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Andrew Kunz and others added some commits Dec 13, 2006
Andrew Kunz Moved/Adapted from OpenEXR to IlmBase. e3cd4bc
@fkainz fkainz Adding .cvsignore files. 9196b36
Andrew Kunz Moved/Adapted from OpenEXR to IlmBase. cde281c
@fkainz fkainz Removing existing Windows project files; they will be replaced with n…
…ew ones.
Andrew Kunz Moved/Adapted from OpenEXR to IlmBase. c81ade2
@fkainz fkainz Adding .cvsignore. 4130bdc
Andrew Kunz Moved/Adapted from OpenEXR to IlmBase. e734ecb
Andrew Kunz Moved some code to IlmBase. 486aded
Andrew Kunz Updated to reorganize code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR…
… and OpenEXR_Viewers
Andrew Kunz functionality moved into m4 directory ce3ac6e
Andrew Kunz These files are auto-generated by bootstrap. efdefcd
Andrew Kunz Updated to reorganize code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR…
… and OpenEXR_Viewers
Andrew Kunz Updated to reorganize code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR…
… and OpenEXR_Viewers
Andrew Kunz Updated to reorganize code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR…
… and OpenEXR_Viewers
Andrew Kunz Reorganized code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR and OpenE…
Andrew Kunz Reorganized code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR and OpenE…
Andrew Kunz Reorganized code into separate libraries - IlmBase, OpenEXR and OpenE…
Andrew Kunz This macro now exist and is used in the OpenEXR_Viewers package. 977f76f
@fkainz fkainz Checking in Kimball's updates to the Windows build files. ad8c316
Andrew Kunz Removed some items left from debugging. 6f3f868
Andrew Kunz This file should be removed once the winows build can reliable auto-g…
…enerate it.
@fkainz fkainz Adding Kimball Thurston's Windows build files. 9e2c139
Andrew Kunz Added flag to use the intdir for the build chosen. 4fd53bb
Andrew Kunz Adding visual studio files to distribution. 66c1797
Andrew Kunz Adding visual studio files to distribution. ad6b379
@fkainz fkainz Adding Kimball Thurston's Windows build files. b89c492
Andrew Kunz Adding visual studio files to distribution. 56747b1
@fkainz fkainz Fixing build problems with exrdisplay. a0568f9
@fkainz fkainz Updating README and similar files. c077f80
@fkainz fkainz Added/updated README.win32 files. 5dc57fb
Andrew Kunz Adding win32 build instructions. 4bce172
Andrew Kunz Added remaining pdf to dist. c7d1005
Andrew Kunz Tuning win32 distribution. c18de19
Andrew Kunz Tuning win32 distribution. 7932954
Andrew Kunz Tuning win32 distribution. 77eb0e3
@fkainz fkainz Fixed ambiguous comment. 1801480
@fkainz fkainz Fixed numerical problem in Imath::lerp() found by Larry Gritz. 5c3b8eb
Andrew Kunz Updated libtool library version numbers to be consistent with past ve…
@fkainz fkainz Added URL for CTL interpreter source code, fixed one or two typos. 42ea001
Andrew Kunz * Separated ILMBASE_LDFLAGS and ILMBASE_LIBS so that test programs
in configure scripts of packages dependent on IlmBase can link
with static libraries properly
* eliminated some warning messages during install
Andrew Kunz Installation Tuning
* Separated ILMBASE_LDFLAGS and ILMBASE_LIBS so that test programs
can link with static libraries properly
* eliminated some warning messages during install
Andrew Kunz * corrected version number on dso's (libtool) - now 5.0
* Separated ILMBASE_LDFLAGS and ILMBASE_LIBS so that test programs
can link with static libraries properly
* eliminated some warning messages during install
@fkainz fkainz Fixed typos in comments. ad070cb
@fkainz fkainz Include ImathMath.h and call Imath::Math<T>::sqrt() instead of ::sqrt(). 47933de
@fkainz fkainz * Changed erand48() such that 0 <= erand48() <= 1 - DBL_EPSILON.
  Previously the upper end of the value range was at 1 - 16*DBL_EPSILON.

* Changed Rand32::nextf() such that 0 <= Rand32::nextf() <= 1 - FLT_EPSILON.
  Previously the upper end of the value range was not well-defined.

