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\id ISA Open English Bible – Isaiah
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\h Isaiah
\mt The Book of the Prophet Isaiah
\s Prophecies Concerning Judah and Israel
\ms2 Jerusalem: Her Present Sin and Punishment; Her Future Redemption and Glory
\c 1
\v 1 The vision of Judah and Jerusalem, as seen by Isaiah the son of Amoz, in the days of Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah, kings of Judah.
\s The Prophet's Lament over the Unfaithfulness of the People to their God
\v 2 Hear, you heavens, and give ear, O earth,
\q2 for the \nd Lord\nd* Himself is the Speaker.
\q ‟Sons have I reared and brought up,
\q2 but rebellious to Me are they grown.
\v 3 An ox knows its owner,
\q2 and an ass its master's crib;
\q but Israel does not know,
\q2 my people do not consider.”
\v 4 Ah! sinful nation,
\q2 you people laden with guilt,
\q you brood of evil-doers,
\q2 you children all corrupt,
\q that have forsaken the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 and spurned the Holy One of Israel:
\v 5 Why would you court more stripes
\q2 by straying yet further from Him?
\q The head is sick altogether,
\q2 the heart is all diseased.
\v 6 From the sole of the foot to the head
\q2 there is no soundness therein:
\q Nought but bruises and weals
\q2 and wounds that are raw and bleeding,
\q all unpressed and unbandaged,
\q2 all unsoftened with oil.
\v 7 Your land is a desolation,
\q2 your cities are burned with fire;
\q the fields before your eyes
\q2 are being devoured by aliens.
\v 8 And the daughter of Zion is left
\q2 all alone like a booth in a vineyard,
\q a lodge in a cucumber-field,
\q2 or a turret where men keep watch.
\v 9 Were it not that the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 had left us a remnant,
\q our fate has been wellnigh like Sodom's,
\q2 or like to Gomorrah's.
\s The Futility of a Merely Ceremonial Worship
\v 10 Give ear to the word of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 you rulers of Sodom;
\q and hear what our God has to teach you,
\q2 you folk of Gomorrah.
\v 11 The \nd Lord\nd* says, ‟What care I
\q2 For your multiplied sacrifices?
\q I am sick of burnt offerings of rams
\q2 and the fat of fed beasts;
\q blood of bullocks, of lambs, or goats,
\q2 is no pleasure to Me.
\v 12 When you gather to gaze on My face,
\q2 who has asked you for these things?
\q Trample My courts no more,
\v 13 Bring offerings no more.
\q Vain is the smoke of sacrifice,
\q2 to me 'tis abomination.
\q The new moon and Sabbath,
\q2 the call to assembly,
\q the fast and the festival
\q2 I cannot (endure).
\v 14 They weigh Me down,
\q2 I am tired of the burden.
\v 15 When therefore you spread out your hands,
\q2 I will hide from you Mine eyes;
\q when you make your many prayers,
\q2 I will not listen to you.
\v 16 Your hands are full of blood:
\q2 Wash, and make you clean.
\q Banish out of My sight
\q2 the wicked things that you do.
\q Cease to do evil,
\v 17 Learn to do well.
\q Let justice be ever your care,
\q2 punish the man of violence,
\q win for the orphan his rights,
\q2 and defend the cause of the widow.”
\s The Great Alternatives
\v 18 ‟Come,” says the \nd Lord\nd*, ‟and now
\q2 let us reason together.
\q Your sins, though like scarlet, may yet
\q2 become white as the snow.
\q And though they be crimson-red,
\q2 they may yet be as wool.
\v 19 If you be obedient and willing,
\q2 you shall taste the good of the land;
\v 20 But if you refuse and rebel,
\q2 ‟Tis the sword you shall taste:
\q2 For the mouth of the \nd Lord\nd* has spoken it.”
\s Zion's Present Shame and Future Glory
\v 21 Alas! how the once faithful City
\q2 has turned to be harlot.
\q She that was once full of justice,
\q2 she wherein righteousness lodged,
\q2 is now haunted by murderers.
\v 22 Your silver is now become dross,
\q2 and your wine mixed with water.
\v 23 Your rulers are grown to be rebels,
\q2 the comrades of the thieves-
\q Every man of them fond of his bribe,
\q2 hunting ever for gifts,
\q caring nought for the rights of the orphan
\q2 or the cause of the widow.
\v 24 Therefore thus says the Lord, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts,
\q2 the Mighty One of Israel:
\q “From Mine enemies who resist Me,
\q2 I will get Me the comfort of vengeance.
\v 25 I will turn My hand against you;
\q I will smelt out your dross in the furnace,
\q2 and all your alloy remove.
\v 26 Judges, like those of old,
\q2 and counsellors as of yore, I will give you.
\q Thereafter shall you called
\q2 the City of Justice, the Faithful City.
\v 27 By justice shall Zion be ransomed,
\q2 and by righteousness her people.
\v 28 But together rebels and sinners be crushed,
\q2 and those that abandon the \nd Lord\nd* shall perish.
\s The Heathen Cult and its Doom
\v 29 For the trees you delight in shall bring you to shame,
\q2 and abashed shall you be for your gardens beloved.
\v 30 Like a tree with withered leaves
\q2 shall you be-like a waterless garden.
\v 31 Like tow shall the strong man become,
\q2 and the thing he has wrought like a spark;
\q and both shall burn together
\q2 in a flame that cannot be quenched.
\s Jerusalem the Centre of Blessing to the World; Arbitration, Disarmament, and International Peace
\c 2
\v 1 The message of Isaiah the son of Amoz: his vision of Judah and Jerusalem.
\v 2 In the after-time it shall be
\q2 that the mountain of the \nd Lord\nd*
\q Shall be set at the head of the mountains,
\q2 and exalted above the hills.
\q All the peoples shall thither stream,
\v 3 Many nations shall go and say,
\q “Come, let us go to the mount of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 to the house of the God of Jacob.
\q That He in His ways may instruct us,
\q2 and that we in His paths may walk.
\q For instruction proceeds from Zion,
\q2 the word of the \nd Lord\nd* from Jerusalem.”
\v 4 He will judge the disputes of the peoples,
\q2 and for manifold nations so justly will arbitrate
\q that their swords they will beat into ploughshares,
\q2 and to pruning-hooks their spears.
\q Nation shall not lift up sword against nation,
\q2 and war they shall learn no more.
\v 5 O household of Jacob, come,
\q2 let us walk in the light of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\ms2 Judgment upon the Wealth and Pride of Judah
\s the \nd Lord\nd*'s Judgement-Day
\v 6 \em (Get you into the caves of the rocks,
\q2 and hide in the holes of the ground,
\q from the \nd Lord\nd*'s dread face, when in glory majestic
\q2 he rises with terror to smile the earth.) \em*
\q For He has forsaken His people,
\q2 the household of Jacob.
\q Filled is his land from the east with diviners,
\q2 with soothsayers like to the Philistines,
\q2 sorcerers, children of aliens.
\v 7 Filled in his land full of silver and gold,
\q2 and his treasure is endless.
\q Filled in his land full of horses,
\q2 his chariots are endless.
\v 8 Filled is his land full of idols,
\q2 he worships the work of his hands,
\q2 the things that his fingers have made.
\v 11 \em So the pride of men shall be humbled,
\q2 laid low shall man's loftiness be,
\q2 and that day shall the \nd Lord\nd* alone be exalted.
\v 10 Get you into the rocks,
\q2 and hide in the ground,
\q from the \nd Lord\nd*'s dread presence
\q2 and glory majestic. \em*
\v 12 For a day of the \nd Lord\nd* is coming
\q2 upon all that is haughty and proud,
\q2 upon all that is lofty and high-
\v 13 Upon cedars if Lebanon all,
\q2 and oaks of Bashan all,
\v 14 Upon all the great mountains
\q2 and all the high hills,
\v 15 Upon all the proud towers,
\q2 all fortified walls,
\v 16 Upon all ships of Tarshish
\q2 and all gallant craft.
\v 17 \em Then the pride of men shall be humbled,
\q2 laid low shall man's loftiness be,
\q and that day shall the \nd Lord\nd* alone be exalted.
\v 18 The Idols shall all of them vanish.
\v 19 Get you into the caves of the rocks,
\q2 and the holes of the ground
\q from the \nd Lord\nd*'s dread face, when in glory majestic
\q2 he rises with terror to smile the earth. \em*
\v 20 That day shall men cast away
\q2 to the moles and to the bats
\q their idols of silver and gold,
\q2 which they made for themselves to worship;
\v 21 \em And into the caves of the rocks they shall get them,
\q2 and into the rents of the cliffs,
\q from the \nd Lord\nd*'s dread face, when in glory majestic
\q2 he rises-with terror to smite the earth. \em*
\v 22 Oh cease your trust in man, in whose nostrils is but a breath. Of what account is he?
\s A Reign of Anarchy
\c 3
\v 1 Behold, the Lord the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 take staff and stay from Jerusalem and Judah-
\v 2 Soldiers and Warriors, judges and prophets,
\v 3 Deviners and elders, and captains of fifty,
\q men of distinction, and men of sage counsel,
\q2 cunning magicians and skilful enchanters.
\v 4 And boys I will give then for princes,
\q2 and men of caprice shall rule over them.
\v 5 The people shall play the tyrant,
\q2 each man over his neighbour.
\q The young shall be rude to the aged,
\q2 the man of low rank to the high.
\v 6 One shall take hold of his fellow, and say to him:
\q2 “Your family has a robe;
\q come, and do you be our ruler,
\q2 and take this ruin in hand.”
\v 7 Then will the other protest,
\q2 “Nay, verily: \em I\em* cannot heal you.
\q In my own house there is no bread,
\q2 nor yet is there a robe.
\q You shall not thrust upon \em me\em*
\q2 The leadership of the people.”
\v 8 Jerusalem is stumbling to ruin,
\q2 and Judah must surely fall;
\q for by word and by deed they defy the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 provoking those glorious eyes of His.
\v 9 Their respecting of persons is witness against them;
\q2 like Sodom they publish their sin undisguisedly.
\q2 Woe unto them! They have wrought their own ruin.
\v 10 Happy righteous! For well they shall fare,
\q2 they shall reap the fruit of their doings.
\v 11 But woe to the wicked! For ill they shall fare,
\q2 their deeds shall be recompensed unto them.
\v 12 My people are cruelly governed,
\q2 extortions rule over them.
\q O My people, your leaders mislead,
\q2 and confuse the way you should go.
\v 13 The \nd Lord\nd* is taking His place for the trial,
\q2 He stands to judge His people.
\v 14 The \nd Lord\nd* summons to judgment
\q2 the elders and princes of His people.
\q “Yes, \em you\em* have devoured the vineyard,
\q2 the spoil of the poor is in your houses.
\v 15 What mean you by crushing My people
\q2 and grinding the faces of the poor?”
\q2 says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\s The Doom of the Haughty Women
\v 16 Moreover the \nd Lord\nd* said:
\q2 “Because Zion's daughters are haughty,
\q walking with heads held high,
\q2 and eyes for ever ogling,
\q with dainty little steps,
\q2 and anklets ever jingling,
\v 17 The Lord shall smite with a scab
\q2 the head of the daughters of Zion,
\q2 and their shame shall the \nd Lord\nd* lay bare
\v 18 That day the Lord will remove
\q2 the finery of the anklets,
\q the net-bands and the moons,
\v 19 The ear-drops and bracelets and veils,
\v 20 The head-dresses, armlets, and sashes,
\q2 the perfume-boxes and amulets,
\v 21 the signet-rings and the nose-rings,
\v 22 the state-gowns, the mantles, the shawls, and the satchels,
\v 23 the gauzes and linens, the turbans and veils.
\v 24 Sweet scents shall give place unto stench,
\q2 and the girdle be changed for a rope.
\q And well-set hair shall be bald,
\q2 and for elegant robe shall be sackcloth,
\q2 for beauty the brand (of a slave).
\v 25 Your liegemen shall fall by the sword,
\q2 and your mighty men in the battle.
\v 26 Her gates shall lament and mourn,
\q2 as she sixtieth despoiled on the ground.
\v 4
\v 1 That day shall seven women
\q2 take hold of one man and say,
\q “Our own bread will we eat,
\q2 and our rainment will we wear;
\q but oh, let us bear your name,
\q2 and take our reproach away.”
\s Zion's Final Glory
\v 2 In that day
\q shall the wild vegetation be glorious and fair,
\q and the fruit of the tilled land majestic and comely
\q2 for Israel's sons that escape.
\v 3 And those that remain in Zion,
\q2 and those that are left in Jerusalem,
\q shall be called by the name of holy-
\q2 all who stand in the book of life.
\v 4 When the Lord shall have washed away
\q2 the filth of the daughters of Zion,
\q and rinsed away from her midst
\q2 the blood-stains of Jerusalem,
\q by means of the blast of judgment,
\q2 the blast of extermination,
\v 5 Then will the \nd Lord\nd* come,
\q2 and o'er the whole site of mount Zion
\q and over all the glory
\v 6 Shall cover and canopy be –
\q A shade by day from the heat,
\q2 a refuge and shelter from storm and rain.
\ms2 The Vineyard with the Wild Grapes
\s The Song of the Vineyard
\c 5
\v 1 A song will I sing of my friend,
\q2 a love-song touching his vineyard.
\q A vineyard belonged to my friend,
\q2 on a fertile hill-top he had set it.
\v 2 He had dug it and cleared it of stones,
\q2 and choice vines therein he had planted.
\q A tower he had built in the midst,
\q2 and a winepress therein he had hewn.
\q Then he looked for a yield of good grapes,
\q2 but the grapes that it yielded were wild.
\v 3 Now judge, you that dwell in Jerusalem,
\q2 and you that are freemen of Judah,
\q2 judge between me and my vineyard.
\v 4 What more could I do for my vineyard
\q2 that I had neglected to do?
\q And why, when I looked for good grapes,
\q2 did it yield only grapes that were wild?
\v 5 So now let me give you to know
\q2 what I purpose to do my vineyard.
\q I will tear off its hedge, that the beasts may devour it;
\q2 I will break through its wall, that they trample it down.
\v 6 I will make it waste, all unpruned and unweeded,
\q2 with thorns and with briars overgrown shall it be,
\q2 and the clouds I will order to withhold from it rain.
\v 7 For the vineyard of the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts is the household of Israel,
\q2 the freeman of Judah His cherished plantation.
\q But instead of the justice He looked for was bloodshed,
\q2 instead of the right was the cry (of the wronged).
\s The National Sins: Woe!
\v 8 Woe unto you who join house unto house
\q2 and who add one field to another,
\q till no one has room but you,
\q2 and you settle the land by yourselves.
\v 9 The \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts in mine ear has whispered,
\q surely many a great fine house
\q2 shall be desolate and empty,
\v 10 For ten acres of vineyard shall yield but eight gallons,
\q2 and the harvest shall be but one tenth of the seed.
\v 11 Woe unto them that rise early
\q2 to give themselves to drink,
\q and to those that sit late in the evening,
\q2 inflaming themselves with wine;
\v 12 Whose banquets of wine are enlivened
\q2 with lute, harp, timbrel, and flute;
\q but all blind to the work of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 they see not the things He is doing.
\v 13 Therefore all unaware shall My people
\q2 be swept into exile afar –
\q Their nobleman dying of hunger,
\q2 their populace parched with thirst.
\v 14 Therefore Sheol with ravenous throat
\q2 opens wide her jaws without measure.
\q And down shall her splendour go,
\q2 and her noisy tumultuous rabble,
\q2 with all that in her was exultant.
\v 17 And there shall lambs graze as at pasture,
\q2 and fatlings shall feed in her ruins.
\v 16 Thus through judgment the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts is exalted,
\q2 the holy God shows Himself holy by righteousness.
\v 18 Woe unto those that draw penalty on
\q2 by their sin, as by stout wagon-ropes drawn by oxen;
\v 19 That say, “Let Him haste, let Him act with speed,
\q2 in order that we may see it;
\q let the purpose of Israel's Holy One come
\q2 so near that we recognize it.”
\v 20 Woe unto those that call evil good,
\q2 and good evil;
\q to those that turn light into darkness,
\q2 and darkness to light;
\q to those that turn sweet into bitter,
\q2 and bitter to sweet.
\v 21 Woe unto those that esteem themselves wise,
\q2 and that fancy themselves to be prudent.
\v 22 Woe unto those that are valiant in wine-drinking,
\q2 warriors brave at the mingling of drink;
\v 23 Whom a bribe will induce to acquit the guilty,
\q2 and innocent men to deprive of their rights.
\v 24 As fire licks up the stubble,
\q2 and hay is shrivelled in flame,
\q so their root shall turn to rottenness,
\q2 and their blossom go up in dust;
\q because they rejected the \nd Lord\nd*'s instruction,
\q2 and the message of Israel's Holy One scorned.
\s A Foreign Army is Coming
\v 25 So against His people His anger was kindled,
\q2 against them He stretched forth His hand and He smote them;
\q the mountains shook, and the dead
\q2 lay like refuse about the streets.
\q \em For all this His anger is not turned back,
\q2 but His hand is stretched out still.\em*
\v 26 To a far-distant nation He raises His signal,
\q2 and whistles for them from the end of the earth.
\q See! hastily, swiftly they come –
\v 27 None weary, none stumbling among them,
\q2 unsleeping and slumbering never:
\q The band of their loins never loosed,
\q2 the thong of their shoes never torn.
\v 28 Their arrows are sharp,
\q2 and their bows are all bent:
\q The hoofs of their horses are counted as flint,
\q2 and their wheels as the whirlwind.
\v 29 Their roar is like that of a lioness,
\q2 and like the young lions they roar,
\q growling and seizing the prey,
\q2 and bearing it far beyond rescue.
\v 30 That day they shall roar over him,
\q2 with a roar like the roar of the sea:
\q When he looks on the earth, behold! darkness,
\q2 the light has grown dark in the clouds.
\ms2 The Prophet's Call
\c 6
\v 1 In the year that King Uzi died, I had a vision of the Lord seated on a high and lofty throne, and
\v 2 the skirts if His robe filled the Temple. Before Him were standing seraphs, each with six wings – two for covering the face, two the loins, and two
\v 3 to fly with; and thus they kept calling to one another:
\q “Holy, holy, holy, is the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts;
\q2 the whole earth is filled with His glory.”
\v 4 At the sound of their calling the foundations of threshold shook, and the House began to fill
\v 5 with smoke. Then I said
\q “Woe is me, for I am undone;
\q for a man of unclean lips am I,
\q2 and I dwell in a nation of unclean lips;
\q and yet mine eyes have seen
\q2 the King, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.”
\v 6 Then one of the seraphs flew to me with a live coal in his hand, which with tongs he had taken
\v 7 from off the altar. With this he touched my mouth, and said,
\q “See, this has touched your lips:
\q2 Your guilt is past and your sin forgiven.”
\v 8 Then I heard the voice of the Lord,
\q2 saying, “Whom shall I send? who will go for us?”
\q2 And I said, “Here am I, send me.”
\v 9 Then He said, “Go and say to this people
\q 'Hear ever, but understand never;
\q2 see ever, but comprehend never.'
\v 10 Make the people's minds dull,
\q2 block their ears and cover their eyes,
\q lest they see with their eyes, lest they hear with their ears,
\q2 and their minds understand, and their health come again.”
