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Hello World in different languages:

For examples of hello-world in different programming languages see inside the BaseFunctions folder:

Demo functions from closing keynote @ Dockercon

Sample functions from the FaaS stack

Also see the community page for functions created by FaaS users and contributors.

Here is a list of some of the sample functions included this repository.

Name Details
AlpineFunction BusyBox - a useful base image with busybox utilities pre-installed
apikey-secret Example in Golang showing how to read a secret from a HTTP header and validate with a Swarm/Kubernetes secret
CaptainsIntent Alexa skill - find the count of Docker Captains
ChangeColorIntent Alexa skill - change the colour of IoT-connected lights
CHelloWorld Use C to build a function
echo Uses cat from BusyBox to provide an echo function
DockerHubStats Golang function gives the count of repos a user has on the Docker hub
figlet Generate ascii logos through the use of a binary
git-maker Use gifsicle and ffmpeg packages from Alpine Linux to make gifs from video
HostnameIntent Prints the hostname of a container
MarkdownRender Use a Go function with vendoring to convert Markdown to HTML
Nmap The network scanning tool as a binary-based function
NodeInfo Node.js - gives CPU/network info on the current container
Phantomjs Use Phantomjs to scrape/automate web-pages
ResizeImageMagick Resizes an image using the imagemagick binary
SentimentAnalysis Perform sentiment analysis with the TextBlob library
WebhookStash Golang function provides way to capture webhooks - JSON/text/binary into the container filesystem
WordCountFunction BusyBox wc is exposed as a function / service through FaaS