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openEQUELLA CI Conventional Commits

openEQUELLA is a digital repository that provides a single platform to house your teaching and learning, research, media, and library content.

Builds for each openEQUELLA Release can be found on the Releases page.

(NOTE: The current stable version - starting from 2019.1 - is built from master, where as active development is undertaken on the repository's default branch develop. Therefore develop is considered the project's 'unstable' branch.)

The project's homepage and documentation can be found at

If you would like to contribute to openEQUELLA please review the Contributor Guidelines - which also include details of how to get in touch. We welcome pull requests and issue reports. And if you'd like to assist with documentation, please head on over to the documentation repository at

You can find further information for developers wishing to work with the source code in Contributor Guidelines.

Optional code

There is functionality that could not be included into the core openEQUELLA code repository, but based on your business needs, may be appropriate to include.


openEQUELLA remains a widely used digital repository platform, with institutions across the world benefiting from the highly configurable nature of the solution. Unlike other open source platforms that benefit from significant community-sourced development, as it currently stands, development of openEQUELLA is only performed by one party, Edalex. As such, in order to ensure efficiencies in the development process that will directly increase the velocity of development initiatives, Edalex will transition to using internal tools to manage the development process. Coinciding with the release of major versions, Edalex will push the developed code back into the open source project to ensure that institutions that rely on the open source code, can compile and aggregate their own builds of the platform. The project continues to welcome community involvement and contributions, and if community-sourced development does occur, the Edalex team will continue to manage the pull request process to ensure code commits are incorporated into the platform.

As stated above, given how the platform is currently developed, the biggest impact of this change will be the reduction in visible activity within this space. Rest assured, the Edalex team remains very committed to the ongoing enhancement of the platform. For more information about this change or to better understand the openEQUELLA roadmap, please contact