Program to run scraped news stories through CoreNLP.
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Program to run scraped news stories through Stanford's CoreNLP program.

The program pulls stories added to the database within the past day and that aren't currently parsed using CoreNLP. Once parsed, the parsetrees are placed back into the database. The program is currently set to proccess the first six sentences of a story.

This program makes extensive use of Brendan O'Connor's wrapper for CoreNLP. The current install comes from my (John Beieler) fork. The config file for CoreNLP makes use of the shift-reduce parser introduced in CoreNLP 3.4.

CoreNLP Setup

This pipeline depends on having CoreNLP 3.4 with the shift-reduce parser. Download the models like this:

mv stanford-corenlp-full-2014-06-16 stanford-corenlp
cd stanford-corenlp

If errors persist, try changing the path in default_config.ini from the relative path ~/stanford-corenlp to the full path (e.g.) /home/ahalterman/stanford-corenlp.


The default_config.ini file has several options that can be changed, including the MongoDB database and collection of stories to process and whether all unparsed stories should be processed or just the stories added in the last day.



Up to a minute of [Errno 111] Connection refused messages are normal during startup.