a port of the arduino lightwaverf library to the raspberry pi
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lightwaverf-pi MQTT

Send OOK RF messages to control Lightwave RF devices using MQTT. Customised for the emonPi to set OOK RF Tx on GPIO 18 and MQTT localhost mosquitto server.

For more details see OOK section of emonPi Wiki.

This code is a port of the excellent lightwaverf arduino library written by Lawrie Griffiths to the Raspberry Pi. It utilises the WiringPi library to do most of the GPIO work.

MQTT Settings

Before compile & install MQTT server and authentications details can be set in lwrfmqtt.c L12

#define ADDRESS     "tcp://localhost:1883"
#define USER        "emonpi"
#define PASSWORD    "emonpimqtt2016"
#define CLIENTID    "lwrf"
#define TOPIC       "lwrf"
#define QOS         1
#define TIMEOUT     10000L

To Install LWRF MQTT on Raspberry Pi

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install wiringpi
sudo apt-get install mosquitto-clients
git clone https://github.com/eclipse/paho.mqtt.c
cd paho.mqtt.c
sudo make install

git clone https://github.com/openenergymonitor/lightwaverf-pi
cd lightwaverf-pi
sudo make install

To test manually start:

sudo ./mqttsend

To start via /etc/init.d service:

sudo service lwrfd start

To make service run at startup:

sudo update-rc.d lwrfd defaults

To view log:

tail /var/log/daemon.log -f

Once installed lwrf plugs can be controlled by publishing to 'lwrf' MQTT topic.

The message format is “ []”, where channel is 1-16, command is 0-2 (2 means mood), and level is 0-31 (used for dimmers).

E.g publishing “1 1” to 'lwrf' topic turns channel 1 on and “1 0” turns it off.

Plugs can be paired with the emonPi in the usual LightwaveRF way: Either press and hold pairing button (if button exists) or turn on the plug from main power and send 'on' command. Most LightWaveRF plugs allow multiple (up to 6) control devices to be paired.

To reset the plug and delete all pairing press and hold the pairing button to enter pairing mode then press and hold again to erase memory then press (don't hold) once to confirm. For plugs without a pairing button turn on the plug from the mains power then in the first few seconds press the 'all off' button on the RF remote.