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Signed-off-by: Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS Ltd) <>
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alexellis committed Sep 25, 2019
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@@ -18,8 +18,12 @@ This is a list of adopters of OpenFaaS

* [Citrix]( - Citrix built out a closed-source multi-tenant functions platform and UI using OpenFaaS. It is used for testing hardware devices and for automated QA testing.

* [Civo]( - Civo Cloud provide a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

* [Contiamo]( - data-science platform hosting jupyter notebooks and functions for multiple tenants.

* [DigitalOcean]( - DigitalOcean provide a one-click droplet and a 1-click Kubernetes marketplace application for OpenFaaS

* [Dim Solution]( - "Dim Solution is using OpenFaaS in production"

* [Dragonchain]( - "At Dragonchain, we focus on creating a hybrid blockchain-as-a-service product, with integrations of OpenFaaS as our 'smart contract' platform, to be able to automatically run customer code based on interactions that occur on the blockchain. This allows us to be extremely flexible, as customers only have to create a docker container and give it to us in order to create a 'smart contract' which can have deep integrations with our blockchain itself.". Blog: [Dragonchain & OpenFaaS](

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