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If you need help or have a question...
2015-06-25 12:30

There are various ways to get in touch with us: either to get support, share your experience, or just to say "Hi!".

Hello, World...

Ask for support and join in the discussion on our lively community forums:

Community Forum

Tweet us a message:

Twitter @openenergymon

Contact OpenEnergyMonitor shop support if your query relates directly to hardware items purchased from us (e.g. report a fault):

Online Shop Support

If contacting us for support please include as much infomation as possible e.g:

  • Shop order number
  • Hardware type and version
  • emonPi / emon Base pre-built emonSD SD-card version
  • Emoncms version
  • Any changes made to the default system
  • Steps required to replicate the issue

Report a Specific Bug

If you have found a specific bug in our software, please open a GitHub issue on the relevant repository. See Technical Resources.