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OpenFaaS Community

Welcome to the OpenFaaS community page where you can find:

  • Accolades and function providers/back-ends
  • Events for 2017/18
  • Blog posts and write-ups for 2017/18
  • Repos - projects / samples / use cases

There are several key GitHub repositories for the project which are available under the openfaas organisation. Incubator and experimental projects are under the openfaas-incubator organisation.

  • How to submit a link to this page

It would be great to hear from you especially if you have any of the above and want to share it with the rest of the community. Pull Request or submit a Github Issue.

Note: You will need to sign-off the commit too using git commit -s or add Signed-off-by: {your full name} <{your email address}> to the commit message when using the UI.

Industry awards and mentions

Award/Mention Author(s) Source Date
KubeWeekly #145 KubeWeekly 15-Aug-2018
The Cube interview at Cisco DevNet Create The Cube 11-Apr-2018
VMware hires OpenFaaS Founder The New Stack 21-Feb-2018
OpenFaaS added to CNCF Cloud Native Landscape - Serverless/Event-based Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) Github 23-Oct-2017
OpenFaaS: Package any Binary or Code as a Serverless Function Joab Jackson The New Stack 9-Oct-2017
Functions-as-a-Service Landscape Astasia Myers Redpoint Ventures 4-Oct-2017
🏆 Bossie Award for Cloud Computing 2017 Martin Heller, Andrew C. Oliver and Serdar Yegulalp InfoWorld (from IDG) 27-Sep-2017
Open source project uses Docker for serverless computing Serdar Yegulalp InfoWorld (from IDG) 27-Mar-2017

OpenFaaS providers

Project name and description Author Site Status Official
faas-netes - Kubernetes provider OpenFaaS Supported Yes
faas-swarm - Docker Swarm provider OpenFaaS Supported Yes
faas-fargate - AWS Fargate provider Edward Wilde Incubation Community
faas-nomad - Nomad provider Nic Jackson (Hashicorp) Incubation Community
faas-rancher - Rancher/Cattle provider Ken Fukuyama Incubation Community
faas-dcos - DCOS provider Alberto Quario Inception Community
faas-hyper - provider Hyper Inception n/a
faas-guardian - Guardian provider Nigel Wright Inception n/a
faas-ecs Xicheng Chang (Huawei) Inception n/a


  • Supported - stable and supported by the OpenFaaS project
  • Community - actively being developed, support provided by a third-party
  • Incubation - actively being developed, but not stable
  • Inception - more work needed. May work in happy path scenario, but unlikely to be suitable for production