\v 11 Then I said, “Till cities lie wasted,
\q2 with not an inhabitant left;
\q till houses hold men no more,
\q2 and the land is left a desolation;
\v 12 till the \nd Lord\nd* removes men afar
\q2 and wide tracts of the land lie forsaken.
\v 13 And should there be in it a tenth still left,
\q2 that too, in its turn, must be given to the fire,
\q2 like the stump of an oak or a terebinth felled.”
\ms2 The Crisis Created by the Menace to Judah in 735 B.C.
\s The Prophet's World to the Terrified King
\c 7
\v 1 In the days Ahaz, the son of Jotham, the son of Uzziah, Rezin King of Aram, and Pekah, the son of Remaliah, King of Israel, marched against Jerusalem to attack it: but they were unable to develop an actual assault upon it.
\v 2 When news reached the Court that the Aramean army was on Ephraimite soil, the heart of Ahaz and his people shook like forest-trees before the
\v 3 wind. Then the \nd Lord\nd* said to Isaiah, “Go out– you and your son Shear-yashub – to meet Ahaz at the end of the conduit of the upper pool on the
\v 4 Fuller's Field Road, and say to him: Be careful to keep calm: be not faint-hearted or afraid of this pair of fire-brands that are nothing but smoking stumps. Be not afraid of the fierce anger of Rezin
\v 5 and Aram and the son of Remaliah. Aram and Ephraim with the son of Remaliah have indeed
\v 6 plotted your ruin: their purpose is to invade Judah, and, after reducing her straits, to break into (Jerusalem); then, having overpowered her, they purpose to set the son of Tabeelon the throne.
\v 7 But thus says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*:
\q 'This thing shall not succeed,
\q2 it shall not come to pass.
\v 8 For the head of Aram is Damascus,
\q2 and the head of Damascus is Rezin;
\v 9 The head of Ephraim is Samaria,
\q2 and the head of Samaria is the son of Remaliah.
\q Your faith must firmly hold,
\q2 if you would yourselves be held.'”
\s The Great Refusal and the Sign
\v 10 One more I addressed Ahaz thus, “Ask the \nd Lord\nd*
\v 11 your God for a sign – ask it (if you like) either from the depths of the under-world or from the heights above.”
\v 12 “No,” replied Ahaz, “I will not ask for one: that would be equivalent to submitting the \nd Lord\nd* to a test.”
\v 13 Then I said, “Hear then, you household of David. Is not enough for you to weary mortal men that you must weary my God as well?
\v 14 You shall have a sign therefore from the Lord Himself. Behold!
\q A maid is with child, she shall bring forth a son,
\q2 and shall call his name Immanuel.
\v 15 Honey and curd shall he eat,
\q2 when he knows how to choose what is good,
\q2 and to shun what is evil.
\v 16 For ere the child shall know
\q2 how to choose what is good
\q2 and to shun what is evil,
\q that land shall be deserted
\q2 whose two kings you so dreaded.
\s Judah shall also be Ravaged
\v 17 The \nd Lord\nd* shall bring upon you your people
\q2 and on your father's house
\q such days as have never yet been,
\q2 since Ephraim departed from Judah
\v 18 That day it shall come to pass
\q that the \nd Lord\nd* shall whistle for the flies and the bees.
\v 19 They shall come every one, and then down they
\q2 shall settle
\q in the steep-walled ravines and in clefts of the rocks,
\q2 and on all thorn-hedges and places of pasture.
\v 20 That day shall the Lord shave bare
\q2 with a razor that is hired
\q2 in the land beyond the River
\q both the head and hidden hair;
\q2 and the beard too shall be snipped.
\v 21 And in that day shall a man
\q2 keep but two sheep and a cow;
\v 22 Yet the plenteous yield of milk
\q2 shall supply him fare of curd.
\q For the fare of every man
\q2 that is left upon the land
\q2 shall be nought but curd and honey.
\v 23 And in that day every spot
\q2 where were once a thousand vines,
\q worth a thousand silver pieces,
\q2 shall with thorns and briers be covered.
\v 24 With bow and with arrow shall men come thither,
\q2 for all the land shall be thorns and briers.
\v 25 Fear of thorns and briers shall hold men afar
\q2 from the hills that used to be hoed with the hoe.
\q2 There cattle shall wander and sheep shall tread.
\s The Fall of Damascus and Samaria
\c 8
\v 1 The \nd Lord\nd* said to me, “Take a large tablet, and write upon it in the common script 'Speed-spoil
\v 2 Hurry-prey;' and take (two) reliable witnesses,
\v 3 Uriah the priest and Zechariah the son of Jeberechiah.” Then after the prophetess, through my approach to her, had conceived and borne a son, the \nd Lord\nd* said to me, “Call his name Speed-spoil Hurry-prey.
\v 4 For ere the child shall know
\q2 how to cry 'My farther! My mother!'
\q The wealth of Damascus, the spoil of Samaria,
\q2 shall be carried away to the king of Assyria.”
\s The Invasion of Judah
\v 5 Once more I had a message from the \nd Lord\nd* – it was this:
\v 6 “Because this people has spurned
\q2 the gentle stream of Shiloah,
\q and melt with fear of Rezin
\q2 and the son of Remaliah,
\v 7 Therefore, behold, the Lord
\q2 will speedily bring upon them
\q the waters of the River,
\q2 the great and mighty River
\q it shall rise above all its channels,
\q2 and overflow all its banks.
\v 8 On it shall sweep over Judah,
\q2 an overflowing flood
\q2 that shall reach as high as the neck.”
\q But (the \nd Lord\nd*'s) outstretched wings
\q2 shall cover the breadth of the land;
\q2 for with us is God.
\s The Futility of Opposition to Judah
\v 9 You may storm as you will, you nations,
\q2 you shall be shattered.
\q All you far-distant lands
\q2 of the earth, give ear.
\q You may gird yourselves for the fray,
\q2 but you all shall be shattered.
\v 10 You may forge your plans as you will,
\q2 they shall all be confounded.
\q Be your resolves what they will,
\q2 they shall not be accomplished;
\q2 for with us is God.
\s None is to be Feared but the \nd Lord\nd*
\v 11 These were the \nd Lord\nd*'s words to me, as He grasped me with His hand and warned me not to walk in the ways of the people:
\v 12 “Call you not all a conspiracy
\q2 that this people calls conspiracy.
\q2 Share not their fears and their dreads.
\v 13 But the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts – it is He
\q2 you should count as the great Conspirator.
\q2 Let Him be your fear and your dread.
\v 14 A stone and a rock He shall prove, whereon
\q2 both houses of Israel shall strike and stumble –
\q2 a trap and a snare to the folk of Jerusalem.
\v 15 Many among them shall stumble and fall,
\q2 shall be broken and snared and taken.
\s Isaiah's Patient Hope
\v 16 I will seal my teaching and fasten my message
\v 17 in (the heart of) my disciples. I will patiently wait for the \nd Lord\nd* who hides His face from the
\v 18 household of Israel; I will set my hope in Him. I myself and the children the \nd Lord\nd* has given me are in Israel as signs and symbols from the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts whose home is on Mount Zion.
\s The Awful Plight of Unbelieving Judah
\v 19 When they tell you have recourse to ghosts and familiar spirits that chirp and mutter, ask them if a nation should not rather have recourse to its God. Why should they consult the dead on behalf
\v 20 of the living? Assuredly they shall (one day) clamour for the teaching and the message, when there is no day-break for them any more.
\v 21 They shall range through the land sore pressed and hungry,
\q2 and hunger shall curse their king and their God.
\v 22 They shall lift up their eyes to the heavens above,
\q2 they shall look to the earth beneath;
\q but nought shall they see save distress and anguish,
\q2 and thick impenetrable gloom.
\s The Great Deliverance and the Glorious King
\c 9
\v 1 In the former time He brought the territory of Zebulon and Naphtali into contempt, but in the latter time has He covered with glory the ground held by the nations beyond the Jordan on the way to the sea.
\v 2 The people that walked in darkness
\q2 have seen a glorious light:
\q Those that dwelt in the land of gloom –
\q2 on them the light has shone.
\v 3 You have multiplied their gladness
\q2 and given them great joy:
\q The joy they made in Your presence
\q2 was like the joy of harvest;
\q their gladness was like the gladness
\q2 of men who divide the spoil.
\v 4 For the yoke that pressed so heavy,
\q2 and the bar upon their shoulders,
\q and the rod of their taskmasters,
\q2 you have broken as on Midian's day.
\v 5 Every boot of thundering warrior,
\q2 every war-cloak drenched with blood,
\q is destined for the burning,
\q2 shall be fuel for the fire.
\v 6 For to us a child is born,
\q2 unto us a son is given,
\q on whose shoulder is dominion;
\q2 and this is the name he bears –
\q “Counsellor most wonderful,
\q2 god with the warrior might,
\q father everlasting,
\q2 prince of the reign of peace.”
\v 7 Great is the dominion
\q2 and endless is the peace,
\q upon the throne of David,
\q2 and over all his realm:
\q To establish and uphold it
\q2 in the righteousness and justice
\q from henceforth and for ever.
\q2 The zeal of the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 shall bring this thing to pass.
\ms2 The Doom of Israel
\v 8 The Lord sent a word into Jacob,
\q2 on Israel it shall alight
\v 9 With a power all the people shall feel
\q2 in Ephraim and in Samaria.
\q They have stiffened their neck in pride,
\q2 in their stoutness of heart they have said:
\v 10 “The bricks are fallen down,
\q2 but now we will build with hewn stone.
\q The sycamores are cut down,
\q2 but with cedars we will replace them.”
\v 11 So against them the \nd Lord\nd* has stirred up their foes,
\q2 he has spurred their enemies on;
\v 12 Syrians east, and Philistines west,
\q2 have with open mouth devoured Israel.
\q \em Yet for all this His anger is not turned back,
\q2 but His hand is stretched out still. \em*
\v 13 But the people turned not unto Him that smote them,
\q2 nor did they resort to the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\v 14 So He cut off from Israel head and tail,
\q2 palm-branch and rush in a single day.
\v 15 The elders and men of repute are the head,
\q2 and the prophets whose teaching is false are the tail.
\v 16 Those who should lead this people mislead them,
\q2 and those whom they ought to have led are destroyed.
\v 17 The Lord will therefore not spare
\v 11 their youths,
\q2 on their orphans and widows He teeth no pity
\q for each and all are profane and wicked,
\q2 and every mouth speaks impious folly.
\q \em Yet for all this His anger is not turned back,
\q2 but His hand is stretched out still.\em*
\v 18 For wickedness blazed like a fire
\q2 that devours first thorns and briers,
\q then sets forest thickets aflame,
\q2 till they roll in columns of smoke.
\v 19 By the breath of the \nd Lord\nd* the land was scorched,
\q2 the people became like cannibals.
\v 20 They carved on the right, yet were hungry,
\q2 devoured on the left, unappeased;
\q no man did pity his fellow,
\q2 but each ate the flesh of his neighbour –
\v 21 Manasseh, Ephraim; and Ephraim, Manasseh;
\q2 and both against Judah together.
\q \em Yet for all this His anger is not turned back,
\q2 but His hand is stretched out still.\em*
\c 10
\v 1 Woe unto those that give mischievous verdicts,
\q2 elaborate scrolls that bring sorrow,
\v 2 By robbing the weak of their rights
\q2 and by plundering the poor of their due,
\q so that widows become their spoil,
\q2 and orphans fall a prey.
\v 3 But what will you do in the Day of Assize
\q2 which will come like a crash from afar?
\q To whom will you flee for help,
\q2 and where will you leave your abundance,
\v 4 That you crouch not under the prisoners
\q2 or fall among the slain?
\q Yet for all this His anger is not turned back,
\q2 but his hand is stretched out still.
\ms2 The Doom of Assyria
\s The Two Plans – Assyria's and the Lord's
\v 5 Oh! Assyria! Rod of mine anger,
\q2 and staff of Mine indignation!
\v 6 Against an impious people I send Him,
\q2 a nation that sore has provoked Me to wrath;
\q and I solemnly charge him to spoil and to plunder
\q2 and trample them down like the mire of the streets.
\v 7 Not such, however, \em his\em* fancy,
\q2 nor such the thought of his heart;
\q but his thought is the utter destruction
\q2 of nations not a few.
\v 8 “Are my captains,” he says, “not all kings?
\v 9 Is not Calno's fate like Carchemish,
\q and Hamath's fate like Arpad's,
\q2 and Samaria's like Damascus?
\v 10 My hand has seized those kingdoms
\q2 with images more than Jerusalem's;
\v 11 And shall I not do to Jerusalem
\q2 and to her images also,
\q as I have done to Samaria
\q2 and to her idols also?
\v 12 When the Lord has accomplished all His work on Mount Zion and in Jerusalem, He will punish the fruit of the stout heart of the king of Assyria and the glory of his lofty looks. For the Lord has said,
\v 13 By the strength of my hand have I done it,
\q2 and by my cunning discernment,
\q removing the bounds of the nations,
\q2 and plundering their treasures.
\q I have brought down cities to ashes,
\q2 to dust those that dwell therein.
\v 14 I thrust my hand in the wealth
\q2 of the nations, as into a nest;
\q and all the earth have I gathered
\q2 as one gathers eggs that are left:
\q There was not a wing that fluttered,
\q2 none opened the mouth or chirped.”
\v 15 Shall an axe boast over the man that wields it,
\q2 or saw treat with insolence him that handles it?
\q As if ever a rod could swing him that lifts it,
\q2 or staff of wood could brandish a man!
\s The Fate of Assyria and Judah
\v 16 So into his fat shall the Lord
\q2 the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts send leanness,
\q and under his splendour a burning
\q2 shall burn like the burning of fire.
\v 17 That flaming fire is the Holy One,
\q2 he that is Israel's Light;
\q it shall blaze and devour his thorns
\q2 and his briers in a single day.
\v 18 His glorious forest and gardens
\q2 shall vanish, body and soul,
\q2 like a sick man pinning away;
\v 19 And his forest trees that are left
\q2 shall be few, that a child may record them.
\v 20 That day it shall come to pass,
\q2 that no more shall the remnant of Jacob
\q or those that escape of the household of Israel
\q2 lean upon him that smote them:
\q They shall loyally lean on the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 the Holy One of Israel.
\v 21 A remnant shall return,
\q2 even a remnant of Jacob,
\q2 unto the mighty God.
\v 22 For though your people, O Israel,
\q2 be even as the sand of the sea,
\q2 but the remnant of them shall return.
\q Destruction is decreed,
\q2 breaking in like a flood of judgment.
\q For destruction, fixed and final,
\q2 the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts will accomplish
\q2 in the midst of all the earth.
\s The Consolation of Zion: Assyria will assuredly fall
\v 24 Therefore thus says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 “You My people who dwell in Zion,
\q be not afraid of Assyria,
\q2 who smites you with the sword,
\q and lifted this staff against you
\q2 as Egypt did not old.
\v 25 For yet a little while,
\q2 my fury will be spent,
\q2 and Mine Anger shall have an end.
\v 26 Over him shall the \nd Lord\nd* brandish
\q2 a scourge like that which smote
\q2 upon Median at Raven's Rock.
\q And that rod of His over the sea –
\q2 he will lift it up once more
\q2 as He did against Egypt of old.
\v 27 His burden shall pass from your shoulder,
\q2 his yoke press your neck no more.
\q From Rimmon he has gone up
\v 28 He has come as far as Ai,
\q through Migron he has passed,
\q2 he has stored his baggage at Michmash,
\v 29 He has gone across the pass,
\q2 he has bivouacked in Geber.
\q Raman is all a-tremble,
\q2 gibeah of Saul is in flight.
\v 30 You people of Gallim, shriek;
\q2 listen, O Laishah;
\q answer her, Anathoth;
\v 31 Madmenah takes to flight.
\q The people of Gebin seek refuge.
\v 32 This day he will halt at Nob.
\q He shakes his fist against
\q2 the Mount of the daughter of Zion,
\q2 the hill of Jerusalem.
\v 33 But see! the Lord the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 is lopping the branches with fearful crash;
\q2 and those that were lofty are now laid low.
\v 34 He strikes with His axe the wild thickets away,
\q2 and Lebanon's glorious cedar are fallen.
\ms2 The Bliss of Israel in the Latter Days
\s The Messianic King and Kingdom
\c 11
\v 1 There shall come forth a shoot from the stock of Jesse,
\q2 and out of his roots shall a branch sprout forth.
\v 2 The \nd Lord\nd*'s own spirit shall rest upon him –
\q2 the spirit of wisdom and insight,
\q the spirit of counsel and might,
\q2 of the knowledge and fear of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\v 3 He will not judge after the sight of his eyes,
\q2 nor decide by the words that are poured in his ears;
\v 4 But with justice shall he deal with the cause of the helpless,
\q2 the case of the poor he will settle with equity.
\q With the rod of his mouth he will smite the tyrant,
\q2 and slay the unjust with the breath of his lips.
\v 5 His loins shall be girt with the girdle of justice,
\q2 his waist shall be bound with the circlet of faithfulness.
\v 6 The wolf shall lodge with the lamb,
\q2 and the leopard lie down with the kid;
\q and the calf and the lion together shall graze,
\q2 and a little chid shall lead them.
\v 7 The cow and the bear shall be friends,
\q2 and their young ones shall lie down together,
\q2 the Lion shall eat straw like the ox.
\v 8 The suckling shall play o'er the hole of the asp,
\q2 and the weaned child trot in the lair of the viper.
\v 9 None shall do hurt or havoc
\q2 on all My holy mountain:
\q For then shall the earth be filled
\q2 with the knowledge of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 as the waters cover sea.
\s The Triumphant Return
\v 10 That day it shall come to pass,
\q that the Root of Jesse who stands
\q2 as ensign to the peoples –
\q To him shall the nations resort,
\q2 and his resting-place shall be glorious.
\v 11 That day shall again lift His hand
\q to recover the rest of His folk
\q2 that are left in Assyria and Egypt,
\q in Pathros, in Cush, and in Elam,
\q2 in Shinar and Hamath and lands by the sea.
\v 12 He will raise for the nations a signal,
\q2 and gather the outcast of Israel,
\q and Judah's dispersed shall assemble
\q2 from all the four corners of earth.
\v 13 All envy of Ephraim shall vanish,
\q2 cut off shall be all that vex Judah.
\q No longer shall Ephraim be jealous of Judah,
\q2 nor Judah be hostile of Ephraim.
\v 14 They shall swoop down the slope of the Philistines westward,
\q2 and plunder together the sons of the East;
\q they shall lay a stern hand upon Edom and Moab,
\q2 and bring to subjection the children of Ammon.
\v 15 The \nd Lord\nd* will also dry up
\q2 the tongue of the sea of Egypt;
\q with the fiery glow of His breath
\q he will swing His hand over the River,
\q and smite it to seven streams
\q2 such that men may go over in sandals.
\v 16 And such of His folk as are left
\q2 shall return from Assyria on a highway
\q like that on which Israel trod
\q2 on the day he came up out of Egypt.
\s The Song of Thanksgiving
\c 12
\v 1 In that day you shall say,
\q “I give You thanks, O \nd Lord\nd*;
\q2 for though You were angry with me,
\q thine anger is turned away
\q2 and you have comforted me.
\v 2 See! God is my salvation,
\q2 I trust Him unafraid.
\q For my strength and my song is the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 and He is become my salvation.”
