OpenEnergyMonitor Open Source Hardware
Eagle KiCad
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OpenEnergyMonitor Hardware

OpenEnergyMonitor hardware is open source hardware. This github repository hosts all the Eagle schematic and board files for the hardware units in addition to images for quick access.



  • emonTx SMT V3 - Latest generation of the emonTx Arduino compatible low power wireless energy monitoring node
  • emonTx Through-hole V2 - A low-power wireless energy-monitoring node - Arduino compatible

EmonTx Shield


  • emonTH - Temperature and humidity monitoring node


  • emonGLCD - Wireless open-source graphical LCD display unit - Arduino compatible

RF12Pi Adapter Board


Open Hardware

Hardware designs (schematics and CAD) files are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and follow the terms of the OSHW (Open-source hardware) Statement of Principles 1.0.


The hardware design above are also hosted on solderpad: