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OpenFaaS Project Backers

OpenFaaS is licensed as MIT and completely Open Source and free to use. However the amount of effort needed to maintain and develop new features is not sustainable without proper financial backing.

Companies using OpenFaaS with their products or projects are encouraged to join at Gold or Platinum tier. Commercial support is also available.

How to become a Sponsor or Insider

Insiders Subscription

Buy an Insiders Subscription and get regular email updates directly from me on Kubernetes, Docker, Cloud Native, Raspberry Pi, Serverless and all the open source projects I maintain. Keep up to date, learn new skills, and get discounts on SWAG.

Read a free sample or Become an Insider today:

Alternatively, you can become a GitHub sponsor for OpenFaaS

Homepage Sponsorship / OpenFaaS corporate sponsors

Become a sponsor of and connect your brand to one of the fastest-growing developer communities with over 18k GitHub stars and dozens of well-known end-users. Use one of the funding options above, or email: to ask about how to sponsor by invoice through OpenFaaS Ltd.

  • Diamond

    As per Platinum, but limited to only one company. If you have a dependency on OpenFaaS in production or are building a product that depends on the project's longevity and upkeep, then help fund the costs to maintain the project.

  • Platinum

    Normal-sized logo, Tweet from @openfaas, and one-off feature in Insiders Updates - (6 months minimum via invoice)

  • Gold

    Small logo on - (12 months minimum via invoice)

  • Bronze

    Logo in (this file) - (monthly rolling via GitHub Sponsors)


Get support, backlog, issue & PR prioritization, and professional services with your sponsorship from OpenFaaS Ltd, the host and curator of OpenFaaS.

Email for a quote.

Current sponsors

Platinum Sponsors (homepage sponsor)



Gold Sponsors (homepage sponsor)

Be the first

Bronze Sponsors

Form3 Tech



To enter the #FaaSFriday contest you should tweet a photo (not a screenshot) to @openfaas. It could be of you, or of your computer / laptop / workstation / screen with whatever you're working on with OpenFaaS.

Ideas: trying the workshop, a tutorial, writing some code, fixing an issue, implementing it at work and so on. See the past entries for ideas.

Winners are sent SWAG.

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