\v 3 With joy shall you draw water
\q2 from the fountains of salvation.
\v 4 And in that day shall you say,
\q2 “Give thanks to the \nd Lord\nd* and call on His name.
\q Make know to the nations what things He has done,
\q2 record that His name is exalted on high.
\v 5 To the \nd Lord\nd* make music, for He has wrought
\q2 proudly;
\q2 let this be made known through the length of the world.
\q Lift up your voices, you dwellers in Zion;
\q2 for great in your midst is the Holy One of Israel.”
\s Prophecies Concerning Foreign Nations
\ms2 Prophecy Concerning Babylon
\s The Doom of Babylon
\c 13
\v 1 Oracle on Babylon: a vision of Isaiah the son of Amoz.
\v 2 On a bare height raise the signal,
\q2 and cry aloud to them.
\q Wave you the hand that they enter
\q2 the gates of those lordly men.
\v 3 I have myself commissioned
\q2 my consecrated servants
\q2 to execute Mine anger.
\q Yea, I have summoned My warriors,
\q2 my proudly exultant ones.
\v 4 Hark! on the hills a tumult
\q2 as of a mighty multitude.
\q Hark! it's the roar of kingdoms,
\q2 of nations gathering together.
\q The \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts is mustering
\q2 his army for the battle.
\v 5 They come from a distant land,
\q2 from the uttermost end of heaven –
\q The \nd Lord\nd*, with His weapons of wrath,
\q2 to ruin all the earth.
\v 6 Wail! for the day of the \nd Lord\nd* is nigh,
\q2 like destruction from God Almighty it cometh.
\v 7 All hands shall therefore hang helpless,
\q2 each mortal heart will melt,
\v 8 And men will be confounded.
\q Taken with throes and pangs,
\q2 they shall writhe like a woman in travail.
\q They shall look on each other astonished,
\q2 with faces all aflame.
\v 9 Behold! the \nd Lord\nd* cometh,
\q2 with wrath and hot anger cruel,
\q to make earth a desolation
\q2 and destroy the sinners upon it.
\v 10 The heavens and their constellations
\q2 shall not flash any light;
\q the sun shall be dark when it rises,
\q2 no light of moon shall shine.
\v 11 I will punish the world for its evil,
\q2 the godless for their guilt;
\q I will still the conceit of the arrogant,
\q2 the tyrant's pride lay low.
\v 12 And men shall be rarer than gold,
\q2 yea, mortals than gold of Ophir.
\v 13 The heavens shall therefore tremble,
\q2 and the earth quake out of her place,
\q at the wrath of the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 in the day of the heat of His anger.
\v 14 And then, like a hunted gazelle,
\q2 or like sheep that have no one to fold them,
\q shall each set his face to his people,
\q2 and each to his own land flee.
\v 15 Whoso is found shall be stabbed,
\q2 by the sword shall he fall who is caught.
\v 16 Their babes shall be dashed in pieces
\q2 before their very eyes;
\q their houses shall be plundered,
\q2 and ravished their wives shall be.
\v 17 Behold! I already am stirring
\q2 the people of Media against them:
\q No thought have they of silver,
\q2 no pleasure take they in gold.
\v 18 (They grasp their) bows (and spears,
\q2 fearful are they and cruel;
\q they shall smite) the young men (all,
\q2 and the maids) shall be dashed in pieces.
\q To the fruit of the womb they are ruthless,
\q2 and children they eye without pity.
\v 19 Thus Babylon, fairest of kingdoms,
\q2 the glory and pride of Chaldea,
\q shall perish with doom like the doom
\q2 to which God hurled Gomorrah and Sodom.
\v 20 For ever shall she be desolate,
\q2 tenantless age after age.
\q No Arab shall pitch his tent there,
\q2 no shepherd shall fold his flock there;
\v 21 But there shall wild cats lie,
\q2 and their homes shall be crowded with jackals.
\q And there shall ostriches dwell,
\q2 and there shall satyrs dance,
\v 22 Hyenas shall howl in her castles,
\q2 and wolves in her halls of delight.
\q Her time is wellnigh come,
\q2 her day lasts not much longer.
\s Song of Triumph over the Fall of Babylon's King
\c 14
\v 1 For the \nd Lord\nd* will take pity on Jacob, He will elect Israel once more and settle them on their own land: resident aliens will join them and attach themselves to the household
\v 2 of Jacob. (Alien) people will take them and bring them to their place; and the household of Israel shall employ them in the \nd Lord\nd*'s land as men-servants and maid-servants, thus reducing their erstwhile captors to captivity, and lording it over those who had been their taskmasters.
\v 3 Then, in the day that the \nd Lord\nd* gives you rest from your toil and turmoil and from the hard service that was
\v 4 laid upon you, you shall take up this taunt-song over the King of Babylon, and say:
\q How still the oppressor is grown!
\q2 How still is the insolent raging!
\v 5 The \nd Lord\nd* has broken the staff
\q2 of the godless, the sceptre of tyrants,
\v 6 That smote the peoples in fury
\q2 with unremitting stroke,
\q that trod down the nations in anger
\q2 with unrelenting tread.
\v 7 All earth is at rest, is quiet,
\q2 they break into happy cries.
\v 8 Yea, the fir-trees rejoice at they fate,
\q2 and the cedars of Lebanon, saying,
\q “Since you have been laid low,
\q2 no woodsman is come to destroy us.”
\v 9 Sheol beneath is a-quiver,
\q2 awaiting your arrival;
\q she rousted the shades to greet the –
\q2 all that were chieftains on earth.
\q All the kings of the nations
\q2 she bids arise from their thrones.
\v 10 All of them lift up their voices,
\q2 and thus they say unto you:
\q “So you, too, are feeble as we;
\q2 you are become like us.”
\v 11 Your pomp has been brought down to Sheol –
\q2 the strumming of your lutes:
\q Beneath you the maggots are spread,
\q2 your coverlet is worms.
\v 12 How are you fallen from heaven,
\q2 you radiant son of the morning!
\q How are you struck to the ground,
\q2 lying stiff, a corpse upon corpses.
\v 13 And you, you did say in your heart,
\q2 “Into heaven I will ascend;
\q I will set my throne on high
\q2 above the stars of God,
\q and sit on the sacred Mountain
\q2 in the uttermost parts of the north.
\v 14 I will climb above the cloud-peaks,
\q2 and rival the Most High.”
\v 15 But down you are brought to Sheol,
\q2 to the very depths of the pit.
\v 16 They that see you shall gaze and gaze,
\q2 they shall ask with eyes intent,
\q “Is this the man that startled the earth
\q2 and sent tremors through her kingdoms;
\v 17 That made the world like a desert,
\q2 and overthrew her cities;
\q that left not his prisoners free,
\q2 to return each man to his home?”
\v 18 Now in their honoured tombs
\q2 all the kings of the nations are lying;
\v 19 But you are cast forth, tombless,
\q2 like a hateful untimely birth,
\q clothed upon with the slain,
\q2 whose bodies the sword has pierced,
\q that go down to the floor of the pit,
\q2 like a carcase trodden under foot.
\v 20 You shall not be joined unto them
\q2 in the place where they lie buried;
\q because you have ruined your land,
\q2 your people you have slaughtered.
\q May it never be named again –
\q2 the race of this evil-doer.
\v 21 Get ready the knife for his sons,
\q2 to atone for the guilt of their father;
\q lest they rise and posses the earth,
\q2 and fill the face of the world.
\v 22 I will rise up against them, says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts, cut off from Babylon record and remnant, kith and kin, says the \nd Lord\nd*. And I will make it a possession of the bittern, and pools of water; and I will sweep it with the besom of destruction, says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\ms2 The Lord's Invincible World-Plan
\v 24 The \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has sworn this oath:
\q My plan shall most surely be done,
\q2 and the thing that I purposed shall stand.
\v 25 On the land that is Mine I will shatter Assyria,
\q2 and trample him down on My mountains.
\q His yoke shall oppress them no more,
\q2 and his burden shall pass from their shoulders
\v 26 This is the purpose formed
\q2 to humble all the earth;
\q and this is the Hand outstretched
\q2 against the nations all.
\v 27 For who can bring to nought
\q2 what the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has purposed?
\q And when His is the Hand that is outstretched,
\q2 who can turn it back?
\ms2 Warning to Philistia
\v 28 In the year that King Ahaz died, came this oracle:
\v 29 Rejoice not, you Philistines all,
\q2 that the rod that has scourged you is broken;
\q for an asp from the root of the root of the serpent shall issue,
\q2 its fruit shall be a fiery flying serpent.
\v 30 For the poor shall feed on My meadows,
\q2 the needy shall lie down secure;
\q but your seed I will kill with famine,
\q2 your remnant I will slay.
\v 31 Wail, you gates; and shriek, you cities:
\q2 Melt with fear, you Philistines all.
\q For out of the north cometh smoke (of war),
\q2 in the ranks of the foe shall no straggler be found.
\v 32 What answer shall (Judah) make
\q2 to the envoys of that nation?
\q That “the \nd Lord\nd* Himself is the founder of Zion,
\q2 and there do His suffering people find refuge.”
\ms2 Lament over Moab
\c 15
\v 1 Oracle on Moab
\q Alas! in a night has AR-Moab
\q2 been wasted and ruined.
\q Alas! in a night has Kir-Moab
\q2 been wasted and ruined.
\v 2 Gone up is the daughter of Dibon
\q2 to weep on the heights;
\q on the summits of Nebo and Medeba
\q2 moab wails.
\q On every head there is baldness,
\q2 and beards are all shorn.
\v 3 On her streets they have girt them with sackcloth,
\q2 on roofs is lament;
\q on her squares, one and all they are wailing
\q2 with torrents of tears.
\v 4 Heshbon and Elealeh cry out,
\q2 and their cry reaches Jahaz;
\q whereat Moab's loins fall a-quiver,
\q2 the soul of her quivers.
\v 5 My heart cruet out for Moab,
\q2 they flee towards Zoar;
They climb the ascent unto Luhith.
\q2 And weep as they go;
\q they raise on the way to Horonaim
\q2 a cry of destruction.
\v 6 For ruin has clean overtaken
\q2 the waters of Nimrim;
\q the herbage is gone, the grass withered,
\q2 and verdure is none.
\v 7 So they bring o'er the Brook of the Willows
\q2 their riches and stores;
\v 8 For the cry (of despair) has gone round
\q2 all the borders of Moab;
\q the wail thereof reaches Eglaim,
\q2 it reaches Beer-elim.
\v 9 For the waters of Dimon are bloody.
\q2 Yet more will I bring upon Dimon –
\q A lion on those that escape
\q2 and are left out of Moab.
\c 16
\v 2 And then at the fords of the Arnon
\q2 the daughters of Moab
\q shall flutter like birds, and shall fly
\q2 as when nestlings are scattered.
\v 1 Tribute of lambs they despatched.
\q2 To the lord of the land,
\q from the Sela, by way of the wilderness,
\q2 unto Mount Zion.
\v 3 “Grant us the laid of you counsel,
\q2 and mediate (for us);
\q shelter us as in the noon-tide
\q2 with shade deep as night.
\q Bring into shelter the outcasts,
\q2 betray no the fugitives;
\v 4 Suffer the outcasts of Moab
\q2 to dwell in your land.
\q Be you a shelter to them
\q2 from the face of the spoiler.”
\q When the ruthless are brought to an end,
\q2 and the spoiler has ceased;
\q when the heel of the tyrant has vanished
\q2 clean out of the land;
\v 5 Then the throne shall be established by kindness,
\q2 and on it shall sit
\q in the tent of King David in faithfullness
\q2 one who will judge
\q with a spirit intent on the right
\q2 and on promptness of justice.
\v 6 We have heard of the pride of Moab,
\q2 the utterly proud –
\q Of her haughty and insolent pride,
\q2 and her prating all baseless.
\v 7 So Moab for Moab is wailing,
\q2 she wails altogether;
\q yea, utterly stricken they moan
\q2 for the cakes of Kir-heres.
\v 8 The vine-tracts of Heshbon are withered,
\q2 the vineyards of Sabah,
\q whose choice red wine has laid low
\q2 many a lord of the nations.
\q Her cluster did stretch unto Jazer,
\q2 they strayed to the desert.
\q Her tendrils were spread far abroad,
\q2 they passed over the sea.
\v 9 So I share in the weeping of Jazer
\q2 for the vineyards of Sibmah;
\q I drench you with my tears,
\q2 o Heshbon and Elealeh:
\q For over your grapes and your vintage
\q2 the war-cry is fallen.
\v 10 From the land of gardens is vanished
\q2 all gladness and joy;
\q there resounds no cry in the vineyards,
\q2 no shout any more;
\q no wine in the presses is trodden,
\q the shouting is stilled.
\v 11 so my soul like a harp makes moaning for Moab,
\q2 and my heart for Kir-heres.
\v 12 When Moab appears on the heights
\q2 and makes herself weary,
\ms2 Prophecy Concerning Damascus and Northern Israel
\s The Destruction of Damascus
\c 17
\v 1 Oracle on Damascus
\q See! soon shall Damascus no more be a city,
\q2 but only ruin, forsaken for ever.
\v 2 To the grazing of flocks shall her cities be given,
\q2 and there shall they lie, with not one to affright them.
\v 3 The fortress shall vanish from Ephraim,
\q2 and the dynasty from Damascus.
\q The remnant of Aram shall perish,
\q2 their fate shall be Israel's fate,
\q2 says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\s The Doom of Israel
\v 4 That day it shall come to pass
\q that the glory of Jacob shall pale,
\q2 and the fat of his flesh shall be wasted;
\v 5 Or like gleanings it shall be,
\q2 when a reaper gathers the corn,
\q and his arm reaps the ears –
\q2 the ears of corn that are gleaned
\q2 in the valley of Rephaim;
\v 6 Or the gleanings that are left
\q2 when an olive-tree has been beaten –
\q A berry or two on the uppermost branch,
\q2 four of five on the boughs of a fruit tree:
\q2 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, the God of Israel.
\v 7 In that day men shall look to their Maker,
\q2 and turn their eyes unto Israel's Holy One;
\v 8 Not to the work of their hands shall they look,
\q2 nor to things that their fingers have made shall they turn.
\v 9 That day shall your cities deserted be
\q2 like the derelict cities of Hivite and Amorite.
\v 10 Because you forgot the God who had helped you,
\q2 and did not remember the Rock of your Refuge;
\q though you planted Adonis' gardens,
\q2 and stocked them with alien slips;
\v 11 Though you fence them the day they are set,
\q2 and next morn bring your seedlings to blossom:
\q Your harvest shall vanish away
\q2 in the day of your sickness and desperate pain.
\ms2 The Speedy Doom of the Assyrians
\s Their Sudden Destruction
\v 12 Ha!
\q The uproar of peoples many!
\q2 They roar like the roar of the sea:
\q The thunder of mighty nations,
\q2 they thunder as Ocean thunders.
\v 13 But the \nd Lord\nd* shall rebuke them,
\q2 and far they shall flee, pursued
\q like chaff on the hills before wind,
\q2 or like dust in the face of the hurricane.
\v 14 At even-tide, lo! terror:
\q2 Ere morning they are gone.
\q Such is the fate of those that despoil us,
\q2 the lot of those that plunder us.
\s Isaiah's Answer to the Ethiopian Ambassadors
\c 18
\v 1 Ah, land of the buzzing of wings
\q2 beyond the rivers of Cush,
\v 2 That despatches ambassadors over the sea
\q2 in vessels of reed on the face of the waters.
\q ‟Depart, you messengers fleet,
\q2 to your tall and bronze-skinned people,
\q2 whose land is divided by rivers –
\q Your nation strong and victorious,
\q2 dreaded both near and far.
\v 3 All you that inhabit the world,
\q2 and dwell upon the earth:
\q When a signal is raised, beware,
\q2 and hark, when the trumpet is blown.
\v 4 For thus says the \nd Lord\nd* to me,
\q2 'From My place I watch untroubled,
\q still as shimmering heat in sunshine,
\q2 or dew-clouds in time of harvest.'
\v 5 For before the harvest, when blossom is over,
\q2 and the berry becomes a ripening grape,
\q he will lop off the branches with pruning-hooks,
\q2 he will server the tendrils and cast them away.
\v 6 They shall all be left to the beasts of the land,
\q2 to the ravenous birds that haunt the mountains;
\q all summer the ravenous birds shall devour them,
\q2 all winter the beasts of the land shall consume them.”
\v 7 At that time shall a gift of homage be brought to the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts from that tall and bronze-skinned people, whose land is divided by rivers – that nation strong and victorious, dreaded near and far – to Mount Zion, the place of the name of the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\ms2 The Destiny of Egypt
\s The Disaster of Egypt
\p Oracle on Egypt
\c 19
\v 1 Behold! on swift cloud riding
\q2 the \nd Lord\nd* is coming to Egypt:
\q The idols of Egypt shall quake at His presence,
\q2 the heart of Egypt shall melt within her.
\v 2 I will spur on Egypt to fight against Egypt,
\q2 brother with brother, and neighbour with neighbour,
\q2 city with city, and kingdom with kingdom.
\v 3 Then will Egypt be drained of the spirit within her,
\q2 and I will confound her counsels:
\q To idols and muttering wraiths they shall seek,
\q2 to ghosts and familiar spirits.
\v 4 And I will deliver Egypt
\q2 into a stern lord's hands;
\q a king that is fierce shall rule over her,
\q2 saithe the Lord the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\v 5 And the sea shall be drained of its water,
\q2 the river be parched and dry;
\v 6 Its branches shall dwindle and stink,
\q2 and the arms of the Nile shall be parched.
\q Reeds and rushes shall wither,
\v 7 The sedge on its brink shall shrivel;
\q and all that is sown by the Nile
\q2 shall be withered and whirled into nothing.
\v 8 The fishers mourn and lament,
\q2 that cast their hook in the Nile;
\q and all the spread their nets
\q2 on the face of the waters shall languish.
\v 9 The workers in flax shall be shamed,
\q2 the combers and weavers of white stuff;
\v 10 The weavers of cloth shall be crushed,
\q2 and the workers for hire shall be sorrowful.
\v 11 Sheer fools are the princes of Zoan;
\q2 the wisest of Pharaoh's counsellors
\q2 prove but a witless council.
\q How then can you say unto Pharaoh,
\q2 ‟A son of the wise am I,
\q2 a son of ancient kings”?
\v 12 Where are your wise men, then?
\q2 Let them, pray, declare unto you,
\q and make known what the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 has purposed to do unto Egypt.
\v 13 Befooled are the princes of Zoan,
\q2 deceived are the princes of Memphis;
\q the chieftains of her tribes
\q2 have led Egypt all astray.
\v 14 The \nd Lord\nd* has mingled within them
\q2 the spirit of clouded judgment;
\q and so they led Egypt astray
\q2 in all her enterprise,
\q2 as a drunkard strays in his vomit.
\v 15 Thus head, tail, palm-branch and rush,
\q2 shall nothing accomplish for Egypt.
\s The Conversion of Egypt
\v 16 In that day shall Egypt fear and tremble like a woman, at the Hand which the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\v 17 will swing over her. The land of Judah shall be a terror to her; the very mention of the name shall fill her with dread at the thought of the purpose which the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has formed against her.
\v 18 In that day there shall be in the land of Egypt five cities speaking the language of Canaan, and swearing allegiance to the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts; and one of them shall be called the City of the Sun.