* Rewrote ray-box intersection routine, added confidence tests.
  The new routine properly nearly axis-parallel rays, degenerate boxes
  (single point, line segment, zero-thickness rectangle) and very large
  boxes.  Ray-box intersection points are exactly on the surface of
  the box.

* Changed transform-box-by matrix routine such that the fast path for
  affine transforms is taken only if the rightmost column of the matrix
  is exactly (0 0 0 1).  Added minimal confidence test.
@fkainz fkainz Updated a comment. b800679
@fkainz fkainz Fixed a couple of comments. af9b346
@fkainz fkainz Fixed typo in comment. 53addc8
@fkainz fkainz Added missing file testBoxAlgo.h. 82b7bd0
@fkainz fkainz Snapshot while making exrdisplay and playexr run on Mac OS X:
- playexr runs, full-screen mode does not work, OS-dependent code
  should be factored out into a separate source file.
- exrdisplay runs, but its window hides behind other windows,
  does not accept keyboard focus.
- m4/path.flt.m4 does not find FLTK in its default /usr/local location
@fkainz fkainz exrdisplay now appears to work correctly on Mac OS X. 8b60676
@fkainz fkainz Moved OS-dependent code and definitions into
files osDependent.h and osDependent.cpp.
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: buffer overrun while building 3D lut from CTL transforms. c2d6894
@fkainz fkainz Added new -i command line option: some types of graphic hardware,
support floating-point texture maps, but the hardware does not
interpolate between texture samples.  This causes contouring
artifacts when the Cg shader uses a 3D texture map as a color
lookup table.  Option -i switches to software-based texture
sample interpolation in the Cg shader.
@fkainz fkainz Removed install-exec-hook line; it caused "make install" to fail. 2275449
@fkainz fkainz Fixing usage message. feff2c5
@fkainz fkainz Added a flag to to enable or disable use of large auto
arrays in the IlmImf library.  The default setting is "enabled" for
Linux and "disabled" for everything else.

In a few places the IlmImf library uses relatively large temporary
arrays that live only for the duration of a function call.  On systems
where the default size of the stack is large enough (at least a couple
of MBytes) those temporary arrays are implemented as auto variables.
On systems with smaller stacks the temporary arrays are allocated on
the heap.
@fkainz fkainz configure now prints setting of large_stack flag a0530de
@fkainz fkainz * Added B44A compression, a minor variation of B44: in most cases,
  the compression ratio is 2.28:1, the same as with B44, but in
  uniform image areas where all pixels have the same value, the
  compression ratio increases to 10.66:1.  Uniform areas occur, for
  example, in an image's alpha channel, which typically contains
  large patches that are solid black or white, or in computer-
  generated images with a black background.

