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// Copyright (c) Alex Ellis 2017. All rights reserved.
// Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE file in the project root for full license information.
package stack
// Provider for the FaaS set of functions.
type Provider struct {
Name string `yaml:"name"`
GatewayURL string `yaml:"gateway"`
Network string `yaml:"network"`
// Function as deployed or built on FaaS
type Function struct {
// Name of deployed function
Name string `yaml:"-"`
Language string `yaml:"lang"`
// Handler Local folder to use for function
Handler string `yaml:"handler"`
// Image Docker image name
Image string `yaml:"image"`
// Docker registry Authorization
RegistryAuth string `yaml:"registry_auth,omitempty"`
FProcess string `yaml:"fprocess"`
Environment map[string]string `yaml:"environment"`
// Secrets list of secrets to be made available to function
Secrets []string `yaml:"secrets"`
SkipBuild bool `yaml:"skip_build"`
Constraints *[]string `yaml:"constraints"`
// EnvironmentFile is a list of files to import and override environmental variables.
// These are overriden in order.
EnvironmentFile []string `yaml:"environment_file"`
Labels *map[string]string `yaml:"labels"`
// Limits for function
Limits *FunctionResources `yaml:"limits"`
// Requests of resources requested by function
Requests *FunctionResources `yaml:"requests"`
// ReadOnlyRootFilesystem is used to set the container filesystem to read-only
ReadOnlyRootFilesystem bool `yaml:"readonly_root_filesystem"`
// BuildOptions to determine native packages
BuildOptions []string `yaml:"build_options"`
// Annotations
Annotations *map[string]string `yaml:"annotations"`
// FunctionResources Memory and CPU
type FunctionResources struct {
Memory string `yaml:"memory"`
CPU string `yaml:"cpu"`
// EnvironmentFile represents external file for environment data
type EnvironmentFile struct {
Environment map[string]string `yaml:"environment"`
// Services root level YAML file to define FaaS function-set
type Services struct {
Version string `yaml:"version,omitempty"`
Functions map[string]Function `yaml:"functions,omitempty"`
Provider Provider `yaml:"provider,omitempty"`
// LanguageTemplate read from template.yml within root of a language template folder
type LanguageTemplate struct {
Language string `yaml:"language"`
FProcess string `yaml:"fprocess"`
BuildOptions []BuildOption `yaml:"build_options"`
// WelcomeMessage is printed to the user after generating a function
WelcomeMessage string `yaml:"welcome_message"`
type BuildOption struct {
Name string `yaml:"name"`
Packages []string `yaml:"packages"`
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