\v 19 In that day there shall be an altar to the \nd Lord\nd* in the heart of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to
\v 20 the \nd Lord\nd* at the border. It shall be a sign and a witness to the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts in the land of Egypt: for when, under oppression, they cry to the \nd Lord\nd* to send a deliver, He will intervene and rescue
\v 21 them. And the \nd Lord\nd* will reveal Himself to the Egyptians, and the Egyptians shall acknowledge the \nd Lord\nd* on that day: they shall worship Him with sacrifice and offering, they shall make vows to the \nd Lord\nd* and discharge them. the \nd Lord\nd* will smite
\v 22 Egypt – smite and heal her: when they turn to the \nd Lord\nd*, He will heal them in answer to their entreaty.
\v 23 In that day there shall be a highway between Egypt and Assyria; Assyrians will come to Egypt, And Egyptians to Assyria: Egyptians and Assyrians shall worship (the \nd Lord\nd*) in common.
\v 24 In that day Israel will join Egypt and Assyria in a triple alliance, and so bring blessing to the world
\v 25 around, which the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has in these words blessed: ‟Blessed be Egypt My people, and Assyria the work of My hands, and Israel My inheritance.”
\ms2 Warning against the Folly of an Alliance with Egypt
\c 20
\v 1 At that time Isaiah the son of Amoz received a message from the \nd Lord\nd*, bidding him go and take the sackcloth from his loins and the sandals from his feet; and this he did, going about without
\v 2 mantle of shoe. Then in the year that the Tartan, who had been despatched by Sargon King of Assyria,
\v 3 came to Ashdod and took it by storm, the \nd Lord\nd* said, ‟Just as My servant Isaiah has gone for three years without mantle of shoe for a sign and a symbol to
\v 4 Egypt and Ethiopia, so shall the captives of Egypt and the exiles of Ethiopia, young and old, be led away by the King of Assyria – without mantle or
\v 5 shoe, and with buttocks exposed. Then those who had looked with hope to Ethiopia and made their boast of Egypt, shall be put to shame and dismay
\v 6 And in that day the people who live in the coast-land shall say, 'If this be the fate of those to whom we had fled in expectation of help and deliverance from the King of Assyria, how can \em we\em* escape?”
\ms2 The Fall of Babylon
\s The Fall of Babylon: Its Consequences for Judah
\c 21
\v 1 Oracle on the Wilderness
\q Like the roar of the whirlwind
\q2 that sweeps through the southland,
\q it comes from the desert,
\q2 that land of dread.
\v 2 A vision full stern
\q2 has been told unto me:
\q The robber still robs,
\q2 the spoiler still spoils.
\q ‟Go up, O Elam;
\q2 o Media, lay siege:
\q All the sighs of the crushed
\q2 have I brought to an end.”
\v 3 For this cause my loins
\q2 are filled with anguish;
\q with pangs am I seized
\q2 like a woman in travail.
\q I writhe with the message,
\q2 the vision confounds me.
\v 4 My mind goes a-wandering,
\q2 horror appals me;
\q the twilight I love
\q2 has been turned into trembling.
\v 5 The tables are ready,
\q2 the carpets are spread,
\q2 they are eating and drinking.
\q Arise, you princes,
\q2 spread oil on the shields.
\v 6 For on this wise the Lord
\q2 has spoken to me:
\q ‟Go, station a watchman
\q2 to tell what he sees.
\v 7 If he seethe a troop,
\q2 horsemen in pairs,
\q a train of asses,
\q2 a train of camels,
\q then let him give heed
\q2 with most diligent heed.”
\v 8 And the watchman cried,
\q ‟On the watch-tower, O Lord,
\q2 do I stand all the day;
\q at my post am I stationed
\q2 the live-long night.
\v 9 Lo! a troop I see coming,
\q2 of horsemen in pairs.”
\q And he uttered these words,
\q2 ‟Fallen, fallen is Babylon:
\q Down to the ground
\q2 fall her images shattered.”
\v 10 You my folk that were threshed
\q2 like the corn of the floor,
\q i have told you my message
\q2 from Israel's God,
\q2 from the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\s The Fall of Babylon: Its Consequences for the Trading Tribes of the Desert!
\v 11 Oracle of Edom
\q One calls to me out of Seir,
\q2 ‟Watchman, how late in the night?
\q2 ‟Watchman, how late in the night?”
\v 12 The watchman made answer,
\q ‟The morning approached,
\q2 but still it is night.
\q If you would enquire,
\q2 come hither again.”
\v 13 Oracle ‟in the steppe”
\q In the bush, in the steppe, you must lodge for the night,
\q2 you caravans of Dedan.
\v 14 You dwellers in Temas's land,
\q bring water to meet the thirsty,
\q2 and offer the fugitives bread.
\v 15 For before the sword they are fled,
\q2 before the whetted sword,
\q before the bow that is bent,
\q2 before the press of battle.
\v 16 For thus has the Lord said unto me, ‟Within a year, no more and no less, shall all the glory of
\v 17 Kadar be at an end; and few shall remain of the mighty archers of the Kedareness. the \nd Lord\nd* the God of Israel has decreed it.”
\ms2 Judah's Unpardonable Sin
\c 22
\v 1 Oracle on the Valley of Vision
\q What mean you that you are gone up,
\q2 one and all, to the house-tops,
\v 2 O town filled with uproar and tumult,
\q2 o City exultant?
\q Your slain are not slain with sword,
\q2 neither fallen in battle.
\v 3 Your chieftains are all fled together
\q2 that wielded the bow,
\q and your strong men are all taken prisoners,
\q2 though far they had fled.
\v 4 ‟Turn away from me,” therefore I say,
\q2 ‟Bitter tears would I shed.
\q Urge not upon me your comfort,
\q2 my people are ruined.”
\v 5 For a day of confusion and trampling and tumult,
\q2 doth come from the Lord, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\q They tear down the wall in the Valley of Hanno,
\q2 the war-cry ascends to the mountains.
\v 6 Elam seized the quiver,
\q2 and Aram came riding on horses.
\q Kir uncovered the shield,
\v 7 Your choicest of valleys was crowded
\q with chariots and horsemen,
\q2 arrayed for assault on the gate.
\v 8 Then you looked to the arms in the House of the
\q2 forest,
\v 9 You had eyes for the gaps in the Fortress of
\q2 davis;
\v 11 But you looked not to Him that was doing all this,
\q2 you had no eyes for Him who had planned it of old.
\v 12 So the Lord, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts, has called you
\q2 to weeping and mourning, to baldness and sackcloth;
\v 13 But see! there is nothing but mirth and rejoicing,
\q2 slaying of oxen and killing of sheep,
\q2 eating of meat and drinking of wine –
\q Eating and drinking, ‟because” (as you say)
\q2 ‟We may haply be dead men to-morrow.”
\v 14 The \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has declared in mine ear,
\q2 ‟This sin shall assuredly never be purged
\q2 till you die” – says the Lord, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\ms2 Personal Threats and Promises
\s The Doom of Sheba
\v 15 Against Shebna, the Governor of the Palace.
\q Thus says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 go, get you yonder perfect (and say),
\v 16 ‟What right have you here, and what kin have you here,
\q2 that you hew you here a sepulchre –
\q That here on the height you dost hew you a sepulchre,
\q2 carving a home for yourself on the rock?
\v 17 Behold, the \nd Lord\nd* will firmly enwrap you,
\q2 and wind you and wind you around and around:
\v 18 He will hurl you and hurl you afar like a ball,
\q mighty man that you are, to a spacious land.
\q Thither your glorious chariots shall follow,
\q2 and there shall you die,
\q2 you disgrace of the house of your lord.
\s The Exaltation of Eliakim
\v 19 I will thrust you from your office,
\q2 and tear you down from your post.
\v 20 That day will I summon My servant,
\q2 eliakim, son of Hilkiah.
\v 21 I will put your mantle upon him,
\q2 and give your authority into this hand.
\q And a father shall he be
\q2 to the folk of Jerusalem and the household of
\q2 judah.
\v 22 I will lay upon his shoulder
\q2 they key of the house of David,
\q so that none may shut when he opens,
\q2 nor open when he shuts.
\v 23 I will fasten him securely,
\q2 like a nail in a place that is firm.
\q Through him shall his father's house
\q2 be lifted to seats of honour.”
\s The Downfall of Eliakim's Family
\v 24 His family will hang upon him with all their weight – off-spring and off-scourings, all the meaner sort of vessels, be they bowls or be they pitchers.
\v 25 In that day, says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts, shall the nail so firmly fastened be removed with a wrench, and down shall come in ruin all that had hung upon it: for the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts has spoken it.
\ms2 The fate of Phoenicia
\s The Elegy
\c 23
\v 1 Oracle on Tyre.
\q Wail, you ships of Tarshish:
\q2 Your haven is ruined.
\q On your way from the island of Cyprus
\q2 the tale has been told you.
\v 2 The folk of the coast-land are perished,
\q2 the merchants of Sidon,
\q who traversed the sea, and whose envoys
\q2 did sail many waters,
\v 3 Whose harvest was wheat from the Nile,
\q2 and whose revenue trade with the nations.
\v 4 O Sidon, you Mother of Cities,
\q2 you Stronghold of Ocean,
\q2 in shame take up this lament:
\q ‟The youths that with anguish I bore and brought up
\q2 and the maidens I reared, are no more.”
\v 5 When tidings are come unto Egypt –
\q2 the tidings of Tyre –
\q2 in sore pain shall they be.
\v 6 Pass over to Tarshish, and wail,
\q2 you that dwell on the coast-land.
\v 7 Is this your jubilant city,
\q2 which dates from of old,
\q whose feet in the olden time bore her
\q2 to settle afar?
\v 8 Who then has purposed this doom
\q2 against Tyre, the crowned Queen,
\q whose merchants and traders were princes,
\q2 most honoured of earth?
\v 9 It's the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts that has planned it,
\q2 to desecrate pride,
\q to bring to contempt all splendour,
\q2 all pomp of the earth.
\v 10 Lament, you ships of Tarshish,
\q2 your haven is gone.
\v 11 He has stretched out His hand o'er the sea,
\q2 he has shaken the kingdoms.
\q The \nd Lord\nd* has charged touching Canaan
\q2 to ruin her fortresses.
\v 12 Exult no more, you are ruined,
\q2 o daughter of Sidon.
\q Arise, and pass over to Cyprus –
\q2 there, too, you shall rest not.
\v 14 Howl, you ships of Tarshish,
\q2 your haven is ruined.
\s The Revival of Tyre
\v 15 In that day Tyre shall pass into oblivion for seventy years, covering the period of one dynasty. At the end of seventy years, Tyre shall fare like the harlot in the song:
\v 16 With lyre in hand, walk up and down the city,
\q2 harlot, forgot by all:
\q Play skilfully, and sing them many ditty,
\q2 that they may you recall.
\v 17 But at the end of seventy years the \nd Lord\nd* shall visit Tyre (with favour). She will resume her meretricious practices, selling herself to all the kingdoms of the
\v 18 world on the face of the earth. But her gains from this traffic shall be dedicated to the \nd Lord\nd*: they shall not be stored or hoarded, but they are to belong to those who dwell in the \nd Lord\nd*'s presence; and these are to be furnished there from with abundance of food and stately apparel.
\s The Great World-Judgment
\ms2 The Judgment: The Rebels Punished
\c 24
\v 1 Hark! soon will the \nd Lord\nd* empty
\q2 and desolate the earth.
\q Her semblance He will distort,
\q2 her inhabitants He will scatter.
\v 2 Then the priest shall fare as the plain man,
\q2 the master shall fare as the servant,
\q2 the mistress as the maid.
\q The seller shall fare as the buyer,
\q2 the borrower shall fare as the lender,
\q2 the creditor as the debtor.
\v 3 The earth shall be utterly emptied,
\q2 the world shall be utterly spoiled,
\q2 for the \nd Lord\nd* has so decreed.
\v 4 The earth mourns and withers,
\q2 the world languishes and withers,
\q2 high heaven, like earth, languishes.
\v 5 The earth is all polluted
\q2 beneath the people that tread it;
\q for law they have transgressed,
\q2 and statue overstepped,
\q2 they have broken the eternal covenant.
\v 6 So a curse has devoured the earth,
\q2 it lights on her guilty people;
\q the people of earth are scorched,
\q2 and few are the men that are left.
\v 7a The new wine mourns, the wine languishes,
\v 11b And Over the land is an outcry for wine;
\v 7b All merry hearts are sighing,
\v 8b The tumult of gladness is silent,
\v 8a Hushed us the mirth of the timbrel,
\v 8c The mirth of the lute is hushed.
\v 9 No more is there drinking of wine with singing,
\q2 strong drink is bitter to those that drink it.
\v 10 The City of Chaos is shattered,
\v 11a The houses are bolted and barred;
\v 11c All merriment is over,
\v 11d And gladness is vanished from earth.
\v 12 Desolation is left in the city,
\q2 the gates are battered to ruins.
\v 13 Few in the midst of the earth
\q2 shall be those that are left of the nations –
\q Few as the olives when beaten,
\q2 or grapes when the vintage is past.
\v 14 Yonder they lift their voices
\q2 in ringing shouts of joy;
\q to the glorious the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 They cry from over the sea.
\v 15 ‟Now then you folk of the east,
\q2 give glory to the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q and you in the isles of the sea,
\q2 to the name of Israel's God.”
\v 16 From the uttermost parts of the earth
\q2 there float to us songs of praise:
\q ‟Now glory has dawned for the righteous.”
\q ‟Ah misery, misery me,” said I,
\q2 ‟For the robbers are robbing and robbing still.”
\v 17 Trap, terror, and pit are before you,
\q2 all you that dwell on the earth.
\v 18 He that flies from the terror shall fall down the pit,
\q2 he that creeps from the pit shall be caught in the trap.
\q For the windows of heaven are opened,
\q2 and earth's foundations tremble.
\v 19 The earth is breaking asunder,
\q2 the earth is splitting asunder,
\q2 the earth is shaking asunder,
\v 20 The earth like a drunkard is reeling,
\q2 she sways to and fro like a hammock;
\q so heavy a guilt lies upon her –
\q2 she falls, to rise no more.
\v 21 That day the \nd Lord\nd* shall punish
\q the host of high heaven in the height,
\q2 and the kings of the earth on the earth.
\v 22 And swept shall they be a dungeon, like prisoners,
\q2 and pent in the prison long time they shall lie,
\q2 till the day of their punishment dawns.
\v 23 Then the moon shall veil her face,
\q2 and the sun shall hide in shame;
\q for the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts, enthroned
\q2 in Jerusalem on Mount Zion,
\q shall manifest His glory
\q2 in the presence of His elders.
\ms2 The Banquet of the Nations on Mount Zion.
\c 25
\v 6 On this mountain the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 shall prepare for all the nations
\q a feast of pieces fat,
\q2 a feast of wine on the less –
\q Fat pieces full of marrow,
\q2 and wine on the lees well strained.
\v 7 He shall rend on this mountain the veil
\q2 that enwrapped the face of all nations.
\v 8 He will swallow up death for ever.
\q And then will swallow up death for ever.
\q And then will the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 Wipe tears from every face,
\q and remove from off the earth
\q2 the reproach that has clung to His people.
\q2 The \nd Lord\nd* Himself has decreed it.
\ms2 Israel's Security in the Great World-Judgment
\c 26
\v 20 O people of mine, come, enter your chambers,
\q2 and shut your doors behind you;
\q and hide you but for a moment,
\q2 till the wrath be overpast.
\v 21 For the \nd Lord\nd*, behold! cometh forth from His place,
\q2 to punish the dwellers on earth for their guilt;
\q and the earth shall disclose her blood,
\q2 she shall cover her slain no more.
\c 27
\v 1 When that cometh, the \nd Lord\nd* shall punish,
\q2 with His fierce and great and mighty sword,
\q leviathan the fleeing serpent,
\q2 and Leviathan the coiled serpent,
\q2 and the great sea-monster He will slay.
\v 12 That day will the \nd Lord\nd* beat out the grain
\q2 from the river Euphrates to the torrent of Egypt,
\q and \em you\em* shall be gleaned, one by one, sons of Israel.
\v 13 That day, at the blast of a mighty trumpet,
\q the men that were lost in the land of Assyria,
\q2 and those that were outcast in Egypt's land,
\q shall come and bow down to the \nd Lord\nd* in worship
\q2 on the holy Mount in Jerusalem.
\ms2 Song of Thanksgiving over the Destruction of Some Proud City
\c 25
\v 1 The \nd Lord\nd*, You are my God;
\q2 I exalt You, I praise Your name:
\q For a marvellous thing You have done,
\q2 long purposed, now come to fulfilment.
\v 2 You have made of a city a heap,
\q2 of a fortified city a ruin;
\q the palace of pride is a city no more,
\q2 it shall not be rebuilt for ever.
\v 3 For this shall fierce nations own Your glory,
\q2 the city of tyrants shall fear You.
\v 4 For unto the weak You have proved You a stronghold,
\q a stronghold wast You to the poor in his straits –
\q A refuge from storm and a shadow from heat.
\v 5 You subdues the voice of the proud,
\q2 and you humblest the song of the tyrant.
\ms2 Song over the Anticipated Destruction of Moab
\v 9 That day it shall be said:
\q Behold! this is our God,
\q2 for whom we have waited – to save us.
\q This is the \nd Lord\nd* for whom we have waited,
\q2 o let us rejoice and be glad – He has saved us.
\v 10 For here upon this mountain
\q2 the hand of the \nd Lord\nd* shall rest;
\q and Moab shall be trampled
\q2 in the place whereon he stands,
\q2 as straw in a dung-pit is trampled.
\v 11 Should he spread forth his hands.
\ms2 Song of Gratitude and Hope
\s Jerusalem Secure: The Proud City Destroyed
\c 26
\v 1 In that say shall this song be snug in the land of Judah:
\q A strong City is ours,
\q2 with bulwarks and walls
\q2 that He sets for our safety.
\v 2 Open the gates,
\q2 that the righteous may enter
\q2 who keeps the faith.
\v 3 The mind that is steady
\q2 you keeps in weal,
\q2 for it trusts in You.
\v 4 Trust in the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 Forevermore;
\q for Jah the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 Is Rock of Ages.
\v 5 For down He has cast
\q2 the dwellers on high,
\q2 the towering city,
\q abasing it even to the ground,
\q2 and laying it low in the dust.
\v 6 The foot shall trample it –
\q2 the feet of the poor,
\q2 and the steps of the needy.
\s It is Well with the Righteous, Ill with the Persistently Wicked
\v 7 The path of the upright is even,
\q2 you smoothest the way of the righteous.
\v 8 We have looked for You, O the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 to come by Your pathway of judgment;
\q we have yearned for a sign of Your presence,
\q2 which men may remember for ever.
\v 9 I have yearned for You in the night,
\q2 yea, with passionate spirit have sought You.
\q When Your judgments come over the world,
\q2 those that dwell on the earth learn righteousness.
\v 10 No grace shall be shown to the wicked,
\q2 who righteousness will not learn,
\q but even in the land of truth
\q2 persist in their evil ways,
\q and are altogether blind
\q2 to the majesty of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\s The Utter Destruction of the Enemy
\v 11 The \nd Lord\nd*, Your hand is uplifted,
\q2 but they are blind thereto;
\q2 may they see it, and be ashamed.
