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Sentiment lexicons

This repository contains the lexicons created automatically from the OpeNER hotel annotations and by applying a technique to find words related with hotel ratings.


Lexicons created from the manual annotated data (this data can be found also in github, where $LANG can be en/es/fr/nl/de/it) using the supervised heuristic implemented in


This folder contains lexicons for 1-, 2- and 3-grams of expressions associated with star ratings. They have been compiled automatically for English and Dutch using our domain acquisition toolkit ( and a large set of hotel reviews for these 2 languages. All these reviews have been crawled automatically and the star rating is available. This rating ranges from 0 to 100, and we have normalised it to a range 1-5. The 1-star reviews have been merged with the 2-starts reviews as there were just few reviews labeled with 1-star. The format of these lexicons is CSV, one file per ngram type, so for instance in the tri-gram English file we can find this line:

definitely be returning;5;2.02;5=-10.9 4=-14.94

The first field is the actual word or ngram, the second field is the star rating more strongly associated with this word and the third is the standard deviation of the values of association of the words with each rating (the lexicon is sorted according to this value). The last field are the values of association of the ngram with each star rating.



Sentiment lexicons (polarities, aspects) created following several approaches within the OpeNER project.




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