Option 1.)

Upload Pre-compiled firmware using emonUpload tool

Option 2.)

Compile and upload firmware using PlatformIO

Install platformio (if needed)

See platformio install quick start

Recommended to use install script which may require sudo:

python -c "$(curl -fsSL"


$ pio run


$ pio run -t upload

Test (optional)

See PlatfomIO unit test docs. Requires PlatformIO 3.x

$ pio test

Option 3.)

Compile with Arduino IDE

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