\q Let the fire, reserved for Your foes,
\q2 and Your zeal for Your people consume them.
\v 12 O the \nd Lord\nd*, establish our welfare;
\q2 for all that we have achieved
\q2 has been wrought for us by You.
\v 13 O the \nd Lord\nd* who are our God,
\q2 lords other than Thyself
\q have held us in their sway,
\q but \em Your\em* name alone will we praise.
\v 14 The dead shall not live again,
\q2 the shades shall not arise;
\q you have visited them with destruction,
\q2 and blotted their memory clean.
\s A Yet More Glorious Day
\v 15 You have, O the \nd Lord\nd*, increased the nation,
\q2 enlarged all the bounds of the land,
\q2 and shown Thyself most glorious.
\v 16 In our straits, O the \nd Lord\nd*, we sought You;
\q2 we cried, because we were crushed,
\q2 your chastisement was upon us.
\v 17 As a woman that is with child,
\q2 when she draws nigh her time,
\q2 doth cry aloud in her pangs;
\q so were we, Lord, because of Your presence.
\v 18 For we, too, writhed in pangs,
\q2 but we brought forth nothing but wind.
\q We achieved for the land no deliverance;
\q2 the denizens of the world
\q2 fell not (in battle) before us.
\v 19 Your dead shall arise unto life,
\q2 they that dwell in the dust shall awake,
\q2 and utter cries of joy;
\q for a dew (from the regions) of light is Your dew,
\q2 and the earth (refreshed thereby)
\q2 Shall quicken the shades into life.
\ms2 Song of the Vineyard
\c 27
\v 2 In that day it shall be said:
\q Vineyard delightsome,
\q2 sing you of it.
\v 3 I am its guardian – the \nd Lord\nd* –
\q2 i water it moment by moment;
\q that no leaf of it shall fail,
\q2 by day and by night I guard it.
\v 4 I cherish no anger against it.
\q2 But had I the briers and thorns,
\q i would trample them down in the fray,
\q2 I would burn them up altogether.
\v 5 Else, then, let them seek My protection,
\q2 and let them make peace with Me;
\q2 yea, peace let them make with Me.
\v 6 That day shall Jacob take root,
\q2 israel shall blossom and bud,
\q2 and with fruit fill the face of the world.
\ms2 the Lord's Mercy to Israel
\v 7 Has (Israel) been smitten so sorely
\q2 as those that smote \em her\em* have been smitten?
\q Or has she been slain without remnant,
\q2 as those that slew \em her\em* have been slain?
\v 8 By dismissal and exile alone
\q2 doth (the \nd Lord\nd*) contend with \em her\em*:
\q He has swept her away by His blast
\q2 that blows fierce in the day of sirocco.
\v 9 On this condition therefore
\q2 shall Israel's guilt be forgiven –
\q When she puts away her sin
\q2 the issue thereof shall be this –
\q That all the stones of her altars
\q2 she shall grind, like chalk, to powder;
\q that sacred poles and sun-pillars
\q2 she never shall raise again.
\v 10 For the fortified city is desolate,
\q2 a homestead forsaken, forlorn,
\q like a pasture: there browses the calf –
\q2 there he lies, consuming the branches;
\v 11 And there, when the dry boughs are broken,
\q2 come women who use them for fuel.
\q For the people would not reflect;
\q and so from their Maker they win no pity,
\q2 no favour from their Creator.
\s Warnings and Promises to Jerusalem
\ms2 Woe to Samaria
\c 28
\v 1 Woe to the coronet proud of the drunkards of Ephraim!
\q2 Woe to the fading flower of her glorious beauty,
\q2 which crowns the heads of the men that are prostate with wine!
\v 2 See! the Lord has in readiness one that is mighty and strong –
\q2 like a storm of hail, or like tempest destructive,
\q like storm of a mighty tempestuous flood –
\q2 that will bring her with violence down to the ground.
\v 3 The coronet proud of the drunkards of Ephraim
\q2 shall be trampled under foot;
\v 4 And the fading flower of her glorious beauty,
\q2 which crowned the head of the fertile valley,
\q shall be as the first ripe fig before summer –
\q No sooner seen than swallowed,
\q2 the moment it is in the hand.
\v 5 But that day will the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 unto those that are left of His people
\q2 be Coronet lovely and Diadem fair –
\v 6 A spirit of justice to him
\q2 that presides over justice,
\q of valour to those at the gate
\q2 that stem the tide of war.
\ms2 The Scoffers of Jerusalem Threatened
\s Isaiah's Solemn Warning to the Drunken Priests and Prophets
\v 7 But here also men reel with wine
\q2 and stagger under drink;
\q yea, with drink reel prophet and priest,
\q2 with wine they are utterly dazed.
\q They reel in the hour of vision,
\q2 they totter in giving of judgment;
\v 8 All tables are full of vomit,
\q2 and filth is everywhere.
\v 9 ‟To whom does he mean to teach knowledge,
\q2 and impart his revelation?
\q To children weaned from the milk,
\q2 to babes just drawn from the breast –
\v 10 With his law upon law, law upon law,
\q2 saw upon saw, saw upon saw,
\q2 here a little and there a little?”
\v 11 (Well! thus I answer your mocking.)
\q Through barbarous lips and a foreign tongue
\q2 will (the \nd Lord\nd* now) speak to this people.
\v 12 For once had His message to you been this:
\q ‟The true rest in this – let the weary enjoy it:
\q2 And this is repose.” But you turned a deaf ear.
\v 13 So on this wise the \nd Lord\nd* will speak to you now:
\q2 ‟Law upon law, law upon law,
\q saw upon saw, saw upon saw,
\q2 here a little, and there a little” –
\q To the end that you trip on your way and fall backward,
\q2 shattered and snared and taken.
\s The Folly of the Egyptians Alliance
\v 14 Hear therefore the word of the \nd Lord\nd*, you scoffers,
\q2 who rule this folk in Jerusalem.
\v 15 Because you have said, ‟We are leagued with Death,
\q2 and with Sheol we are compact;
\q so the flood, though it passes in whelming torrents,
\q2 shall never reach unto us;
\q for a lie we have made our refuge,
\q2 we have sheltered ourselves behind falsehood”:
\v 16 Therefore thus says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 behold! I am laying in Zion a stone,
\q a tried and precious foundation stone,
\q2 and he that believeth shall not give way.
\v 17 And I will make justice the measuring-line,
\q2 and righteousness the plummet.
\q Then the refuge of lies shall swept by hail,
\q2 and the shelter deluged by water.
\v 18 Your league with Death shall be clean disannulled,
\q2 and your compact with Sheol shall no wise stand.
\q When the flood swept on, it will trample you down;
\q2 each time that it passes, 'twill bear you away.
\v 19 It shall pass every morning – by day and by night –
\q2 and the word, grasped at last, shall bring nothing but terror.
\v 20 For the bed is too short for a man to stretch out in,
\q2 the cover too narrow to wrap himself round.
\v 21 For the \nd Lord\nd* shall rise as He rose on mount Perazim,
\q2 blazing with wrath as in Gibeon's vale,
\q to perform His task – that task so strange,
\q2 to accomplish His work – that work so.
\v 22 Now scoff you no more, lest your bands become tighter;
\q2 for this have I heard from the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts –
\q2 a decree of destruction o'er all the earth.
\ms2 The Patience and Considerateness of the Divine Purpose
\v 23 Listen, and hear you my voice;
\q2 attend and give ear to my speech.
\v 24 Doth the ploughman keep ploughing for ever,
\q2 keep opening and harrowing his ground?
\v 25 Doth he not, after levelling its surface,
\q2 scatter broadcast fennel and cummin,
\q and plant there wheat and barley,
\q2 and, for its border, spelt?
\v 26 The \nd Lord\nd* it is that has trained him aright,
\q2 and his God it is that has taught him.
\v 27 Men thresh not fennel with sledges,
\q2 nor are cart-wheels rolled over cummin;
\q but fennel is threshed with a staff,
\q2 and cummin with a flail.
\v 28 Do we ever crush bread-corn to pieces?
\q2 Nay, we do not keep threshing for ever;
\ms2 The Character and Fate Jerusalem
\s The Fate of Jerusalem
\c 29
\rem Initial check
\v 1 Woe to you, Ariel, Ariel,
\q2 city where David encamped.
\q Let one or two years pass by,
\q2 a cycle of festivals more,
\v 2 and distress I will bring upon Ariel,
\q2 moaning and lamentation,
\q and you shall be Ariel indeed.
\v 3 I will camp, like David, against you,
\q and circle there round with entrenchments,
\q2 and set up forts against you.
\v 4 And low from the ground shall you speak,
\q2 and your words from the dust shall rise humbly
\q with voice like a ghost's from the ground,
\q2 with twittering speech from the dust.
\v 5 But the horde of your foes shall become like fine dust,
\q2 and the horde of the tyrants like flying chaff.
\q Then swiftly and suddenly
\v 6 the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts will visit you
\q with thunder and with earthquake,
\q2 and with din stupendous,
\q with whirlwind and with tempest,
\q2 and flame of devouring fire.
\v 7 But the horde of all the nations
\q2 that fight against Ariel,
\q with all their entrenchments and forts
\q2 and all the hosts that distress her,
\q2 shall be as a dream, as a vision of night.
\v 8 Like a man that is hungry, who dreams that he eats
\q2 and wakes to find his desire unappeased;
\q like a man that is thirsty, who dreams that he drinks,
\q2 and wakes all faint, with his thirst unquenched:
\q Even so shall it be with the horde of all nations
\q2 that fight against Mount Zion.
\s The Spiritual Torpor and Religious Formality of the People
\v 9 Utterly dazed shall you be,
\q2 utterly blind shall you be,
\q and drunken, though not with wine,
\q2 reeling, though not with strong drink.
\v 10 For the \nd Lord\nd* has poured upon you
\q2 a spirit of slumber deep;
\q the prophets, your eyes, He has sealed,
\q2 the seers, your heads, He has covered,
\v 11 so that the sight of all this is to you
\q2 as the words on a scroll that is sealed.
\p If put into the hands of a scholar with the request that he read it, he will reply, ‟I cannot, it is sealed.”
\v 12 If, however, it be put into the hands of a man who is no scholar, with the request that he read it, he will reply, ‟I cannot, I am no scholar.”
\v 13 And the Lord said:
\q Because these people praise me with words,
\q honouring Me with their lips,
\q2 while their hearts are far away –
\q their religion only a mockery,
\q2 formulate learned by rote –
\v 14 I will deal with them therefore once more
\q2 in a fashion so wondrous strange
\q that their wise men's wisdom shall perish,
\q2 their prudent men's prudence shall vanish.
\v 15 Woe to them who conceal
\q2 from the \nd Lord\nd* their deep designs,
\q doing their deeds in the dark,
\q2 unseen, unperceived – so they think!
\ms2 Doubters Rebuked by a Vision of Israel's Welfare in the Latter Days
\v 16 O perverse that you are!
\q2 Is the potter no more than the clay?
\q Shall the thing that is made maintain
\q2 that it has not been made by its maker?
\q Shall the thing that is fashioned deny
\q2 that the potter has understanding?
\v 17 Soon Lebanon's forests will become an orchard,
\q2 and orchards will be considered useless forest.
\v 18 In that day even the deaf
\q2 shall hear words read from a scroll,
\q and out of the gloom and darkness
\q2 the eyes of the blind shall see.
\v 19 And then shall the humble win
\q2 a new joy in the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q and the poorest shall exult
\q2 in the Holy One of Israel.
\v 20 For the tyrant will have vanished,
\q2 and the scoffer will have ceased;
\q and those that were zealous in sin
\q2 shall all have been rooted out,
\v 21 With those that have falsely condemned,
\q2 and sought to entrap the judge,
\q2 and quibbled to injure the innocent.
\v 22 Thus therefore says the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 the God of the household of Jacob,
\q2 Abraham's redeemer:
\q No longer will Jacob be ashamed,
\q2 no longer will faces grow pale with embarrasment.
\v 23 For the moment he beholds his children,
\q2 what My hands have wrought in his midst,
\q2 they shall count My name as holy;
\q the Holy One of Jacob
\q2 they then shall count as holy,
\q2 and in awe hold the God of Israel.
\v 24 Those that had erred in spirit
\q2 shall then win understanding;
\q and those that had grumbled
\q2 will willingly learn the truth.
\ms2 The Egyptian Alliance a Ruinous Policy
\s The Embassy to Egypt
\c 30
\v 1 Ha! you refractory sons, says the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 that follow a purpose I did not inspire,
\q and that make an alliance that \em I\em* did not sanction,
\q2 thus heaping sin upon sin.
\v 2 They start on their journey to Egypt,
\q2 without consulting Me,
\q to flee to the shelter of Pharaoh shall turn to your shame,
\q2 and the shadow of Egypt shall prove your confusion.
\v 4 The princes encamp in Zoan,
\q2 the envoys arrive at Hanes,
\v 5 All of them laden with gifts
\q2 for a people that cannot avail them,
\q that brings no help or profit,
\q2 but only disgrace and shame.
\v 6 Oracle concerning the beasts of the South.
\q2 Through a land of distress and hardship,
\q of lioness and roaring lion,
\q2 of viper and flying dragon,
\q they carry their wealth on the backs of young asses,
\q2 their treasures on humps of camels,
\q to a people that cannot avail them,
\q2 whose help is vain and empty.
\v 7 And therefore I name her Rahab,
\q2 the monster brought to silence.
\s Judah's Rebellion and Ruin
\v 8 Now go and write it down,
\q2 and on a roll inscribe it,
\q that it may be for the after-time,
\q2 a testimony for ever.
\v 9 For a rebel people are they,
\q2 sons that are utterly false,
\q sons that refuse to listen
\q2 to the teaching of the \nd Lord\nd* –
\v 10 That forbid the seers to see
\q2 and the prophets to prophesy truth.
\q ‟Speak to us smooth things,” they say,
\q2 ‟And prophesy illusions.
\v 11 Give over your wonted ways,
\q2 and leave your well-worn tracks;
\q and trouble us no more
\q2 with the Holy One of Israel.”
\v 12 This therefore is the message
\q2 of the Holy One of Israel:
\q ‟Because you reject this word,
\q2 and trust in guile and craft,
\q2 and lean your weight thereon,
\v 13 This guilt of yours shall be
\q2 like a rift in a lofty wall,
\q2 that bulges, ready to fall,
\q till suddenly and swiftly
\q2 down it comes with a crash –
\v 14 A crash like that of a pitcher
\q2 so ruthlessly dashed in pieces,
\q that not a shred can be found
\q2 among the scattered fragments
\q wherewith to take fire from the heart,
\q2 or to draw from the cistern water.”
\v 15 For thus says the Lord the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 the Holy One of Israel,
\q ‟In calmly resting your safety lies,
\q2 in quiet trust shall be your strength.”
\v 16 But this you refused. You said ‟No;
\q but away we will speed upon horseback.”
\q2 Yes, speed indeed you shall.
\q ‟On steeds that are swift we will ride.”
\q2 Yes, and swift shall be they that pursue you.
\v 17 At the menace of five you shall flee,
\q2 until only a remnant be left,
\q like a pole on the top of a mountain,
\q2 or a signal upon a hill.
\ms2 The Final Triumph and Prosperity of Jerusalem
\s Forgiveness and Prosperity
\v 18 Therefore the \nd Lord\nd* length
\q2 to show unto you His favour,
\q and therefore He arises
\q2 to reveal His pity upon you;
\q for the \nd Lord\nd* is God of justice:
\q2 Happy all who long for Him.
\v 19 For, O people of Zion that dwell in Jerusalem,
\q2 tears shall be yours no more.
\q He will show you His gracious favour;
\q2 at the (faintest) sound of your cry,
\q2 he will answer you, soon as He hears it.
\v 20 And though the Lord may give unto you
\q2 scant measure of bread and scarceness of water,
\q yet your Teacher no more shall withdraw,
\q2 but your eyes shall behold your Teacher.
\v 21 When you swerves to right of left,
\q2 you shall hear a voice behind you.
\q ‟This is the way: walk here.”
\v 22 And your images you shall defile –
\q2 whether carved and plated with silver,
\q2 or molten and covered with gold.
\q Like an unclean thing you shall scatter them,
\q2 saying to them, ‟Begone.”
\v 23 Rain shall He give for your seed,
\q2 wherewith you sow the ground;
\q and the wheat that springs from the ground
\q2 shall rich and abundant be.
\q In that day shall your cattle
\q2 graze over pastures broad.
\v 24 The oxen and asses that till the ground
\q2 shall feast upon salted provender,
\q2 that with shovel and fork has been winnowed.
\v 25 On every lofty mountain,
\q2 on every hill that is high,
\q shall be streams of running water,
\q2 on the day of vast slaughter and falling towers.
\v 26 And the moonlight shall be as the sunlight,
\q2 and the sun shall be sevenfold brighter than now,
\q in the day that the \nd Lord\nd* upbinds
\q2 the hurt of His people,
\q2 and heals the wound that has smitten them.
\s The Glorious Triumph
\v 27 Behold, the \nd Lord\nd* comes from afar
\q2 in thick rising clouds and with anger that blazes,
\q with lips that are filled with rage,
\q2 and tongue like devouring fire,
\v 28 With breadth like a rushing torrent,
\q2 that reaches even to the neck,
\q to sift till the nations are sifted to nothing,
\q2 to bridle their jaws and to lead them to ruin.
\v 29 Then a song you shall sing like the song
\q2 in the night of a holy festival;
\q and gladness of heart shall be yours,
\q2 as is his, who, to sound of flute,
\q sets forth for the Mount of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 to (worship) the Rock of Israel.
\v 30 The \nd Lord\nd* will utter His glorious voice,
\q2 he will bring down His arm in the sight of all,
\q in furious indignation,
\q2 and flame of devouring fire,
\q2 in cloud-burst and rain-storm and hailstones.
\v 31 At the thunder-voice of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 when He smiles with the rod,
\q2 shall Assyria be stricken with terror.
\v 32 And each stroke of the rod of destiny,
\q2 that the \nd Lord\nd* lays upon him,
\q shall fall to the music of timbrel and lute;
\q2 and with brandished arm shall He fight against them.
\v 33 For already a pyre is prepared,
\q2 constructed wide and deep,
\q piled high with blazing wood,
\q2 and fired by the breath of the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 as by a stream of brimstone.
\ms2 The Folly of the Egyptian Alliance
\c 31
\v 1 Woe to those that journey
\q2 to the land of Egypt for help,
\q who rely on the throngs of her horses and chariots,
\q2 and trust in the eminent strength of her horsemen,
\q but never turn their eyes
\q2 to the Holy One of Israel,
\q2 and ask not the \nd Lord\nd* for counsel.
\v 2 Yet He too is wise, and He brings disaster;
\q2 his threats He has not recalled.
\q He will rise to contend with the household of miscreants,
\q2 and with those whom the wicked would summon to help them.
\v 3 The people of Egypt are men, not God;
\q2 and their horses are flesh, not spirit.
\q Let therefore the \nd Lord\nd* but stretch forth His hand,
\q2 and the helper will stumble, the holpen will fall,
\q2 and both shall perish together.