* Bug fix: compiling IlmImfTest, exrenvmap, exrmaketiled etc.
  used IlmImf header files installed in /usr/local/include
  instead of the header files in the local source directory.
@fkainz fkainz Documentation now mentions B44A compression. 698878b
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: excessive desaturation of small details with certain
colors after repeatedly loading and saving luminance/chroma
encoded images with B44 compression.
@fkainz fkainz Improved rounding inside the B44 compressor in order to reduce
generational loss for luminance/chroma-encoded images.
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: incorrect assertion. b7b786c
@fkainz fkainz Rounding during float-to-half conversion now implements
"round to nearest even" mode: if the original float value
is exactly in the middle between the two closest half
values then rounding chooses the half value whose least
significant bit is zero.
@fkainz fkainz Fixed typo in comment. eb5af54
@fkainz fkainz Adding Nick Porcino's declspecs for Windows. 1633567
@fkainz fkainz ImathRandom.h was included twice in testSharedFrameBuffer.cpp 94743e3
@fkainz fkainz New -S command line flag allows images to be displayed
larger or smaller than their original size.
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: for pixels with luminance near HALF_MIN, conversion
from RGB to luminance/chroma produces NaNs and infinities
@fkainz fkainz Fixed typo in comment. 61cbf23
@fkainz fkainz Added support for renderingTransform and adoptedNeutral attributes. d1050f1
@fkainz fkainz Added renderingTransform and adoptedNeutral
to the list of optional standard attributes.
@fkainz fkainz Added new optional standard attributes. 50c3abc
@fkainz fkainz Make sure that adoptedNeutral value is available to CTL transforms. 115df7a
@fkainz fkainz Fixed typo in comment. 6a9cb6c
@fkainz fkainz Added lookModTransform Standard Attribute. b173ad8
@fkainz fkainz Added "look modification transform" support to playexr and exrdisplay. 2086ff3
@fkainz fkainz Moved sample CTL transforms from OpenEXR_Viewers to OpenEXR_CTL package. ea25891
@fkainz fkainz Moved some .ctl files from the OpenEXR_Viewers to the
OpenEXR_CTL package, changed naming conventions for
image channels to match upcoming paper.
@fkainz fkainz Updated documentation: changed naming conventions
for CTL parameters, added look modification transform
@fkainz fkainz Bumped version numbers in preparation for new release. aa2ecbc
@fkainz fkainz transform_RRT.ctl has been moved to the OpenEXR_CTL package 6df4bb9
@ewimmer ewimmer Updating files for vc7 & vc8 builds 92c9714
@ewimmer ewimmer Adding required Debug and Release folders 3ade1e4
@ewimmer ewimmer Adding .cvsignore files required by "make dist" d3944c4
@ewimmer ewimmer Adding missing directories and .cvsignore files 9763d73
@ewimmer ewimmer Updated Win32 README and Makefile for vc8 021557c
@ewimmer ewimmer Added .cvsignore 394c78a
@ewimmer ewimmer Checking in files required for vc8 builds e1e30f9
@ewimmer ewimmer Added vc8 build files b4fca52
@ewimmer ewimmer Adding missing vc8 project files 095dbab
@ewimmer ewimmer Updated files for vc7 & vc8 builds 0519eed
@ewimmer ewimmer Added .cvsignore and build files for vc7 & vc8 617e3c5
@ewimmer ewimmer Updated to include the playexr and exrdisplay project files with ctl …
@fkainz fkainz Patch submitted by James Burgess (Pixar): use GetTempPath() to determine
the location of output files, instead of simply placing the files in C:\.
This is necessary when User Account Countrol is turned on.
@fkainz fkainz Removed unnecessary #include statements. 24dfc15
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: reading damaged image files causes crashes. 5238a47
@fkainz fkainz * Added new IlmImfFuzzTest program to test how resilient the
  IlmImf library is with respect broken input files: the program
  first damages OpenEXR files by partially overwriting them with
  random data; then it tries to read the damaged files.  If all
  goes well, then the program doesn't crash.

* Removed a spurious assertion in ImfTiledInputfile.cpp.
@fkainz fkainz * Make sure that IlmImfFuzzTest is only built when OpenEXR has been
  configure with --enable-imffuzztest

