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Project backers

We need your support to keep delivering on Serverless Functions Made Simple so pledge to OpenFaaS and become a backer or a sponsor with a unique set of rewards. Help us hit our goals and get to back a great project at the same time.

View this page for live data on Patreon for everyone who has pledged.

OpenFaaS Sponsors

Become the first sponsor and have your logo on the OpenFaaS homepage.


Listed by reward, followed by miscellaneous amounts. Names are (pending) until first pledge is taken by Patreon, this is at the start of each month.

  • José Roberto Almaráz Da Cunha Júnior
  • Wesley Kennedy
  • Owen Dall Sotomayor
  • Theo Pack
  • Toby Boudreaux
  • Pav Jimanov
  • Eric Stoekl
  • Alex DeBrie
  • Johnny Mkhael
  • Rafael Barbosa
  • Weston Steimel
  • Michael Herman
  • Cody De Arkland
  • Richard Petersen-Hall
  • Sivaramakrishnan Malikkal
  • Lewis Denham-Parry
  • Markus Fischbacher

Miscellaneous rewards/amounts are not shown.

Hall of fame

The hall of fame shows contributors who made a sustained positive impact on the project and community, but are no longer able to remain active in Open Source or OpenFaaS.

  • John Mccabe
  • Austin Frey
  • Robbie Page
  • Jock Reed
  • Eric Stoekl

Disclaimer: all Patrons are making a monthly pledge to support Alex Ellis in running and operating OpenFaaS. This does not represent an investment, stake or ownership in OpenFaaS Ltd or related entities.