\v 4 For thus has the \nd Lord\nd* declared to me:
\q Like as a lion growls,
\q2 or a young lion over his prey,
\q when against him the shepherds are summoned
\q2 to come in all their strength –
\q At the shout he is undismayed,
\q2 at their noise he is nothing daunted –
\q So the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts shall come down
\q2 to fight against Mount Zion,
\q and against the hill thereof;
\v 5 Then like fluttering birds (shall they flee).
\q Thus will the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 throw His shield around Jerusalem;
\q he will shield her and deliver her,
\q2 he will spare her and bring her to safety.
\ms2 The Enemy's Downfall
\v 6 O turn, you men of Israel, to Him
\q2 whom deeply you have offended.
\v 7 In that day each will disdain
\q2 the gold and silver idols
\q2 his guilty hands have made.
\v 8 Assyria shall fall by no mortal sword;
\q2 a sword, but not man's, shall devour him.
\q From the face of that sword he shall flee,
\q2 and his youths shall be put to task-work.
\v 9 In his fear he will flee past his rocky retreat,
\q2 and his princes shall run from the standard in panic.
\q Thus says the \nd Lord\nd* whose fire is in Zion,
\q2 whose furnace is in Jerusalem.
\ms2 Rulers and People in the Coming Days
\c 32
\v 1 Behold there cometh a King
\q2 who shall rule in a spirit of justice,
\q2 and princes who govern with equity –
\v 2 Each like a shelter from the wind,
\q2 a refuge from storm of rain,
\q or like streamlets of water in dry parched places,
\q2 or shade of great rock in a weary land.
\v 3 Then the eyes that see shall not be sealed,
\q2 and the ears that hear shall not be heedless;
\v 4 The mind of the rash shall judge with discernment,
\q2 the stammering tongue shall be fluent and plain.
\v 5 No more shall a fool be called ‟noble,”
\q2 No more shall a knave be named ‟princely.”
\v 6 For the fool speaks folly for ever,
\q2 his mind evermore plots mischief;
\q his doings are profane,
\q2 and error he speaks of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\q He leaves the hungry unsated,
\q2 and drink he withholds from the thirsty.
\v 7 The tricks of the evil are vile,
\q2 and villainies he plans –
\q To ruin the humble with lies,
\q2 and the poor, though his plea may be just.
\v 8 But the plans of the ‟noble” are noble,
\q2 by nobleness shall he endure.
\ms2 Warning to the Women
\v 9 You women that are at ease,
\q2 arise and hear my voice;
\q you carelessly confident daughters,
\q2 give ear to what I say.
\v 10 In little more than a year
\q2 you shall shudder, for all your confidence;
\q for the vintage shall surely fail,
\q2 and the fruit shall not be garnered.
\v 11 Tremble, you women at ease,
\q2 and you that are confident, shudder;
\q strip you, and make you bare,
\q2 gird (sackcloth) upon your loins,
\v 12 And beat upon your breasts
\q2 in lament for the pleasant fields,
\q2 and for the fruitful vines,
\v 13 And for the land of my people,
\q2 overgrown with thorns and briers.
\q Not a house of mirth shall be left
\q2 in all the jubilant city.
\v 14 The palace shall be forsaken,
\q2 the thronging city deserted;
\q watchtower and hill shall become
\q2 an everlasting waste.
\ms2 The Security and Prosperity of the Coming Days
\v 15 But yet from the heavenly height
\q2 shall a spirit be poured upon us,
\q and the desert become like a garden,
\q2 and the garden be counted a forest.
\v 16 Then justice shall dwell in the desert,
\q2 and righteousness live in the garden-land.
\v 17 Of justice the fruit shall be peace,
\q2 and the outcome of righteousness safety
\q2 and quietness for ever.
\v 18 My people shall dwell in the mansion of peace,
\q2 at the easeful rest in abodes secure.
\v 19 The forest shall be felled,
\q2 and the city laid utterly low.
\v 20 Happy are you that may sow
\q2 in a land that is all well watered,
\q2 where oxen and asses may roam.
\ms2 The Present Distress and the Future Glory of Jerusalem
\s The Distress
\c 33
\v 1 Woe to you, spoiler, whom none has despoiled;
\q2 you treacherous robber, whom no one has robbed.
\q When your spoiling is over, you too shall be spoiled;
\q2 when your robbing is ended, you too shall be robbed.
\v 2 O the \nd Lord\nd*, be gracious to us,
\q2 we have waited for You;
\q be You our Arm every morning,
\q2 our Saviour in time of distress.
\v 3 At the sound od the tumult the peoples are fled;
\q2 you lift Yourself, and the nations are scattered.
\v 4 (Your folk), like the locusts, shall gather the booty,
\q2 over it swarming, as grasshoppers swarm.
\v 5 The Lord is exalted, He dwells on high;
\q2 with justice and righteousness Zion He fills,
\v 6 With wealth of salvation and wisdom and knowledge,
\q2 with treasure that flows the fear of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\v 7 The heroes of Ariel are crying without,
\q2 the envoys of peace shed bitter tears;
\v 8 Forlorn are the highways, the wayfarer ceases.
\q He has broken the compact and mocked at its witnesses,
\q2 utterly reckless of human kind.
\v 9 The earth mourns and languishes,
\q2 lebanon withers in shame:
\q Sharon is now like a desert,
\q2 and Bashan and Carmel are leafless.
\s The Deliverance
\v 10 But thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, ‟Now \em I\em* will arise;
\q2 yea now, even now, I will lift Me on high.
\v 11 You are pregnant with chaff, and your child shall be stubble,
\q2 my breath shall devour you like fire.
\v 12 The nations shall sink through the burning ashes,
\q2 like a thorns cut away, that are kindled with fire.
\v 13 The men of far countries shall hear of My doings,
\q2 and those that are near shall acknowledge My might.”
\v 14 The sinners in Zion are filled with terror,
\q2 and shuddering seizes the souls profane.
\q ‟O who can dwell with devouring fire?
\q2 Who cab dwell with eternal flame?”
\v 15 Who walks in righteousness, speaks with honesty,
\q2 scorns the gain that is won by oppression;
\q whose hand refuses to clutch at a bribe,
\q2 who stops his ears at a tale of blood,
\q who closes his eyes at the sight of evil:
\v 16 He it is that shall dwell on impregnable heights.
\q On a fastness of rock shall his stronghold be,
\q2 where his bread is provided, his water is sure.
\v 17 Thine eyes shall behold the King in His beauty,
\q2 they shall look on the land that stretches afar.
\v 18 And thus shall you muse on the (vanished) terror:
\q2 ‟Where is he that once weighed, that once counted the tribute,
\q2 and he that once counted the towers (for assault)?”
\v 19 No more shall you look on the insolent people,
\q the people of dark and difficult speech,
\q2 who chatter a barbarous, meaningless tongue.
\v 20 Look on the city of Zion,
\q2 the home of our festal assemblies;
\q thine eyes shall behold Jerusalem,
\q2 as a home of ease, a tent unremoved,
\q whose pegs shall never be plucked from the ground,
\q2 and not one of whose cords shall be snapped asunder.
\v 21 In place of broad encompassing streams
\q2 shall be there for our comfort the \nd Lord\nd*'s own river,
\q a river where sails no fleet with oars,
\q2 and stately galleys pass not over.
\v 22 For the \nd Lord\nd* Himself is our Judge,
\q2 the \nd Lord\nd* Himself is our Marshall,
\q the \nd Lord\nd* Himself is our King:
\q2 It is He, He alone, that shall save us.
\v 23d Then shall the blind divide spoil in abundance,
\v 23e And then shall rich plunder be seized by the lame.
\v 24 Nevermore shall inhabitants say, ‟I am sick,”
\q2 For the sins of her people are all forgiven.
\s The Golden Age
\ms2 The Day of Vengeance
\s The Destruction of the Nations
\c 34
\v 1 Draw nigh, you nations, and hearken;
\q2 you peoples, give attention.
\q Let the earth and its fullness hearken,
\q2 the world and all its offspring.
\v 2 For the \nd Lord\nd* is wroth with all nations,
\q2 and angry with all their host;
\q he has doomed them to destruction,
\q2 has given them up to slaughter.
\v 3 Their slain shall be flung out,
\q2 and a stench shall arise from their corpses;
\q the mountains shall run with their blood,
\v 4 The heavens shall roll up like a scroll,
\q2 and all their host shall fade –
\q As the leaves fade away from the vine,
\q2 as the foliage fades from the fig-tree.
\s The Destruction of Edom
\v 5 For already drunk with His wrath
\q2 is the sword of the \nd Lord\nd* in heaven.
\q See! down it descends upon Edom
\q2 in doom on that people accursed.
\v 6 Blood-gorged is the sword of the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 It is smeared all over with fat
\q with the blood of lambs and of goats,
\q2 with the fat of the kidneys of rams.
\q For the \nd Lord\nd* has a sacrifice in Bozrah,
\q2 vast slaughter in Edom's land:
\v 7 With those shall be struck down wild oxen,
\q2 and bullocks together with steers.
\q Their land shall be drunken with blood,
\q2 and their dust shall be smeared with fat;
\v 8 For the \nd Lord\nd* has set Him a day of revenge,
\q2 and the Champion of Zion a year of requital.
\v 9 Her streams shall be turned into pitch,
\q2 and the dust of the land into brimstone;
\q her land shall be turned into pitch,
\q2 that burns night and day.
\v 10 It shall not be quenched for ever,
\q2 her smoke shall go up through the ages;
\q a waste she shall lie evermore,
\q2 to be crossed by no traveller for ever –
\v 11 The haunt of the pelican and bittern,
\q2 the home of the owl and the raven:
\q The \nd Lord\nd* will stretch out upon her
\q2 the measuring-line of Chaos,
\q2 and the plums of Destruction.
\v 12 Satyrs shall dwell therein,
\q2 her nobles shall cease to be;
\q no kingdom shall there be proclaimed,
\q2 and her princes shall be no more.
\v 13 Where her palaces were, shall spring thorns;
\q2 in her fortresses, nettles and thistles.
\q A haunt shall she be for jackals,
\q2 a place for the camping of ostriches.
\v 14 wild cats shall join the hyenas,
\q2 and satyrs shall meet with their fellows;
\q there only the night-hag reposes,
\q2 and finds her place of rest.
\v 15 There the arrow-snake nestles and lays,
\q2 there she broods and hatches her eggs;
\q there only the vultures gather –
\q2 not one without its mate.
\v 16 Search in the Book of the \nd Lord\nd* –
\q2 not one of all these is missing;
\q for the \nd Lord\nd*'s own lips have commanded,
\q2 and His is the breath that has gathered them.
\v 17 \em He\em* has assigned it by lot to them,
\q2 his is the hand that apportioned it,
\q as their everlasting possession,
\q2 their home through all the ages.
\ms2 The Joy of the Redeemed
\c 35
\v 1 Let the desert and parched land rejoice,
\q2 let the steppe-land exult and burst forth;
\q let it burst into bloom like narcissus,
\q2 and ring with glad cries of rejoicing,
\v 2 All dowered with the glory of Lebanon,
\q2 the splendour of Carmel and Sharon:
\q They shall witness the \nd Lord\nd*'s own glory,
\q2 the majesty of our God.
\v 3 Strengthen the hands that hang down,
\q2 and the tottering knees make firm;
\v 4 Tell you the wild-beating hearts
\q2 to be strong and unafraid.
\q Behold! your God is coming,
\q2 he will surely avenge His people;
\q god is coming in retribution,
\q2 he Himself is coming to save you.
\v 5 Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened,
\q2 the ears of the deaf unstopped;
\v 6 Then the lame shall leap like a hart
\q2 and the tongue of the dumb shall sing.
\q For waters break out in the desert,
\q2 and torrents in the wilderness;
\v 7 The parched land becomes a pool,
\q2 and the thirsty land springs of water.
\q In the haunts of (wild cats and of) jackals
\q2 (Your flocks and your herds) shall rest,
\q and the court (where the ostriches camp)
\q2 Shall be filled with reeds and rushes.
\v 8 And there a pure highway shall rise,
\q2 to be called ‟The Holy Way”;
\q the unclean shall not pass over it,
\q2 fools shall not wander therein.
\v 9 No lion shall be there,
\q2 no ravenous beast shall ascend it;
\q but there shall the ransomed walk,
\q2 yea, the \nd Lord\nd*'s redeemed shall come home.
\v 10 They shall come unto Zion with singing;
\q2 and crowned with unending joy;
\q for at last joy and gladness have found them,
\q2 and sorrow and sighing are fled.
\s Historical Appendix
\ms2 Isaiah Encourages Hezekiah to Resist Sennacheirb's Summons to Surrender Jerusalem
\s First Narrative
\c 36
\v 1 In the fourteenth year of the reign of Hezekiah, Sennacherib, King of Assyria, after having assaulted and captured all the fortified cities of Judah,
\v 2 despatched his Chief Officer from Lachish with a large force against King Hezekiah in Jerusalem. Near the conduit of the upper pool, where he had taken up his position on the Fuller's Field Road,
\v 5 he was visited by a deputation consisting of Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, Governor of the Palace, Shebna the Secretary, and Joah the son of Asaph, the Recorder.
\v 4 The Chief Officer began: ‟This is the message from the Great King, the King of Assyria: I desire
\v 5 you to deliver it to Hezekiah. 'What sort of confidence is this that you cherish? Do you imagine that in war a mere word of the lips is the equivalent of wisdom and strength? Now who is it you are
\v 6 trusting in, that you presume to rebel against me? Of course you are trusting to Egypt, that staff of broken reed, which will enter and piece the hand of the man that leans upon it: that is all that Pharaoh King of Egypt will prove to those who
\v 7 trust to him. If, however, you tell me you are trusting to your God the \nd Lord\nd*, why, that is the very god whose sanctuaries and altars Hezekiah has abolished, commanding the people of Judah and Jerusalem to confine their worship to the altar at this
\v 8 place? Now, make a wager, if you like, with my lord the King of Assyria: I am prepared to furnish you with two thousand horses, if you on your part
\v 9 can supply them with riders. (But if you cannot), how do you propose to repel the onset of one of the least of my lord's officers? yet you trust to Egypt
\v 10 for chariots and horsemen. And now do you imagine that I have not the \nd Lord\nd*'s sanction for invading this land with a view to its destruction? Why, it is the \nd Lord\nd* Himself who commissioned me to invade this land and destroy it.'”
\v 11 Thereupon Eliakim, Shebna, and Joah asked the Chief Officer to be good enough not to speak to them in Hebrew, in the hearing of the people on the wall, but in Aramaic, which they assured him
\v 12 they understood. ‟Nay,” replied the Officer, ‟it is not to your lord and yourself that my lord has sent me with this message, but precisely to the men on the wall, whom your policy is likely to reduce to eating their own filth and drinking their own water. ”
\v 13 Then the Chief Officer came forward and cried aloud in Hebrew, ‟Listen to the words of the
\v 14 Great King, the King of Assyria. Thus says the King: Do not let yourselves be imposed upon by
\v 15 Hezekiah, for he is powerless to deliver you; and do not let yourselves be induced to trust to the \nd Lord\nd* by Hezekiah's assurances that the \nd Lord\nd* will unquestionably save you, and that this city will not be delivered into the hands of the King of Assyria.
\v 16 Give no heed to Hezekiah; for thus says the King of Assyria to you, Make your peace with me and surrender, and then everyone shall eat of his own vine and fig-tree, and drink water from his own
\v 17 cistern, till I come and take you to a land like your own – a land of corn and wine, a land of bread and
\v 18 vineyards. Do not let Hezekiah delude you with assurances that the \nd Lord\nd* will save you. Has the god of any nation ever rescued his land from the grasp
\v 19 of the King of Assyria? Where are the gods of Hamath and Arpad? Where are the gods Sepharvain? And where are the gods of the land of Samaria? Have they rescued Samaria from
\v 20 his grasp? Which of all these national gods has succeeded in rescuing his land from my grasp, that the \nd Lord\nd* should now rescue Jerusalem from my
\v 21 grasp?” To this they answered not a word, they remained silent; for the King had expressly told
\v 22 them not to answer him. Then Eliakim the son of Hilkiah, Governor of the Palace, and Shebna the Secretary, and Joah the son of Asaph, the Recorder, tore their garments, and returned to Hezekiah, telling him what the Chief Officer had said.
\c 37
\v 1 When King Hezekiah heard this, he tore his garments, covered himself with sackcloth, and went
\v 2 into the Temple; and he despatched Eliakim, Governor of the Palace, and Shebna the Secretary, and the elders of the priests, all covered with sackcloth,
\v 3 to the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz, to whom they spoke as follows: ‟A message from Hezekiah! This is a day of trouble, chastisement, and disgrace: for children are come to the birth,
\v 4 and there is not strength to bear them. But it may be that the \nd Lord\nd* your God will hear the words of the Chief Officer, whom the King of Assyria, his master, has sent to insult the living God, and will punish the word which the \nd Lord\nd* your God has heard: so lift up
\v 5,6 your prayer for those that remain.” And this was the answer that Isaiah returned to the deputation of King Hezekiah's ministers: ‟Tell your master,” he said, ‟that the \nd Lord\nd*'s message to him is this: he is not to be afraid of the blasphemous words he has heard from the minions of the King of Assyria.
\v 7 ' Behold,' says He, 'I will inspire him with such a spirit (of panic) that on the strength of a rumour he will return to this own land, and there, in his own land, I will cause him to fall a victim to the sword.'”
\v 8 Then the Chief Officer returned and found the King of Assyria engaged in the siege of Libnah, for he had heard that he had moved his camp from Lachish.
\v 9a When the news reached him that Tirhakah King of Ethiopia was advancing to give him battle …
\p So Sennacherib, King of Assyria, broke up camp and returned to Nineveh, where he settled. Subsequently, as he was worshipping in the temple of Nisroch his god, he was assassinated by his sons Adrammelech and Sharezer. They, however, made good their escape to Armenia, and he was succeeded by Esar-haddon his son.
\s Second Narrative
\v 9b Then he sent messengers to Hezekiah with the
\v 10 following instructions. ‟This,” said he, ‟is what you are to say to Hezekiah King of Judah,
\v 11 Do not let the god you trust in delude you with his assurance that Jerusalem will not be delivered into the hands of the King of Assyria. You are well aware of the ruin the King of Assyria has brought upon all lands, and are \em you\em* to escape?
\v 12 Were the nations which my father destroyed saved by their gods – Gozan and Haran and Rezeph and the
\v 13 Edenites in Telassar? Where is the King of Hamath and the King of Arpad and the King of the city of Sepharvaim, of Hena and Ivvah?”
\v 14 Hezekiah received the letter at the hands of the messengers and read it; then he went up to the
\v 15 Temple and spread it before the \nd Lord\nd*, and to
\v 16 the \nd Lord\nd* thus he prayed: ‟O the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts, You God is Israel, enthroned upon the cherubim, You are God alone over all the kingdoms of the earth: You are the Creator of heaven and earth.
\v 17 Incline Thine ear, O the \nd Lord\nd*, and hear; open Thine eyes, O the \nd Lord\nd*, and see; and hear the message of Sennacherib which he has sent to insult
\v 18 the living God. True it is, O the \nd Lord\nd*, that the Kings of Assyria have devoted all nations and
\v 19 their lands to destruction, and thrust their gods in the fire, for no gods were they at all, but wood and stone, fashioned by human hands and so they were
\v 20 destroyed. But now, O the \nd Lord\nd* our God, save us from his hand, that all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You alone, O the \nd Lord\nd*, are God.”
