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Add guidlines for Slack

Signed-off-by: Alex Ellis (OpenFaaS Ltd) <>
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alexellis committed Nov 17, 2019
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@@ -349,6 +349,17 @@ There is an Slack community which you are welcome to join to discuss OpenFaaS, O

[Join Slack here](

Getting the best out of Slack

* Explore the channels and post your question or comment into one of them
* Don't post the same question into multiple channels if you don't get an answer immediately
* Slack is asynchronous and you may not receive an answer to your question. Commercial support is available, but you are also welcome to ask the question again or in a different way after a reasonable amount of time has passed.
* Shorter, specific questions are more likely to be answered than longer bodies of text
* If you can share a code example, it may improve the chances of getting help. There is no need to share confidential code, instead try to create a small sample that reproduces the issue.

* Please be kind to your other participants within the community and bear in mind that English may not be everybody's first language.
* Moderators reserve the right to remove messages which may be deemed to be antagonistic, lacking context, a plug for a product, or off-topic.

### Roadmap

* See the [2019 Project Update](

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