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Bump alertmanager to RC version due to bug

Signed-off-by: Alex Ellis (VMware) <>
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alexellis committed Mar 13, 2018
1 parent 3eccd55 commit 616ac447396cb99526d604d8d9d56085f983215f
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  1. +4 −3 docker-compose.yml
  2. +1 −48 prometheus/alertmanager.yml
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@ services:
# Start monitoring

image: prom/prometheus:v2.0.0
image: prom/prometheus:v2.2.0
no_proxy: "gateway"
@@ -131,11 +131,12 @@ services:
memory: 200M

image: prom/alertmanager:v0.7.1
image: prom/alertmanager:v0.15.0-rc.0
no_proxy: "gateway"
- '-config.file=/alertmanager.yml'
- '--config.file=/alertmanager.yml'
- '--storage.path=/alertmanager'
- functions
# Uncomment the following port mapping if you wish to expose the Prometheus
@@ -1,69 +1,22 @@
# The smarthost and SMTP sender used for mail notifications.
smtp_smarthost: 'localhost:25'
smtp_from: ''
smtp_auth_username: 'alertmanager'
smtp_auth_password: 'password'
# The auth token for Hipchat.
hipchat_auth_token: '1234556789'
# Alternative host for Hipchat.
hipchat_url: ''

# The directory from which notification templates are read.
- '/etc/alertmanager/template/*.tmpl'

# The root route on which each incoming alert enters.
# The labels by which incoming alerts are grouped together. For example,
# multiple alerts coming in for cluster=A and alertname=LatencyHigh would
# be batched into a single group.
group_by: ['alertname', 'cluster', 'service']

# When a new group of alerts is created by an incoming alert, wait at
# least 'group_wait' to send the initial notification.
# This way ensures that you get multiple alerts for the same group that start
# firing shortly after another are batched together on the first
# notification.
group_wait: 5s

# When the first notification was sent, wait 'group_interval' to send a batch
# of new alerts that started firing for that group.
group_interval: 10s

# If an alert has successfully been sent, wait 'repeat_interval' to
# resend them.
repeat_interval: 30s

# A default receiver
repeat_interval: 30s
receiver: scale-up

# All the above attributes are inherited by all child routes and can
# overwritten on each.

# The child route trees.
- match:
service: gateway
receiver: scale-up
severity: major

# Inhibition rules allow to mute a set of alerts given that another alert is
# firing.
# We use this to mute any warning-level notifications if the same alert is
# already critical.
- source_match:
severity: 'critical'
severity: 'warning'
# Apply inhibition if the alertname is the same.
equal: ['alertname', 'cluster', 'service']

- name: 'scale-up'
- url: http://gateway:8080/system/alert
send_resolved: true

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