\v 21 Then Isaiah the son of Amoz sent this answer back to Hezekiah: ‟Thus says the \nd Lord\nd* the God of Israel: I have heard your prayer concerning Sennacherib, King of Assyria.
\v 22 This is the word of the \nd Lord\nd* concerning him:
\q The virgin, the daughter of Zion,
\q2 contemns you and mocks you;
\q behind you Jerusalem's daughter
\q2 is shaking her head.
\v 23 Against whom have you lifted your voice
\q2 in reviling and blasphemy?
\q Yea, your eyes you have lifted to heaven
\q2 against Israel's Holy One.
\v 24 You have reviled, by your minions,
\q2 the Lord, and have said,
\q ‟With my chariots I climb the high hills,
\q2 the recesses of Lebanon;
\q her towering cedars I fell,
\q2 and her cypresses choice;
\q and I pierce to her furthest retreat,
\q2 where the forest is thickest.
\v 25 Wells, too, (in the desert) I dig,
\q2 and I drink of strange waters;
\q with the sole of my foot I dry up
\q2 all the Nile-streams of Egypt.”
\v 26 Hast you not heard that all this
\q2 I prepared long ago?
\q From the old I had planned it, and now
\q2 I have brought it to pass:
\q So 'tis your to lay fortified cities
\q2 in desolate heaps.
\v 27 Their inhabitants, impotent all,
\q2 are dismayed and confounded,
\q become like the grass of the field,
\q2 like the green tender grass;
\q they are like unto grass on the roofs
\q2 that the east wind has blasted.
\v 28 Your sitting and rising I know,
\q2 and your going and coming;
\v 29 Your raging and uproar against Me
\q2 are come to Mine ears.
\q So My ring I will put through your nose
\q2 and My bit in your lips,
\q and (thus led) I will make you return
\q2 by the way that you came.
\v 30 And the sign unto you shall be this:
\q This year you shall eat that which grows of itself,
\q2 and the next that which springs therefrom;
\q but the third you shall sow and reap,
\q2 plant vineyards and eat of their fruit.
\v 31 And those that escape of the household of Judah
\q2 shall again take root downward, and upward bear fruit;
\v 32 For out of Jerusalem shall go forth a remnant,
\q2 and forth from Mount Zion all such as escape.
\q The zeal of the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts
\q2 shall bring this thing to pass.
\v 33 Therefore thus says the \nd Lord\nd* concerning the King of Assyria,
\q he shall not come into this city,
\q2 nor shoot an arrow there;
\q he shall not come before it with shield,
\q2 nor cast up a mound against it.
\v 34 But back he shall go by the way that he came,
\q2 and into this city he shall not enter;
\v 35 For I will protect and deliver this city,
\q2 for Mine own sake and David My servant's sake.
\v 36 Then the angel of the \nd Lord\nd* went forth and slew in the camp of Assyria one hundred and eighty-five thousand men: when they rose in the morning, behold! every man was a lifeless corpse.
\ms2 Hezekiah's Sickness, Recovery, and Song of Thanksgiving
\s Hezekiah's Sickness
\c 38
\v 1 In those days Hezekiah was seized with a mortal sickness: and the prophet Isaiah the son of Amoz came to him and said, ‟the \nd Lord\nd* commands you to set your household affairs in order; for you will
\v 2 not recover, you are to die.” Then, turning his face to the wall, Hezekiah offered this prayer to
\v 3 the \nd Lord\nd*: ‟Remember, O the \nd Lord\nd*, I beseech You, how I have lived in Your presence with a faithful and undivided heart, and done the thing that pleased You.” And Hezekiah wept bitterly. Then
\v 4 there came to Isaiah this message from the \nd Lord\nd*,
\v 5 ‟Go and say to Hezekiah: This says the \nd Lord\nd*, the God of David your father, 'I will add to your life fifteen
\v 6 years more. You and this city together I will rescue from the grasp of the King of Assyria, and
\v 21 this city I will protect.'” Then Isaiah said, ‟Let them take a cake of figs and press it on the boil, to
\v 22 ensure his recovery.” And Hezekiah said, ‟What is the sign that I shall yet go up to the Temple?”
\v 7 ‟Take this,” he replied, ‟as a sign from the \nd Lord\nd*
\v 8 that He will do what He has promised. Watch the shadow that the descending sun has cast on the step-clock of Ahaz: I will bring that shadow ten steps backward.” and the sun did indeed go back on the step-clock the ten steps it had gone down.
\s Hezekiah's Song of Thanksgiving
\v 9 A psalm of Hezekiah King of Judah, to celebrate his recovery from the sickness which had overtaken him:
\v 10 Me thought I was doomed to depart
\q2 when my life was at noon-tide –
\q Consigned to the portals of Sheol
\q2 the rest of my years.
\v 11 I had thought to see Jah nevermore
\q2 in the land of the living,
\q and never again to behold
\q2 any man in this world.
\v 12 Like the tent of a shepherd, my home
\q2 is plucked up and stripped from me;
\q he has rolled up my life like a web,
\q2 from the thrum He has cut me.
\q To pain I am doomed night and day,
\v 13 And I cry till the morning,
\q while all my bones, like a lion
\q2 he crushes in pieces.
\v 14 I scream as screams a swift,
\q2 like a dove do I moan;
\q mine eyes look tearfully heavenward:
\q2 O think on me, Lord, be my surety.
\v 15 What can I utter or say,
\q2 since 'tis He has done it.
\q I toss all the time of my slumber –
\q2 my soul is so bitter.
\v 16 O rest You my spirit, refresh me,
\q2 and let me recover.
\v 17 "Tis You that have kept my soul
\q2 from the pit of destruction.
\q Behind Your back You have cast
\q2 mine iniquities all.
\v 18 For Sheol can give You no thanks,
\q2 nor can Death sing Your praises;
\q and they that go down to the pit
\q2 cannot hope for Your love.
\v 19 It is the living, the living, that praise You,
\q2 as I do this day.
\q So the father shall tell to his sons
\q2 of Your faithfulness sure.
\v 20 Be pleased, O the \nd Lord\nd*, to save us:
\q2 Then all the days of our life
\q we shall play upon instruments stringed
\q2 in front of the house of the \nd Lord\nd*.
\ms2 Hezekiah's Vanity and Isaiah's Rebuke
\c 39
\v 1 At that time, Merodach-baladan the son of Baladan, King of Babylon, having heard that Hezekiah had been ill and had recovered, despatched
\v 2 eunuchs to him with a present. Hezekiah, delighted, proceeded to display to them his treasure- house, the silver, the gold, the spices, the fine oil, the armoury, and the whole range of his treasures: there was nothing in his place or indeed in all his dominion that Hezekiah did not show them.
\v 3 Then came the prophet Isaiah to King Hezekiah and said, ‟Where do these men come from, and what have they said?” ‟They have come,” said Hezekiah, ‟from a distant land, from Babylon.”
\v 4 ‟What have they seen in your palace?” said Isaiah; and Hezekiah answered, ‟Everything: there is none of my treasures that I have not shown them.”
\v 5 ‟Listen, then,” said Isaiah, ‟to the word of the \nd Lord\nd*
\v 6 of Hosts. Mark, the day is coming, when all that is in your palace, and all the treasures that you ancestors have hither to amassed, shall be carried to
\v 7 Babylon: nothing shall be left, says the \nd Lord\nd*. And of the sons that may yet be born to you, some shall be taken to become eunuchs is the palace of the
\v 8 King of Babylon.” Then said Hezekiah to Isaiah, ‟I accept the word of the \nd Lord\nd* which you have spoken.” At least, thought he, there will be peace and stability in my day.
\s The Exiles' Book of Consolation
\ms2 The Lord the Omnipotent is About to Usher in the day of Israel's Deliverance
\ms2 The Lord is the Lord of Nature and History
\ms2 The Glorious News – Redemption is Nigh
\c 40
\v 1 ‟Comfort you, comfort My people,”
\q2 Declares your God.
\v 2 ‟Speak home to the heart of Jerusalem,
\q2 cry unto her
\q that her time of sore service is over,
\q2 her guilt is discharged;
\q for her sins she has doubly atoned
\q2 at the hand of the \nd Lord\nd*.”
\v 3 Hark! Says a voice, ‟In the wilderness
\q2 clear you a way for the \nd Lord\nd*;
\q make you straight in the desert
\q2 a highway for our God.
\v 4 Let every valley be raised,
\q2 every mountain and hill brought low;
\q let the steep rugged ground become level,
\q2 the rough rocky ridges a plain.
\v 5 Then the \nd Lord\nd* shall show forth His glory,
\q2 and all fresh shall see it together:
\q2 The mouth of the \nd Lord\nd* has spoken it.”
\v 6 Hark! Says a voice, ‟Proclaim.”
\q2 ‟What shall I proclaim?” said I.
\q ‟Proclaim that all flesh is grass,
\q2 all its grace as the flower of the field.
\v 7 The grass withers, the flower fades,
\q2 when upon it the breath of the \nd Lord\nd* has blown.
\v 8 Yea, the grass withers, the flower fades;
\q2 but the word of our God shall stand for ever.”
\v 9 Get you up to a mountain high,
\q2 you that tallest good tidings to Zion;
\q lift up your voice with strength,
\q2 you that brings good news to Jerusalem;
\q2 lift it up, be not afraid.
\q Say to the cities of Judah,
\q2 ‟Yonder cometh your God.”
\v 10 See! the \nd Lord\nd* is coming in might,
\q2 with an arm that ensures His dominion.
\q Behold, His reward is with Him,
\q2 his recompense is before Him.
\v 11 He feeds His flock like a shepherd,
\q2 he gathered it with His arm;
\q he carries the lambs in His bosom,
\q2 and those that give suck He leads.
\ms2 The Sovereignty and Omnipotence of God as Seen in Nature
\v 12 Who has measured the waters in the hollow of his hand?
\q2 Who has ruled off the heavens with a span,
\q comprehend the dust of the earth in a measure,
\q and weighed the mountains in scales,
\q2 and the hills in a balance?
\v 13 Who has directed the mind ‟ ”of the \nd Lord\nd*?
\q2 And where is the counsellor that taught Him?
\v 14 Whom did He ask for enlightenment?
\q Who taught Him the pathway of right,
\q2 or showed Him the way of true insight?
\v 15 See! nations are nought but a drop on a bucket,
\q2 they count but as dust on a balance;
\q he lifted the isles like a mote.
\v 16 Too small for the fires (of His altars) is Lebanon,
\q2 too few are its breasts for an offering.
\v 17 All nations are nothing before Him,
\q2 he counts them but empty nothing.
\v 18 So to whom will you liken God,
\q2 or what likeness set over against Him?
\v 19 An imagine! A craftsman has cast it,
\c 41
\q2 A goldsmith o'erlaid it with gold.
\v 6 Each workman helps his fellow,
\q2 and says to his neighbour, ‟Set to.”
\v 7 So the craftsman heartens the goldsmith,
\q2 the polisher says to the finisher,
\q ‟Fine piece of soldering that!”
\c 40
\q2 Then the nails down the statue securely.
\v 20 And he would carve a wood image
\q2 makes choice of a wood that decays not;
\q then he seeks a craftsman of skill,
\q2 to erect for him an image,
\q2 that is warranted not to topple.
\v 21 But know you not then of yourselves, or from hearsay?
\q2 Has this from the first not been told you?
\q Of this have you not been aware,
\q2 since the day that the world was founded?
\v 22 It is He that sits throned on the vault of the earth,
\q2 so high that the dwellers thereon are like locusts;
\q that stretches the heavens across like a veil,
\q2 and spreads them out like a tent to dwell in.
\v 23 It is He that reduces proud princes to nothing,
\q2 that turns the rulers of earth into nothing.
\v 24 Scarce are they planted, and scarce are they sown,
\q2 and scarce has their stock then root in the earth,
\q when He blows upon them, and so they wither:
\q2 The whirlwind bears them away like chaff.
\v 25 To whom will you liken Me, then?
\q2 And who is My match? says the Holy One.
\v 26 Lift up your eyes on high;
\q2 see! who has created all those?
\q He who brings their host out by number,
\q2 and summons each by his name:
\q So great His resource and so mighty His power
\q2 that not one of them fails to answer.
\v 27 Why say you, then, O Jacob,
\q2 and Israel, why maintain
\q that your lot is unknown to the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 your right ignored by your God?
\v 28 Know you not of yourself or by hearsay –
\q The \nd Lord\nd* is God eternal,
\q2 creator of all the earth?
\q He faints not, neither is weary,
\q2 unsearchable is His wisdom;
\v 29 \em He\em* gives power to the weary,
\q2 and increase of strength to the feeble.
\v 30 Youths may faint and grow weary,
\q2 and young men may stumble and fall;
\v 31 But those that wait for the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 Shall find their strength renewed;
\q2 they shall put forth pinions like eagles.
\q They shall run, and not grow weary;
\q2 they shall walk, and not be faint.
\ms2 The Sovereignty of God as Seen in History, and Especially in the Rise of Cyrus
\s The Rise of Cyrus a Proof of the \nd Lord\nd*'s Power
\c 41
\v 1 Hearken in silence, you coast-lands, to Me,
\q2 and await, you nations, Mine argument:
\q Come hither, then state your case;
\q2 so let us approach the tribunal together.
\v 2 Who raised up him from the east land,
\q2 whose steps are attended by victory,
\q sweeping the nations before him,
\q2 and laying king low at his feet?
\q His sword makes them like dust
\q2 and his bow like the driven stubble;
\v 3 He pursues and passes unharmed,
\q2 nor touches the ground with his feet.
\v 4 Who is He has wrought and accomplished this?
\q2 It is He that from the beginning
\q2 did summon the generations –
\q Even I, the \nd Lord\nd*, the First,
\q2 and with Last am I.
\v 5 The coast-lands have seen it and feared,
\q2 the ends of the earth fell a-trembling,
\q2 they came and drew nigh (to the judgment).
\s Israel is the \nd Lord\nd*'s Servant, Loved and Upheld by Him
\v 8 But you, Israel My Servant,
\q2 jacob, whom I have chosen,
\q2 the offspring of Abraham My friend;
\v 9 Whom I fetched from the ends of the earth,
\q2 and called from the corners thereof,
\q with the words, ‟My servant are you;
\q2 I have chosen, and not since rejected you.”
\q My victorious hand will uphold you.
\v 11 See! all that are furious against you
\q2 shall end in shame and confusion;
\q the men that contended against you
\q2 shall pass into nothing and perish.
\v 12 The men that have striven against you
\q2 you never shall find, though you seek them;
\q the men that are warring against you
\q2 shall wholly and utterly vanish.
\q The \nd Lord\nd* says, I am your helper;
\q2 your Redeemer is Israel's Holy One.
\v 15 A threshing-sledge, see! I will make of you,
\q2 new and well-furnished with teeth;
\q you shall thresh the mountains to powder,
\q2 the hills you shall make like chaff.
\v 16 The wind, when you winnow, shall scatter them,
\q2 the whirlwind shall bear them away;
\q but you shall rejoice in the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 and glory in Israel's Holy One.
\v 17 The poor who seek water where water is none,
\q2 the needy whose tongue is parched with thirst –
\q I, the \nd Lord\nd*, will hear their prayer,
\q2 i, who am Israel's God, will not leave them.
\v 18 But streams on the hills I will open,
\q2 and springs in the midst of the valleys;
\q the will I turn into pools od water,
\q2 the land that is parched into fountains of water.
\v 19 I will plant in the desert the cedar,
\q2 acacia, myrtle, and olive;
\q I will set in the wilderness fir-trees,
\q2 the plane and the cypress together:
\s No Heathen God Can Predict the Future
\v 21 Now then, says the \nd Lord\nd*, bring forward your suit,
\q2 produce your idols, says Jacob's King.
\v 22 Let them come and declare unto us
\q2 the things that are yet to happen;
\q declare how the past was foretold,
\q2 that we may give thought thereto.
\q Or announce what is yet to come,
\q2 that we may mark the issue;
\v 23 Declare what shall be hereafter,
\q2 and then we shall know you are gods.
\q Yea, do aught that you please, good or ill,
\q2 that may strike us with awe to behold.
\v 24 Now see, you are nothing, and nought can you do:
\q2 Hateful is he that chooses you.
\s No Heathen God, but the \nd Lord\nd* Alone, Predicted the Advent of Cyrus
\v 25 I have roused up one from the north, he is come –
\q2 even one from the sunrise who calls on My name;
\q he shall trample on princes like mortar,
\q2 as potter tramples the clay.
\v 26 Bur who from the first has announced this,
\q2 that so we might recognize it?
\q Or who has aforetime declared it,
\q2 that now we must own to its truth?
\q There was none that announced or declared it,
\q2 not one heard a word from \em you\em*.
\v 27 It was I who first told it to Zion,
\q2 and gave the glad news to Jerusalem.
\v 28 I looked all around – there was no one;
\q2 not one of the gods could give counsel
\q2 or answer, to taught that I asked them.
\v 29 See! one and all they are nothing,
\q2 and nothing can they do:
\q2 Their idols are wind and waste.
\s The Servant (Israel), his Task and Destiny
\ms2 The Servant's Task
\c 42
\v 1 Behold!
\q My Servant, whom I uphold;
\q2 my Chosen, the joy of My soul.
\q I have put My spirit upon him;
\q2 he shall publish (My) Law to the nations.
\v 2 He shall not cry, nor shout,
\q2 nor utter his voice in the streets;
\v 3 Not a reed that is bent shall he break,
\q2 nor a wick that burns dim shall he quench.
\q He shall faithfully set forth (My) Law,
\v 4 All erect and aglow shall he be:
\q He shall yet set (My) Law in the earth,
\q2 and the islands shall wait for his teaching.
\v 5 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, the God
\q2 who spread out and stretched forth the heavens;
\q who created the earth and its fruits,
\q2 giving breath to the people upon it,
\q2 and spirit to them that tread it:
\v 6 With full and deliberate purpose
\q2 have I the \nd Lord\nd* called you,
\q2 and taken your hand in Mine;
\q I formed you as pledge and symbol
\q2 of My covenant with mankind –
\q A light to enlighten the nations,
\v 7 To open the eyes of the blind,
\q and to bring from the dungeon the captives
\q2 who sit in the darkness of prison.
\v 8 I am the (true) God, the \nd Lord\nd*;
\q2 this is the name that is Mine:
\q And My glory I yield to no other,
\q2 my praise shall no image enjoy.
\v 9 Behold, the predictions of old are fulfilled,
\q2 and new things I now declare;
\q before they spring into being,
\q2 I make them know unto you.
\ms2 The New Song
\v 10 Sing a new song to the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 his praise form the end of the earth;
\q let the sea and its fullness roar,
\q2 the islands and those that dwell there.
\v 11 Let the desert rejoice with her cities,
\q2 the villages Kedar inhabits;
\q let Sela's inhabitants sing,
\q2 let them shout from the top of the mountains.
\v 12 Let them give to the \nd Lord\nd* glory,
\q2 and tell forth His praise in the islands.
\v 13 The \nd Lord\nd* goes forth like a hero,
\q2 he stirs His rage like a warrior;
\q he shouts His fierce battle-cry,
\q2 he engages His foes like a hero.
