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Engineering: The Book

Broad Goal

In most fields of higher education you can find textbooks with titles such as "Biology" or "Statistics". However, the offerings in engineering are not as widespread. The goal for this project is to explore the creation of a comprehensive engineering text that provides the content necessary for an introduction to engineering while still being appropriate for the broad diversity of engineering fields.

Current Activities

Identify the best authoring method (Gitbook, Github markdown, Jupyter Notebooks); Identify topic areas that should be included in an introductory engineering textbook (what topic areas are most appropriate for usefulness and broad application); Identify content sources to begin populating the book (what OA content may already exist that could be used here?).


Those looking to contribute can do so through the Issues page on the Github repo for the book. Issues will be setup for discussion around each of the topics mentioned above. Contributors are also welcome to open new issues if they have a different topic they feel warrants discussion.