* In IlmImfFuzzTest, avoid re-using the same set of random numbers
  multipe times.
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: exceptions thrown during construction of an input file
or output file object can cause file descriptors to be leaked.
fkainz and others added some commits Nov 13, 2008
@fkainz fkainz Changed Cg shader argument types from "sampler" to "sampler2D"
or "sampler3D" to avoid error messages about ambiguous function
overloading with Cg 2.1.
@fkainz fkainz Added slerpShortestArc() and euclideanInnerProduct() functions
to Imath::Quat<T>.  (Nick Porcino)
@fkainz fkainz Merged with ILM-internal changes. 716dc08
@fkainz fkainz Merging with ILM-internal changes. 6e6f6c3
@fkainz fkainz Fixed a couple of typos related to Vec4<T>. 882b72b
@fkainz fkainz Added Premultiplied vs. Un-Premulitiplied Color section:
states explicitly that pixels with zero alpha and non-zero
RGB are allowed, points out that preserving such a pixel can
be a problem in application programs with un-premultiplied
internal image representations.
@fkainz fkainz Added new RGBA images that demonstrate use
cases for pixels with A == 0 and RGB != 0.
@fkainz fkainz *** empty log message *** 684a8c3
@fkainz fkainz Added a paragraph about layers to the "Channel Names" section. a787659
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: blurring a uniform gray card image using the -b command
line flag does not produce a uniform gray card image on output.
@fkainz fkainz Added explicit copy constructors to Imath::Matrix33<T> and
ImathMatrix44<T> to make conversions between float and double
matrices more convenient.
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: crashes when reading damaged images, caused by buffer
overruns, or by deleting uninitialized pointers (found by Apple).
@fkainz fkainz Bug fix: using IlmThread in a Renderman plugin caused a crash on exit. 205b763
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Minor changes to make the windows build spew out fewer wornings, than…
…ks to John Burnett for the changes.
@pstanczyk pstanczyk minor: type correction for the std::string find function 20e5fb4
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Imath::Box optimization: remove loops from methods by partially speci…
…alizing the class, for boxes of two and three dimensions.
@fkainz fkainz Added new atttribute types:
    M33dAttribute   3x3 double-precision matrix
    M44dAttribute   4x4 double-precision matrix
    V2d             2D double-precision vector
    V3d             3D double-precision vector
@fkainz fkainz Updated Change log: added new double-precision
matrix and vector attribute types
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Adding patches from Paul for extending the build on OSX 64: - one to …
…specify build architecture(s), and another to specify SDK.
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 7d70594
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 fea6960
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 29871d4
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 6d47127
Ji Hun Yu jihun:wun64 50b9e46
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 352842c
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 bf9c3af
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 a364734
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 7bb19ba
Ji Hun Yu jihun:test cvs fe67b4c
Ji Hun Yu jihun:macformat error on windows 36397eb
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 2d25042
Ji Hun Yu jihun:win64 88ad072
Ji Hun Yu jihun:linux static members aed5e39
@pstanczyk pstanczyk pstanczyk: Bumping the version up to 1.0.2 81b6d86
@pstanczyk pstanczyk pstanczyk: formatting change 0c24d16
Ji Hun Yu jihun:half extern valiables -> static member variables again 76f5b61
Ji Hun Yu Remove .cvsignore file, debug directory is no longer in use 7d7a8ee
Ji Hun Yu Removed .cvsignore. release directory is no longerin use 85e4b74
Ji Hun Yu Removed .cvsignore. Debug directory is no longer used. ad62e76
Ji Hun Yu Removed .cvsignore 2a0230e
Ji Hun Yu parent folder is no longer in use. 60be562
Ji Hun Yu Parent directory is not in use. 815f118
Ji Hun Yu Parent directory is not in use d853a77
Ji Hun Yu IlmImfFuzzTest is not included in the solution build b652d06
Ji Hun Yu Parent directory is no longer in use. 09e0257
Ji Hun Yu Parent directory is not in use. ae54598
Ji Hun Yu version update, fixes on configure of OpenEXR_Viewers fe76cad
Ji Hun Yu Revive 7aeedcb
Ji Hun Yu Revived 4c5c610
Ji Hun Yu Version update f6e7548
Ji Hun Yu testBox.h is missing a3a9b60
@pstanczyk pstanczyk *** empty log message *** 98a71b3
@pstanczyk pstanczyk updating with additions for v1.0.2 1f057e3
@pstanczyk pstanczyk updating with additions for v1.0.2 206ba5c
Ji Hun Yu IlmImfFuzzTest is missing in a681e13
Ji Hun Yu missing headers added for gcc 4.3.1 11a711e
Ji Hun Yu security patch for OpenSUSE distribution e6fc4a4
Ji Hun Yu missing headers added for gcc-4.3.x compilation error e552d04
Ji Hun Yu missing headers added for gcc 4.3.x compilation error 48c92da
Ji Hun Yu dimensions() function, BaseType and BaseVecType typedefs are added a61f091
@nickrasmussen nickrasmussen Updated Imath with the latest internal changes:
+ near() and far() in ImathFrustum are now updated to be nearPlane() and
  farPlane() to prevent conflicts with #defines on windows.  The hither()
  and yon() functions remain but can be considered deprecated.

+ ImathBox now supports infinite functions analogous to the empty functions
  (isInfinite(), makeInfinite()), and the ImathBoxAlgo transform code has
  been updated accordingly.

+ ImathBoxAlgo has an additional transform() overload that takes the result
  as the last argument.

+ ImathMatrix now has matrix minor and detriminant functions.