\ms2 The Lord at last Bestirs Himself
\v 14 Long time have I held My peace,
\q2 and restrained Myself in silence;
\q but now, like a woman in travail,
\q2 I groan, I pant and gasp.
\v 15 Mountains and hills I will waste,
\q2 I will dry up all their herbage;
\q the streams I will turn into sand,
\q2 and the pools I will clean dry up.
\v 16 The blind I will lead and guide,
\q2 by ways and by paths unfamiliar;
\q their gloom I will turn into light,
\q2 and the ground that is rough I will level
\q these are the things I will do,
\q2 they shall not be left undone.
\v 17 But those that put trust in an idol,
\q2 and call an image their god,
\q2 shall backward be driven in shame.
\ms2 A Call for Repentance on Israel's Part
\v 18 Hearken. you that are deaf;
\q2 and you blind, look up, that you see;
\v 19 Who is blind but My Servant,
\q2 and who is deaf as My Messenger?
\q Who is blind as Mine Envoy,
\q2 and the deaf as the \nd Lord\nd*'s Servant?
\v 20 Much have you seen that you marked not;
\q2 your ears, though open, were dead.
\v 21 The \nd Lord\nd* was pleased, for His righteousness' sake,
\q2 to make His instruction great and glorious.
\v 22 Yet it is still a people
\q2 plundered and despoiled,
\q all of them snared in dungeons,
\q2 and hidden away in prisons –
\q A prey without prospect of rescue,
\q2 a spoil of which none says ‟Restore.”
\v 23 Which of you now will give ear unto this,
\q2 will attend and hear for the time to come?
\v 24 Who gave up Jacob to plunderers,
\q2 and Israel to them that despoiled him,
\v 25 And poured His hot anger upon him,
\q2 in fury of war so intense
\q that it blazed round about him – he knew not why –
\q2 and it burned him, yet never heart did he lay it?
\ms2 The Lord will show His Love for Israel by Gathering her Exiles Home
\c 43
\v 1 But now – thus says the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 your Creator, O Jacob, your Maker, O Israel –
\q Fear not, for I have redeemed you,
\q2 and called you by name: you are Mine.
\v 2 When you pass through waters, then I will be with you;
\q2 no rivers shall bear you away in their flood:
\q When you walk through fire, you shall no wise be scorched,
\q2 and the flames shall not kindle upon you.
\v 3 For I am the \nd Lord\nd* your God,
\q2 your Deliverer, Israel's Holy One;
\q egypt I give as your ransom,
\q2 yea, Seba and Cush in your stead
\v 4 Because in My sight you are precious,
\q2 both honoured and beloved,
\q those lands I will give as your ransom,
\q2 those peoples in your stead.
\v 5 Therefore fear not, for I am with you.
\q I will bring your seed from the sunrise,
\q2 and gather you out of the sunset;
\v 6 I will say to the north, ‟Give them up;”
\q2 And unto the south, ‟Withhold them not.”
\q Bring in My sons from afar,
\q2 and My daughters from the ends of the earth –
\v 7 Every one that is called by My name,
\q2 whom I fashioned and made for My glory.
\ms2 Israel is the \nd Lord\nd*'s Witness to the World
\v 8 Forth! you folk that have eyes, but are blind;
\q2 and you that have ears, yet are deaf.
\v 9 The nations are all assembled,
\q2 the peoples are gathered together.
\q Which of them all can declare such a thing,
\q2 or announce to us such in advance?
\q Let them prove themselves right by the witness they bring,
\q2 who shall say, when they hear, ‟It is true.”
\v 10 But \em you\em* are My Witnesses – thus says the \nd Lord\nd* –
\q2 my Servants, whom I have chosen,
\q that they may acknowledge and trust Me,
\q2 and learn I am ever the same.
\q No god was formed before Me,
\q2 and after Me shall be none.
\v 11 I, even I, am the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 and Saviour beside Me is none.
\v 12 It was I, and no strange god among you,
\q2 who announced and declared and delivered.
\q You are My witnesses – thus says the \nd Lord\nd* –
\q2 and I am God from of old,
\v 13 From henceforth ever the same.
\q There is none that can snatch from My hand,
\q2 and who can reverse what I do?
\ms2 The Deliverance from Babylon more Wonderful than the Deliverance from Egypt
\v 14 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, your Redeemer,
\q2 the Holy One of Israel:
\q For your sake I send unto Babylon,
\q2 and down will I bring them in flight.
\q I will lay the Chaldeans low,
\q2 and turn their rejoicing to mourning;
\v 15 For I am the \nd Lord\nd*, your Holy One,
\q2 the Creator of Israel, your King.
\v 16 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q who of old made a way through the Sea,
\q2 and a path through the mighty waters;
\v 17 Who chariot and horse led forth,
\q2 the warriors and war-host together –
\q They lay down, but they rose no more,
\q2 they were quenched and put out like a wick –
\v 18 Think of those old things no more,
\q2 nor give heed to those deeds of the old time.
\v 19 For see! I am doing a new thing,
\q already it springs to view:
\q2 Do you not recognize it?
\q Yea, a path I will make through the desert,
\q2 and rivers in the wilderness;
\v 20 The wild beasts shall render Me honour,
\q2 the jackals and the ostriches.
\q For with water I dower the desert,
\q2 the wilderness with streams,
\q to yield drink to My chosen people,
\v 21 The people I formed for Myself,
\q to tell abroad My praise.
\ms2 Israel's Restoration is Due, not to her own Merits, but to the Lord's Free Grace
\v 22 Yet you have not called upon Me, O Jacob,
\q2 nor wearied yourself about Me, O Israel.
\v 23 You have not brought unto Me
\q2 burnt offerings of sheep,
\q2 nor did honour Me with your sacrifice.
\q I burdened you not with offerings,
\q2 nor wearied you with frankincense;
\v 24 You brought Me no sweet cane with your money,
\q2 you sated Me not with the fat of your sacrifice.
\q But you by your sins have burdened Me,
\q2 and through your transgressions have wearied Me.
\v 25 Yet I, even I, am He
\q2 that blots out your transgressions;
\q2 your sins I remember no more.
\v 26 Call to My mind your merits,
\q2 let us urge our several pleas;
\q reckon up all that you canst,
\q2 to prove yourself in the right.
\v 27 Thine ancient sire was a sinner,
\q2 your prophets were rebels against Me,
\v 28 My Temple your princess profaned;
\q so Jacob I gave to destruction,
\q2 and Israel to reviling.
\c 44
\v 1 Yet hear now, Jacob My Servant,
\q2 and Israel, whom I have chosen;
\v 2 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd* your Maker,
\q2 who formed you and helped you from birth:
\q Fear not, Jacob My Servant;
\q2 jeshurun, whom I have chosen:
\v 3 For water I will pour on the thirsty,
\q2 and rills on the ground that is dry,
\q On your sons I will pour out My spirit,
\q2 my blessing upon their offspring:
\v 4 And then shall they grow like the grass among waters,
\q2 like willows by water-courses.
\v 5 And one shall declare, ‟I belong to the \nd Lord\nd*;”
\q2 Another shall call himself Jacob:
\q Another shall write on his hand, ‟To the \nd Lord\nd*,”
\q2 And add to his own name the surname of Israel.
\ms2 Israel's God is Sovereign and Eternal
\v 6 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, the King of Israel,
\q2 his Redeemer, the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts:
\q I am the First, I too am the Last,
\q2 beside Me is no god at all.
\v 7 Who is like Me? Let him stand and proclaim
\q2 and declare it and set it in order before Me?
\q Who has announced from of old things to come?
\q2 Let them tell us the things that shall yet come to pass.
\v 8 Be not disquieted, be not afraid:
\q2 Have not I from the old time proclaimed and declared it?
\q You are my Witnesses: is there a God
\q2 or a Rock beside Me at all?
\ms2 The Folly of Idolatry
\v 9 Makers of idols are all an illusion,
\q2 and profitless all are the idols they dote on;
\q no vision or insight have whose adore them,
\q2 and so in the end they shall come but to shame.
\v 10 (The fool who believes) he has fashioned a god,
\q2 has but fashioned a profitless metal image.
\v 11 The magical arts are all put to shame,
\q2 the words of enchantment are only human.
\q The worshippers all, when they stand assembled,
\q2 shall tremble and come to confusion together.
\v 12 The smiths prepare it over the coals,
\q2 and into the shape that is fitting he hammers it,
\q2 working it up with his sturdy arm.
\q Then hunger comes over him – feeble he grows,
\q2 or faint, if so be that he drinks no water.
\v 13 The carpenter stretches his measuring-line,
\q2 with s stylus he traces the shape of the image,
\q and carves it with tools human likeness,
\q2 a fair human likeness, to rest in a chapel.
\v 14 Forth a man goes to cut himself timber;
\q2 from the forest he chooses a plane or an oak,
\q which the Lord did plant, and the rain has nourished
\q2 for men to make use of as fuel for kindling.
\v 15 He sets it ablaze and he warms himself,
\q2 or he kindles a fire, and bakes bread;
\q or he makes it into a god and bows down to it,
\q2 fashions an image and falls down before it.
\v 16 One half of the wood in the fire he burns,
\q2 then he roasts flesh on the embers therefrom;
\q whereafter he eats the roast to his fill,
\q2 then he warms himself, and he says, ‟Ha! ha!
\q2 Now I am warm, I feel the glow.”
\v 17 The rest of it then he makes into a god –
\q2 to an image, and bows down prostate before it.
\q He prays to it, and his prayer is this:
\q2 ‟Deliver you me, for you are my god.”
\v 18 No insight has he, and no power of discernment,
\q2 his eyes are besmeared, that he cannot see,
\q2 and his mind is sealed past understanding.
\v 19 He suffers never his thoughts to ponder,
\q2 he has not the sense or the insight to say,
\q ‟One half thereof in the fire I have burned,
\q2 and bread I have baked on the embers therefrom;
\q flesh I have roasted and eaten: and then
\q2 of the rest shall I make a detestable image,
\q2 and bow myself down to a block of wood?”
\v 20 Who takes delight in combustible idols
\q2 is led far astray by delusion of heart:
\q He cannot deliver himself, and confess
\q2 that his hand has been grasping an utter delusion.
\ms2 Let the World Rejoice over Israel's Redemption
\v 21 Remember these things, O Jacob;
\q2 yea, Israel, for you are My Servant.
\q I made you, My Servant are you;
\q2 o Israel, you must not renounce Me.
\v 22 I blot out your sins as a mist,
\q2 as a thick dark cloud your transgressions;
\q2 return unto Me, for I have redeemed you.
\v 23 Rejoice, O you heavens, for the \nd Lord\nd* has wrought it;
\q2 and shout, O you depths of the earth.
\q Break forth into jubilant cries, you mountains;
\q2 you forest, and the trees therein.
\q For the \nd Lord\nd* has now wrought redemption for Jacob,
\q2 he shows His glory in Israel.
\s Cyrus and the Overthrow of Babylon
\ms2 The Lord Calls Cyrus and Bestows upon Him a Career of Victory, for Israel and the World's Sake
\v 24 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, your Redeemer,
\q2 who formed you from the womb:
\q I am the \nd Lord\nd*, Creator of all things,
\q2 that stretched forth the heavens alone,
\q2 and spread out the earth by Myself;
\v 25 That frustrates the omens of soothsayers,
\q2 making diviners like fools,
\q thrusting the wise to the background,
\q2 and turning their science to folly;
\v 26 But the words that \em My\em* servants have spoken I confirm,
\q2 and the purpose My messengers urge I fulfil.
\q For I say to Jerusalem, ‟You shall be peopled,
\v 28c The Temple foundations shall yet be laid:
\v 26 The cities of Judah shall yet be rebuilt,
\q2 and the ruins thereof I will raise again.”
\v 27 I will say to the deep, ‟Be dry;
\q2 for all your floods I will wither.”
\v 28a Cyrus I name as My friend,
\q2 he shall execute all My purpose.
\c 45
\v 1 thus says the (true) God, the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 to Cyrus His Anointed,
\q whose hand I hold in Mine,
\q2 to bring down nations before him,
\q to open doors before him,
\q2 and gates – to be closed no more:
\v 2 ‟I will go in person before you,
\q2 and mountains I will level;
\q I will shiver the doors of bronze,
\q2 and cleave bars of iron in sunder.
\v 3 I will give you the dark-hidden treasures,
\q2 in secret places hoarded,
\q that so you may learn that I am the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 the God of Israel, who called you by name.
\v 4 For the sake of Jacob My Servant,
\q2 and Israel My Chosen,
\q i called you by your name:
\q2 Though you knew Me not, I rejoiced in you.
\v 5 I am the \nd Lord\nd*, and there is no other;
\q2 beside Me is no god at all.
\v 1e The loins of kings I ungird;
\v 5c But you will I gird, though you knew Me not;
\v 6 That men from the sunrise and sunset
\q2 may know there is none beside Me.
\q I am the \nd Lord\nd*, and there us no other,
\v 7 The Maker of light, the Creator of darkness,
\q the Maker of weal, the Creator of woe:
\q2 It is I, the \nd Lord\nd*, that doeth all this.”
\v 8 You heavens, pour down your showers,
\q2 let victory rain from the skies.
\q Let the earth open (her womb)
\q2 And bring forth the fruit of deliverance.
\q Let victory blossom therein:
\q2 It is all My creation, the \nd Lord\nd*'s creation.
\ms2 Murmurs against Cyrus Rebuked
\v 9 Woe unto him that strives with his Maker –
\q2 a potsherd no better than earthen potsherd.
\q Doth the clay say to the potter,
\q2 ‟What thing is this that you make?”
\q Doth the vessel he wrought exclaim,
\q2 ‟What a handless person you are!”
\v 10 Woe to the son who says,
\q2 ‟Sirem what is this you beget?”
\q Or ‟Mother, what bring you forth?”
\v 11 Thus says the (true) God, the \nd Lord\nd*,
\q2 israel's Maker and Holy One:
\q Would you ask Me of things to come,
\q2 or command Me as touching My handiwork?
\v 12 It was I – the Maker of earth,
\q2 the Creator of man upon it,
\q whose hands stretched out the heavens,
\q2 and on all their host laid charge –
\v 13 It was I who of purpose aroused him,
\q2 and all his ways I smooth:
\q He it is that shall build My city,
\q2 and set Mine exiles free;
\q yet neither for price nor reward.
\q2 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts.
\ms2 The Heathen Acknowledge the Uniqueness of Israel and Her God
\v 14 Thus says the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts:
\q The peasants of Egypt, the merchants of Cush,
\q2 and the giant men of Seba,
\q shall pass in procession as lieges before you,
\q2 and walk behind you in chains.
\q They shall bow to you prostrate, and thus they
\q2 shall pray to you:
\q ‟God is with you alone,
\q2 there is no other god at all:
\v 15 Yea, truly with you God hides Himself;
\q2 yea, Israel's God is a Saviour.”
\v 16 Ashamed and confounded together
\q2 are all who have risen up against Him –
\q2 the idol-making craftsmen.
\v 17 But Israel is saved by the \nd Lord\nd*
\q2 With salvation everlasting:
\q You shall not be ashamed or confounded
\q2 for ever and evermore.
\ms2 The Lord Desires the Salvation of the Whole World
\v 18 For thus says the \nd Lord\nd*, God indeed,
\q2 creator of the heavens,
\q who made the earth and fashioned it,
\q2 and also fixed it fast,
\q creating it not for a desert,
\q2 but fashioning it for man's home:
\q ‟I am the \nd Lord\nd*, and there is none other.
\v 19 Not in secret spake I,
\q2 nor in any land of darkness;
\q the offspring of Jacob I asked not
\q2 to go in vain quest of Me.
\q I am the \nd Lord\nd*, My words are true,
\q2 and straight are My proclamations.
\v 20 Come, you that survive of the nations,
\q2 assemble, draw near together.
\q No shred of sense have they
\q2 that carry an image of wood,
\q and make their prayers to a god
\q2 who is impotent to save.
\v 21 Declare and bring forward (your case),
\q2 yea, let them take counsel together:
\q Who has announced this old,
\q2 or declared it in days gone by?
\q Is it not I, the \nd Lord\nd*?
\q2 There is no other god beside Me –
\q A righteous God, and a Saviour,
\q2 and none there is beside Me.
\v 22 Look unto Me and saved,
\q2 all you ends of the earth;
\q for I am God, and there is no other.
\v 23 By Mine own self have I sworn
\q that to Me every knee shall bow,
\q2 every tongue shall swear allegiance,
\v 24 And own that the \nd Lord\nd* alone
\q2 is the Giver of strength and of victory.”
\q All that were furious against Him
\q2 shall come unto Him with shame;
\v 25 But all the descendants of Israel
\q2 shall triumph and boast in the \nd Lord\nd*,
\ms2 The Downfall of Babylon's Gods
\c 46
\v 1 Bel bows down, Nebo stoops:
\q2 Consigned are their idols to beasts –
\q2 on weary beasts lifted and laden.
\v 2 They crouch, they are bowed down together;
\q2 unable to rescue their load,
\q2 they themselves are gone into captivity.
\v 3 Hearken to Me, house of Jacob,
\q2 you of Israel's house that remain,
\q all you that from birth have been carried
\q2 and upheld since the day you were born.
\v 4 Till old age I am ever the same;
\q2 till your hair is grey, I will carry you.
\q It is I that have borne the burden,
\q2 it is I that will carry it still;
\q2 it is I that will carry and save you.
\v 5 To whom will you liken or equal Me?
\q2 Whom will you set as My peer?
\v 6 They that freely give gold from a purse
\q2 and that weigh in a balance the silver,
\q hire a goldsmith to fashion a god of it;
\q2 then they fall down and worship it.
\v 7 They carry the load on their shoulder,
\q2 and set it down on its base,
\q2 where it stands, in its place, unmoved.
\q It answers no man's cry,
\q2 it saves no man in his trouble.
\v 8 Reflect, then, and own yourselves guilty;
\q2 you rebels, lay it to heart.
\v 9 Remember the things of long ago;
\q2 for I am God, and there is none like Me.
\v 10 From the first I declare the issue,
\q2 from ancient times things yet to be done;
\q I declare that My purpose shall stand,
\q2 I will execute all My pleasure.
\v 11 I have called a wild bird from the sunrise,
\q2 the man of My purpose from a far distant land.
\q I will usher in what I promised,
\q2 and accomplish the thing that I planned.
\v 12 Hearken to Me, you faint-hearted,
\q2 who deem that your triumph is far away;
\v 13 The triumph I bring you is near, not far,
\q2 my deliverance shall not tarry.
\q I will set the deliverance in Zion,
\q2 and lavish My glory on Israel.
\ms2 The Downfall of Babylon
\c 47
\v 1 Come down, and sit in the dust,
\q2 o virgin daughter of Babylon;
\q sit on the ground unthroned,
\q2 o daughter of the Chaldeans:
\q For you shall be called no more
\q2 the Tender and the Dainty.
\v 2 Take mill-stones, and grind the meal;
\q2 and put your veil aside.
\q Strip off your skirt, and pass
\q2 bare-legged through the rivers.
\v 3 Let your nakedness be uncovered,
\q2 and let your shame be seen.
\q For vengeance I will take,
\q2 irrevocable vengeance –
\v 4 Thus says our Redeemer,
\q2 the \nd Lord\nd* of Hosts is His name,
\q2 the Holy One of Israel.
\v 5 Sit in silence and shrouded in darkness,