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import datetime
def add_entry(collection, text, title, url, date, website, lang):
Function that creates the dictionary of content to add to a MongoDB
instance, checks whether a given URL is already in the database, and
inserts the new content into the database.
collection : pymongo Collection.
Collection within MongoDB that in which results are stored.
text : String.
Text from a given webpage.
title : String.
Title of the news story.
url : String.
URL of the webpage from which the content was pulled.
date : String.
Date pulled from the RSS feed.
website : String.
Nickname of the site from which the content was pulled.
object_id : String
toInsert = {"url": url,
"title": title,
"source": website,
"date": date,
"date_added": datetime.datetime.utcnow(),
"content": text,
"stanford": 0,
"language": lang}
object_id = collection.insert(toInsert)
return object_id