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Helm is a client CLI used to deploy Kubernetes applications. It supports templating of configuration files, but also needs a server component installing called tiller.

For more information on using Helm, refer to the Helm's documentation.

You can use this chart to install OpenFaaS to your cluster.

Submission to the main helm chart repository is pending.


  • Instructions for latest Helm install

On Linux and Mac/Darwin:

$ curl | bash

Or via Homebrew on Mac:

$ brew install kubernetes-helm
  • Create RBAC permissions for Tiller
$ kubectl -n kube-system create sa tiller \
 && kubectl create clusterrolebinding tiller \
      --clusterrole cluster-admin \
  • Install the server-side Tiller component on your cluster
$ helm init --skip-refresh --upgrade --service-account tiller

Note: this step installs a server component in your cluster. It can take anywhere between a few seconds to a few minutes to be installed properly. You should see tiller appear on: kubectl get pods -n kube-system.

Deploy OpenFaaS via Helm

How to install chart please follow install instructions in chart's readme.