Events in 2018

Event name and description Speaker Location Date
Introducing OpenFaaS Cloud, a Developer-Friendly CI/CD Pipeline for Serverless Alex Ellis Edinburgh, Scotland 22-Oct-2018
Goto conf - Serverless Beyond the Hype Alex Ellis Copenhagen, DK 19-Nov-2018
John Callaway: .NET Core on a Raspberry Pi Cluster with Docker and OpenFaaS John Callaway Orlando, FL, USA 16-Aug-2018
Cloud Native Glasgow - Serverless on Kubernetes John McCabe Glasgow, UK 5-July-2018
Opsview & Kubernetes (incl. OpenFaaS) Opsview Birmingham, UK 28-June-2018
Meetup[4] - Pizza and OpenFaaS Steven Tsang Shirley, UK 27-June-2018
Open Source Sharing is Caring Meetup Alex Ellis & Ivana Yovcheva Sofia, Bulgaria 25-June-2018
OpenFaaS Bangalore Launch Meetup Vivek Singh, Vivek Sridhar, Tarun Mangukiya Bangalore, IN 23-June-2018
Docker Seattle - Serverless Talks: Fn Project && OpenFaaS Eric Stoekl Seattle, WA 21-June-2018
OpenFaaS: Serverless Kubernetes Functions Burton Rheutan, Tunde Oladipupo Zoom 20-June-2018
GitOps, OpenFaaS, Istio and Helm with Weaveworks Alex Ellis, Stefan Prodan SF, USA 12-June-2018
Serverless Panel @ Dockercon Alex Ellis & others SF, USA 14-June-2018
Container Innovation SIG @ Dockercon Alex Ellis & others SF, USA 13-June-2018
Serverless Beyond the Hype @ Docker London Alex Ellis London, UK 25-May-2018
OpenFaaS @ GOTO Nights Alex Ellis Copenhagen, DK 1-May-2018
Kubernetes Seattle: OpenFaas & Migrating to Envoy Proxy in K8s Eric Stoekl Seattle, WA 23-May-2018
OpenFaaS @ Serverless CPH John Mccabe Copenhagen, DK 16-May-2018
Serverless OpenFaaS and Python Workshop @ Agile Peterborough       Alex Ellis, Richard Gee Peterborough, UK 12-May-2018
Going Serverless with OpenFaaS, Kubernetes, and Python @ PyCon Michael Herman Cleveland, OH 9-May-2018
OpenFaaS talk and workshop @ Cisco DevNet Create Alex Ellis Mountain View, CA 10/11-Apr-2018
OpenFaaS : a serverless framework on top of Docker and Kubernetes @ Devoxx France Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 18-Apr-2018
Deep Dive: Serverless Computing mit OpenFaaS - Magdeburger Developer Days Frank Pommerening Magdeburg Germany 10-April-2018
.NET Core on a Raspberry Pi Cluster with Docker and OpenFaaS John Callaway St Petersburg, FL 03-Apr-2018
.NET Core on a Raspberry Pi Cluster with Docker and OpenFaaS John Callaway Louisville, KY 30-Mar-2018
OpenFaaS : a serverless framework on top of Docker and Kubernetes @ BreizhCamp Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 29-Mar-2018
Running private OpenFaaS is not about avoiding lock-in Nic Jackson Milan, IT 20-Mar-2018
Serverless Computing mit Docker Swarm und OpenFaaS - Softwerkskammer Jena Frank Pommerening Jena Germany 20-Mar-2018
.NET Core on a Raspberry Pi Cluster with Docker and OpenFaaS John Callaway Orlando, FL 17-Mar-2018
Workshop: Serverless Computing mit OpenFaaS - Spartakiade Frank Pommerening Berlin Germany 17-Mar-2018
Serverless OpenFaaS and Python Workshop @ PyCon SK       Alex Ellis Bratislava, SK 11-Mar-2018
Serverless with OpenFaaS Opening Keynote @ PyCon SK       Alex Ellis Bratislava, SK 09-Mar-2018
Serverless con AWS Lambda y OpenFaaS Javier Revillas Madrid, Spain 01-Mar-2018
OpenFaaS presentation + Demo on Kubernetes @ ClusterEurope Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 02-Feb-2018
OpenFaaS presentation + Demo on Kubernetes @ ApiDays Paris Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 30-Jan-2018
Serverless Computing mit OpenFaaS - Developer Group Leipzig Frank Pommerening Leipzig Germany 29-Jan-2018
OpenFaaS : a serverless framework on top of Docker and Kubernetes @ Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 25-Jan-2018
Talk: Building a Raspberry Pi Kubernetes Cluster with OpenFaaS Alex Ellis / Scott Hanselman London 18-Jan-2018

