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An intelligent canvas based drawing tool for recording medical examination findings
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Licence initial commit
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This README file should be contained in a folder containing javascript and other files required for running EyeDraw, the OpenEyes medical drawing packages.

The enclosing folder should contain the following files and folders:

ED_Drawing.js Required for all EyeDraw functions ED_Adnexal.hs Doodles for Adnexal drawings ED_AntSeg.js Doodles for Anterior Segment drawings ED_Cancerljs Doodles for Breast Cancer drawings ED_General.js Doodles for generic drawings ED_Glaucoma.js Doodles for Glaucoma drawings ED_MedicalRetina.js Doodles for Medical retina drawings ED_Strabismus.js Doodles for Strabismus drawings ED_Vitreoretinal.js Doodles for Vitreoretinal drawings

EyeDrawJS (dir) Contains an XCode project file for those who use it

img (dir) Contains all graphics and icon files for EyeDraw

jsdoc-toolkit (dir) For generating documentation

Licence Copy of the GPL3 licence

README This file

OEEyeDraw.css A css file containing styles

testDoodle.html An HTML file for use when testing or developing doodles

Generating Documentation

To update the documentation files, cd to the jsdoc-toolkit directory and run;

java -jar jsrun.jar app/run.js -a -t=templates/jsdoc -d=/Users/bill/Sites/OpenEyesWebSite/Website/htdocs/reference/eyedraw ../*.js

Updated files can be found by pointing your browser to the destination specified by the -d parameter

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