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Emoncms API
Emoncms API
2014-12-18 21:49

Emoncms API docs

The API is the same for remote and local Emoncms (running on emonPi). To get started on the EmonPi, read /var/www/emoncms/ or browse to

For a local EmonCMS system, just replace with <EMONPI_LOCAL_IP_ADDDRESS>/emoncms. For instance

When trying to read a value, you'll notice that authentication is required.

pi@emonpi(ro):~$ wget -qO- ""
{"success":false,"message":"Username or password empty"}pi@emonpi(ro):~$ 

Visit for more information on authentication. Retrieve the API keys from For this example, the read only key is ok.

pi@emonpi(ro):~$ APIKEY=put_your_api_key_here
pi@emonpi(ro):~$ wget -qO- "$APIKEY"

If you specify an invalid feed id, you'll get an error message.

pi@emonpi(rw):~$ wget -qO- "$APIKEY"
{"success":false,"message":"Feed does not exist"}

Check your feed list id against the EmonCMS web interface at