Blog posts and write-ups 2018

Blog/repo name and description Author Site Date
Managing state for Serverless Functions with Minio Quentin Lapointe 16-Aug-2018
Monitor Arista Cloud vision network devices with OpenFaaS Daniel Hertzberg 13-Aug-2018
Serverless email sender using OpenFaaS and .NET Core Paulius Juozelskis 13-Aug-2018
VMware CodeHouse: A Great Insight into the Future of Software Engineering Jonas Rosland 7-Aug-2018
How to run Rust in OpenFaaS Mark Sta Ana 4-Aug-2018
Scale to Zero and Back Again with OpenFaaS Alex Ellis 25-July-2018
PHP and OpenFaaS Matt Brunt 21-July-2018
Deploying OpenFaaS from and Creating your First Function Steven Kang 8-Jul-2018
Building a custom Dynamics 365 data interface with OpenFaaS Lucas Alexander 5-Jul-2018
Introducing the OpenFaaS Operator for Serverless on Kubernetes Alex Ellis 2-Jul-2018
Kubernetes: From Fear to Functions in 20 Minutes Rob Page 11-Jun-2018
Installing and securing OpenFaaS on an AKS cluster Lucas Alexander 31-May-2018
How OpenFaaS came to rescue us! Tarun Mangukiya 24-May-2018
Building a Serverless Microblog in Ruby with OpenFaaS – Part 1 Keiran Smith 18-May-2018
Using ML.NET in an OpenFaaS function Lucas Alexander 17-May-2018
Demystifying Serverless & OpenFaas Ajeet Raina 27-Apr-2018
Writing OpenFaas Serverless Functions in Go Marcus Smallman 11-Apr-2018
Deploying OpenFaaS on Kubernetes - Azure AKS Part 2 (SSL) Eric Stoekl 23-Mar-2018
VMware + OpenFaaS – One Month In Alex Ellis 21-Mar-2018
Securing Kubernetes for OpenFaaS and beyond Daniel Shapira 20-Mar-2018
What Is OpenFaaS and How Can It Drive Innovation? Ben Tannahill 19-Mar-2018
Installing and securing OpenFaaS on a Google Cloud virtual machine Lucas Alexander 25-Feb-2018
VMware Welcomes Alex Ellis VMware team 19-Feb-2018
I'm going to be working on OpenFaaS full-time Alex Ellis 19-Feb-2018
Stop installing CLI tools on your build server: CLI-as-a-Function with OpenFaaS Burton Rheutan 12-Feb-2018
Turn Any CLI into a Function with OpenFaaS Alex Ellis 06-Feb-2018
Deploying OpenFaaS on Kubernetes  - Azure AKS Eric Stoekl 03-Feb-2018
OpenFaaS with Ruby/MySQL/Ceph Magnus Persson 23-Jan-2018
Installing OpenFaaS on top of Kubernetes on bare-metal with Terraform Scaleway provider and kubeadm Stefan Prodan 22-Jan-2018
Get storage for your Severless Functions with Minio & Docker Alex Ellis 22-Jan-2018
ColoriseBot: three months on Finnian Anderson 22-Jan-2018
Raspberry Pi Cluster with Docker and OpenFaaS (and SETI) John Callaway 17-Jan-2018
Podcast - Episode 022 – OpenFaaS with Docker Captain Alex Ellis The 6 Figure Developer Podcast 15-Jan-2018
Google Home + OpenFaaS: Write your own voice controlled functions Burton Rheutan 06-Jan-2018


Events in 2017

Event name and description Speaker Location Date
OpenFaaS @ KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Alex Ellis Austin, USA 07-Dec-2017
OpenFaaS on Azure AKS with ASP.NET Core website @ AzugFR Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 05-Dec-2017
OpenFaaS presentation + Demo on Kubernetes @ Paris Serverless Meetup Laurent Grangeau Paris, France 14-Nov-2017
OpenFaaS - Serverless Functions Made Simple @ Docker Cambridge Meetup Alex Ellis Cambridge, UK 20-Nov-2017
OpenFaaS Demo at APIOps Meetup Sakari Hoisko Tampere, Finland 14-Nov-2017
SecTalks Canberra: OpenFaaS + Security workshop Glenn Grant Australia 14-Nov-2017
Docker Belfast Meetup John McCabe Belfast, Northern Ireland 31-Oct-2017
Belfast Gophers Meetup John McCabe Belfast, Northern Ireland 26-Oct-2017
Introduction to Serverless with OpenFaaS - Moby Summit Alex Ellis Copenhagen 19-Oct-2017
Repainting the Past with Distributed Machine Learning and Docker - DockerCon EU Finnian Anderson & Oli Callaghan Copenhagen 18-Oct-2017
Zero to Serverless in 60 secs - Dockercon EU Alex Ellis Copenhagen 17-Oct-2017
Tech Weekly @ UNiDAYS - Alex Young introduces OpenFaaS Alex Young Nottingham, UK 12-Oct-2017
OpenFaaS @ JeffConf Milan Alex Ellis Milan, Italy 29-Sept-2017
Zero to Serverless in 60 secs - Open Source Summit North America Alex Ellis LA, USA 11-14 Sept 2017
FaaS and Furious - CloudNativeLon (Vimeo) Alex Ellis London, UK 06 Sept 2017
From Zero to Serverless with FaaS - Fusion meet-up Alex Ellis Birmingham, UK 20 June 2017
TechXLR8 - XLR8 your cloud with Docker and Serverless FaaS Alex Ellis London, UK 13-June-2017
Whaleless! (slides) Amir Chaudhry GlueCon, CO 26-May-2017
MakerShift: Build Your own Serverless functions w/ FaaS Austin Frey Harrisburg, PA 06-May-2017
Dockercon closing keynote - Cool Hacks Alex Ellis Dockercon, Austin 20-April-2017
TechLancaster Austin Frey Lancaster, PA 18-April-2017
ETH Polymese Brian Christner Zürich 04-April-2017
Operationalizing Containers Brian Christner Zürich 5-April-2017
FaaS on Hacker News Alex Ellis Online 22-Mar-2017

