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A Cron Connector for OpenFaaS
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A Cron Connector for OpenFaaS

This is a cron event connector for OpenFaaS. This was built to provide a timer interface to trigger OpenFaaS functions. Also checkout OpenFaaS docs on cron for other methods on how you can run functions triggered by cron.

This project was forked from zeerorg/cron-connector to enable prompt updates and patches for end-users.

How to Use

You need to have OpenFaaS deployed first, see to get started

Works with both AMD64 and armhf (Raspberry Pi).

  1. For Docker Swarm:
curl -s | docker stack deploy func -c -
  1. For Kubernetes:
curl -s | kubectl apply -f - 

Adding function

The function should have 2 annotations:

  1. topic annotation should be cron-function.
  2. schedule annotation should be the cron schedule on which to invoke function

For example, we may have a function "nodeinfo" which we want to invoke every 5 minutes:

Deploy via the CLI:

faas-cli store deploy nodeinfo --annotation schedule="*/5 * * * *" --annotation topic=cron-function

Or via stack.yml:

    image: functions/nodeinfo
      topic: cron-function
      schedule: "*/5 * * * *"

You can learn how to create and test the Cron syntax here.

See the full example here: sample/stack.yml


The helm chart is available in the faas-netes repo.

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