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Document goleak usage

- Expand the Contribution guide so to describe using `goleak` in unit
tests.  This package provides a simple method for detecting goroutine
leaks in tests. This will help ensure that we write safe code.

Signed-off-by: Lucas Roesler <>
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LucasRoesler authored and alexellis committed Jul 6, 2019
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Please follow style guide on [this blog post]( from [The Go Programming Language](

If you are making changes to code that use goroutines, consider adding `goleak` to your test to help ensure that we are not leaking any goroutines. Simply add

defer goleak.VerifyNoLeaks(t)

at the very beginning of the test, and it will fail the test if it detects goroutines that were opened but never cleaned up at the end of the test.

#### I have a question, a suggestion or need help

If you have a simple question you can [join the Slack community]( and ask there, but please bear in mind that contributors may live in a different timezone or be working to a different timeline to you. If you have an urgent request then let them know about this.

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