+ ImathMatrixAlgo now has outerProduct(), addOffset() and computeLocalFrame()
@nickrasmussen nickrasmussen * A minor API change to Imath::Frustum has been made: the functions
  'near' and 'far' have been renamed to 'nearPlane' and 'farPlane' due
  to conflicts with certain windows headers.  The former alternate
  accessor names for these values on windows ('hither' and 'yon')
  remain, though should be considered deprecated.
  (David Lenihan)
* Added SVD, eigenvalue solver, and procrustes fit calculations
  to ImathMatrixAlgo.
  (Chris Twigg, Ji Hun Yu)
* Added Imath::FrustumTest for frustum visibility testing.
  (Eric Johnston)
* Fixed a stack corruption in the matrix minorOf functions.
  (Nick Rasmussen)
* Visual studio 2008 project files have been added to the vc/vc9
  directory, and several minor visual studio compile fixes have
  been applied.
  (Nick Rasmussen)
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Fixed a missing semi-colon fab556d
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Fixes for MS compiler warnings - courtesy of Daniel Kaneider d177bfe
@pstanczyk pstanczyk updated code from work done by jihunyu 9235602
@pstanczyk pstanczyk removing no-long-double flag for OS X 0f4b9ce
@pstanczyk pstanczyk adding git exclusions fac868e
@pstanczyk pstanczyk updating changelog e653f10
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Merge branch 'master' of f53ec42
@pstanczyk pstanczyk .so version update to 7 edf8214
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Changed the .so version to 7 12c489a
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Added a root level README 69cc743
@nickrasmussen nickrasmussen Initial integration of the PyIlmBase work from the pyimath branch to …
@nickrasmussen nickrasmussen Merge pull request #2 from nickrasmussen/master
Initial checkin of the PyIlmBase code
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Explicit casts for template classes/functions. bae6501
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Merge branch 'master' of 3cbfd28
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Added a README file 84d8943
@pstanczyk pstanczyk Added a license section 4ccc7c7
@meshula meshula Add some MSVC temp files to the ignore 9144def
@meshula meshula Explicitly exported all symbols. For gcc the macros need to be update…
…d with the visibility attribute.

Added VS2010 project files.
Updated Window README files to reflect current state of build system.
Updated deploy .cmd files appropriately. Did not update VS2003/2005/2008 vcproj files! This must be done before release.
Added MSVC intermedidate files to .gitignore
BaseExc is no longer derived from std::string (because std::string is not adorned for export from the STL on MSVC)
Added operators to BaseExc to preserve string interface
Made throwErrnoExc not segfault on windows
Fixed miscellaneous precision loss warnings
Fixed zlib problems on MSVC (ZLIB_WINAPI must not be specified in EXR source code)
Fix MSVC runtime segfault in ScanLineInputFile::readPixels
Fix miscellaneous (but not all) signed/unsigned assignment warnings
Use !! instead of bool constructor
Modify IlmImfTest so that it is runnable on Windows
Repair some (but not all) 3 space tabs to 4 spaces
Note: testRgba.cpp has no functional change in the diff, only tab replacement
Yujie Shu test 8032a87
Yujie Shu changes to vc8 ilmbase 34d459a
Yujie Shu changed vcprojs in vc8 openexr
deleted fullpath.h and fullpath.cpp from IlmImf
Yujie Shu solve Conflicts:
@meshula meshula Merge pull request #1 from yshu/master
vs2008 changes to vcproj and deleted fullpath.h/.cpp
@meshula meshula Remove fullpath from VS2010 projects a94ad4a
OpenEXR member

Ok, this one has my work and Yujie's work!

OpenEXR member

I just applied the patch on linux and it all looks well. Yujie will try the same, clean environment, on the Windows box. If that works, then I can apply the patch and push it to master.

OpenEXR member

Hi Piotr, Yujie found my error in the incomplete scan line detection, and I've updated the pull request with her fix.

OpenEXR member

Added the missing degenerate() method to Frustum which we need to compile some software.

@meshula meshula closed this Sep 24, 2012
@ehanway-ilm ehanway-ilm pushed a commit that referenced this pull request Jul 11, 2014
@karlrasche karlrasche Fuzz test fixes for:

This should fix #8 and fix #6
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