Blog posts and write-ups - 2017

Blog/repo name and description Author Site Date
Podcast - Hanselminutes - Serverless and OpenFaas with Alex Ellis Scott Hanselman 29-Dec-2017
Podcast - How Serverless Technologies Impact Kubernetes The New Stack Makers 28-Dec-2017
OpenFaaS on DCOS Alberto Quario 20-Dec-2017
Deploying Kubernetes On-Premise with RKE and deploying OpenFaaS on it — Part 1 Ken Fukuyama 10-Dec-2017
Deploying Kubernetes On-Premise with RKE and deploying OpenFaaS on it — Part 2 Ken Fukuyama 10-Dec-2017
Overview of Functions as a Service with OpenFaas Mauricio Farache 06-Dec-2017
How to secure OpenFaaS with Let's Encrypt and basic auth on Google Kubernetes Engine Stefan Prodan 04-Dec-2017
Running OpenFaaS on GKE - a step by step guide Stefan Prodan 04-Dec-2017
OpenFaaS Meets Perl Piotr 03-Dec-2017
Deploying OpenFaaS on Kubernetes - AWS Eric Stoekl 03-Dec-2017
Unleash the Artist within you with Docker, Tensorflow and OpenFaaS Johnny Mkhael 22-Nov-2017
How to Deploy OpenFaaS Serverless PHP Functions Gaiter Jones 20-Nov-2017
Getting started with OpenFaaS on minikube Alex Ellis 18-Nov-2017
OpenFaaS November Contributor Highlights Alex Ellis 15-Nov-2017
Contributing to OpenFaaS without writing any code… (yet) Burton Rheutan 11-Nov-2017
How to start with OpenFaaS Panos Georgiadis 08-Nov-2017
Build a Kubernetes Cluster w/ Raspberry Pi & .NET Core on OpenFaas Scott Hanselman 31-Oct-2017
Kubernetes + OpenFaaS + runV + ARM64 Harry Zhang 31-Oct-2017
Serverless Kubernetes home-lab with your Raspberry Pis Alex Ellis 27-Oct-2017
Build a Serverless Memes Function with OpenFaaS Mohamed Labouardy 24-Oct-2017
Repainting the Past with Machine Learning and OpenFaaS Oli Callaghan 23-Oct-2017
An Introduction to Serverless DevOps with OpenFaaS Ken Fukuyama 22-Oct-2017
Colourising Video with OpenFaaS Serverless Functions Finnian Anderson 21-Oct-2017
My First Pull Request To OpenFaaS Burton Rheutan 10-Oct-2017
Deploying a Serverless Youtube-To-Gif Telegram bot with OpenFaaS Eric Stoekl 25-Sep-2017
A Serverless GraphQL Blog in 60 Seconds with OpenFaaS Ken Fukuyama 24-Sep-2017
Create your own DownNotifier with OpenFaaS Johnny Mkhael 22-Sep-2017
Get OpenFaaS running on Azure Container Service with Kubernetes Daniele Antonio Maggio 21-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS on Azure (Swarm) Tsuyoshi Ushio 21-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS on ACS (Kubernetes) Tsuyoshi Ushio 19-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS on Civo (Kubernetes) Andy Jeffries 18-Sep-2017
Integrating OpenFaaS and GraphQL Ken Fukuyama 10-Sep-2017
Morning coffee with the OpenFaaS CLI Alex Ellis 05-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS on Rancher Ken Fukuyama 02-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS accelerates serverless Java with AfterBurn Alex Ellis 01-Sep-2017
OpenFaaS presents to CNCF Serverless workgroup Alex Ellis 29-Aug-2017
Your Serverless Raspberry Pi cluster with Docker Alex Ellis 20-Aug-2017
Your first serverless .NET function with OpenFaaS Rob Page 19-Aug-2017
Your first serverless Python function with OpenFaaS Alex Ellis 11-Aug-2017
Introducing Functions as a Service - OpenFaaS Alex Ellis 08-Aug-2017
Time2Code: Functions as Service and Code as a Function Jock Reed 4-Aug-2017
FaaS complete walk-through on Kubernetes (video) Alex Ellis 28-Jul-2017
Kittens vs Tarsiers - an introduction to serverless machine learning Johnny Mkhael 24-Jul-2017
Old and new - ASCII art and serverless Johnny Mkhael 29-Jun-2017
Sysdig newsletter Sysdig 28-Jun-2017
Ship Serverless FaaS functions with ease Alex Ellis 25-Jun-2017
Functions as a Service - deploying functions to Docker Swarm via CLI Finnian Anderson 18 May 2017
Create a Morse Code serverless FaaS function in Quick Basic Johnny Mkhael 8 May 2017
"Serverless"? On my own servers? Johnny Mkhael 4 May 2017
Ship Serverless Functions to your Docker Swarm with FaaS Finnian Anderson 2 May 2017
Docker + Serverless = FaaS (Functions As A Service) Luke Angel 28-Apr-2017
Serverless for private clouds Pedro Fernando Marquez Soto 30-Apr-2017
O’Reilly Systems Engineering and Operations newsletter O'Reilly 11-Apr-2017
Test Driving Docker Functions as a Service (FaaS) Brian Christner 10-Apr-2017
[cncf-toc] The Cloud-Nativity of Serverless CNCF mailing-list 31-May 2017
Docker-awesome curated projects Julien Bisconti 23-Mar-2017
Functions as a Service (FaaS) in French Alex Ellis 13-Jan-2017
Functions as a Service (FaaS) Alex Ellis 4-Jan-2017

Repos - projects / samples / use cases

You can also find cool projects or submit your own to the faas-and-furious organisation. Contact Alex for details on how.

Project name and description Author Site Date
OpenFaaS Swift Template Keiran Smith 22-May-2018
OpenFaaS Code Eval Michael Herman 30-Mar-2018
OpenFaaS RESTful API w/ Node and Postgres Michael Herman 26-Jan-2018
OpenFaaS with Ruby/MySQL/Ceph Sample Magnus Persson lallassu/openfaas-demo 23-Jan-2018
sqlrest: API Proxy to connect to a SQL database from a function Burton Rheutan 21-Nov-2017
Kafka-connector for OpenFaaS King Chung Huang ucalgary/ftrigger 13-Oct-2017
Azure Storage and Azure Service Bus Queues Trigger for OpenFaaS on Kubernetes Daniele Antonio Maggio 24-Sep-2017
faas-pipeline - OpenFaaS function composition Ivan Erceg 23-Sep-2017
Github - Reverse geocoding Luc Juggery 14-Sep-2017
QR Code John McCabe 18-Aug-2017
Img2ANSI - GIF/PNG/JPG to ANSI art converter John McCabe 10-Aug-2017
FaaS-netes - Kubernetes backend for FaaS Alex Ellis 25-Jul-2017
Twitter, Elastic Search and Alexa stack of functions Alex Ellis 24-Apr-2017
Github - URL Shortener Finnian Anderson developius/faas-node-url-shortener 19-Apr-2017
Github - fibonacci numbers up to N Finnian Anderson developius/faas-python-fib/ 19-Apr-2017
Github - ascii art generator Finnian Anderson developius/faas-node-ascii 17-Apr-2017
Dockercon FaaS demos including Alexa/Github Alex Ellis 14-Apr-2017
Docker Birthday voting app ported to FaaS Alex Ellis 14-Apr-2017
Github-Airtable Bug Tracker integration Austin Frey 10-Apr-2017